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How To Get The Best Outerwear Online

If you wish to stay warm during those colder months then you are going to need to purchase some outwear (a trench coat or something similar to that). With a huge array of companies out there providing outerwear however it can be incredibly difficult to choose the right one. On this page I want to briefly look at how you can go about selecting the right outerwear supplier.


Firstly; you are going to need to think about for what purpose you need the men’s outerwear. For example; if you are after a fashion garment then it is likely that you will need to shop somewhere different to somebody who is looking for a trench coat to stay warm whilst they are out camping or hiking. This is very important to think about as a fashion trench coat would never keep you warm enough during those longer, winter months.


You also want to choose an outerwear company that has a huge selection of products for you to choose from. Every piece of outwear is different. I am not just talking about style here either. I am talking about the type of materials they have been constructed from, their overall rating, and basically how warm and protective they are going to be – a Cheap Monday jacket is going to be in a different ballpark than a Rag & Bone overcoat. The more of a selection you have at your disposal when it comes to outerwear the more likely you are to get something that you will absolutely love.

Finally; always carry out as much research as possible when it comes to selecting a company to provide your outerwear. This means reading through a ton of reviews. That is the only way in which you will be able to determine whether a company is reputable or not. It should go without saying that you will only wish to purchase from the most reputable of companies!

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Men’s Fashion Advice – What Exactly is “Festive Attire”?

‘Tis the Holiday season rolls around, the question that has always plagued people who receive the Holiday party invitations is, “What exactly is festive attire?” Some invites may hint at a casual or formal type of affair, but others are wide open for interpretation.

My first point for any occasion is to wear whatever makes you feel good. If you are going to be uncomfortable in the style of clothing that you choose or have to try to suck in your gut the entire time, then either way, you won’t be enjoying the party. Everybody basically knows what they like, so all you have to do I to transform it into “festive party wear”.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Winter Wear for the Football Fan

If you are looking for a winter jacket and are also a football fanatic, then the choices of outerwear to keep you warm and support your team are endless. The styles range from lighter jackets, to down puffer-coats and wool jackets. Whatever style you choose, you can have with your team’s emblem. It doesn’t matter whether you are a college football fan or a fan of the NFL, you’ll be able to find the perfect jacket style for you.


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Men’s Fashion Trends – Mixing It Up This Fall

Summer has finally bitten the dust, and with the temperature beginning to drop it’s time to start thinking about updating your wardrobe for the cold weather ahead. Leading fashion houses have given us plenty of new trends to work with this season, so whatever your style you’ll find something that’s right up your street. We’ve taken a look at the men’s A/W 2012 collections from the biggest names in fashion to bring you our roundup of the trends to watch this autumn and winter season.

The great outdoors

The Americana and heritage vibes may still be going strong, but a new twist on these trends is beginning to emerge. Practical outdoor clothing is increasingly inspiring menswear designers, attracted by its tough functionality and ready-for-anything appeal. Performance materials, technical parkas, and traditional hiking apparel were mixed and matched on the catwalk, teamed up with casual dress trousers and slim ties. An easy way to incorporate the trend, and equip your feet for the wet and windy weather ahead, is to make your next pair of boots hiking-inspired. The Euro Sprint ankle boot from Timberland’s latest range gets this look just right, taking a hiking boot style and updating it with a bit of street cred.


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Men’s Fashion Review: Lands’ End Men’s Regular Wool Commuter Parka

For reviews.

The cold’s coming and will for months now. I recent got asked to review a Lands’ End parka to see how it fared in these shivering times.

This coat could serve to provide more insulation. It’s not that I’m freezing with it on, but I’m certainly not warm and toasty either. And, despite the one I received being a Small, the sleeves extend past my wrists. Kind of annoying. As for the stitching, it suffices.

I do like the abundance of pockets with this piece. Aside from the typical chest and side pockets, there are several inside ones and even a little opening for storing a pen. Two of those pockets come with buttons and one on the left side near the shoulder sports a zipper. It’s a nice location for a small notepad or flask. There are also zippers underneath the flaps of the outside side pockets that allow for easy slipping of items into the two inside pockets without buttons. Clever design that also allows for some sneakiness.

As for aesthetic considerations, I approve of the gray and the dirty gold button, clasps, etc. The striped interior is nice and the collar perches well. Still, the piece leans towards drab and could manage to have at least a trim of contrast. The fact that the zipper becomes hidden when pulled up misses an opportunity to break up the grayness.

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