Men’s Fashion Advice – 5 Fashion Items Every Gentleman Should Have

As men we wake up every morning only to hire ourselves as our own personal stylists. We shift through of a collection of clothes in our closest, mixing and matching items until our attire comes together. In the same regard, we’re also the fashion buyers in the sense that we go out shopping, and are in constant search for men’s fashion tips and new stylish apparel to wear. Yet while in this process of discovery, what often happens is our closest becomes a mess of past trends, clothes we haven’t put on in years, and accessories that are tangled together like spider webs. We’re stuck shifting through our collection on daily biases, and regardless of how organized a man is, there comes a point when we all overlook the real fashion essentials.

In order to really refine our wardrobe down to the core, it’s important to know where the foundation of men’s style starts and stops. With that said, we’ve put together a collection of 5 key items every gentleman should have in his closest. After going over the list you may want to browse a men’s buyer’s guide like the one on Next Luxury once you have an idea of what clothes to own.

The top 5 Men’s Fashion Items that should be in your closest:

White oxford dress shirt: These men’s dress shirts go with nearly every occasion you can imagine plus they really give you free range to mix and match accessories to your own liking. No matter where you head out wearing one, you’ll be well-appointed for all types of situations such as date nights on at a fine restaurant, to the more casual walk in the park.


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Men & Women’s Fashion Advice – Wearing Some Oxfords

As the weather starts to get warmer, the perfect transition shoe is a pair of Oxfords. Comfortable and easy to wear, this goes for both gentlemen and ladies!


Oxfords originated in Scotland and Ireland and were frequently worn by university students. The shoe’s popularity has persisted, making it’s way into the boardroom, paired with fur jackets for women, and even onto the catwalk. You will find Oxfords with endless combinations of details, such as toe caps which can feature brogueing (perforations in the leather), and wingtips (a ‘W’ shaped toe cap that looks like a bird in flight). There are with many styles available, from the traditional to the outrageous.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: The Cyclical Nature of Men’s Fashion

If you look around at what is popular for today, it is surprisingly familiar. Fashions popular in the 1980s, 70s, 60s, 50s, and even earlier are available for purchase in today’s hottest fashion shops. It seems that all the modern person wants to do is dress like someone from the past. In 2012, the hottest new styles aren’t new at all, but actually fashions popular in past decades. The timeless nature of these clothes keep them popular beyond their first use. If you want to look trendy for today, try some of these popular cheap vintage clothing styles for men and women from the past.


Ties haven’t been popular for men in several decades, but today they are back again. Skinny ties found in the 1960s are one of the most popular tie styles for today. Men can now wear ties nearly everywhere without people making fun of them because ties are one of the trendiest vintage items for men in 2012.

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