What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Carey Hart

carey hart
Carey Hart is largely known for the distinction of racing overpowered bikes in valleys of dirt and being Pink’s baby-daddy. Besides having a penchant for jerseys and more ink in his skin than a copy of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, here specifically Carey does himself the fashion disservice of wearing a dinky, micro-face watch. I must say, it looks positively femme on him. Did you find that in your beau’s jewelry box, Carey?
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Ben Nemtin

Ben Nemtin
I have the utmost respect for grunge as a subgenre of alternative music, but as a style of fashion? Yuck. Ben’s clearly throwing-back to this hapless trend with his wrinkled cardigan and shabby pants. It’s a real shame he didn’t just stick to the vibrant green shirt underneath and leave the Urban Outfitters reject at the dry cleaners. Feh.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise looks totally careless as he swaggers’ around with his Nike athletic footwear, his New York Giants (?) jogging pants – masterful hemming on those BTW – and his over-sized, wrinkled collared shirt that I’m pretty sure some version of is readily available at your local Target. Word to the wise: looking carefree isn’t the same thing as looking nonchalant, just like laughing when everyone else does isn’t the same as getting the joke. Tom: You’re the joke here.

And get new sunglasses, the 80’s are waaaaaaaaaaaaay over now.

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