Lesson #75: Definitive advice on plaid

PLAID! Whoever though it would be trendy.

I think plaid is ugly, period. However, some people I hold in high regard maintain that plaid can be fashionable – this is for you crazy diamonds.

INFEASIBLE: Plaid with bold colors

Sun crest plaid shirt
(From Penguin)

That being said, there are some pieces of plaid I will never, ever approve of, mainly plaid that tries not to be plain and rustic. If you wore something like the above shirt, you’d look like a psychedelic farmer and might as well rock an Ed Hardy trucker hat and complete the ensemble of shit. I know Men’s Style loves this vibrant checkered junk, but how many times have I told you they should be lobotomized? For the record my good men: Neon plaid is not ha-ha ironic, it’s “Believe it or not, I don’t know any better” ironic.

Feasible: Cool, rural colored plaid

Ages Funnel Neck Overshirt American Madras
(Brought to you by Context)

Brown, rusty red…these are the shades I and you associate (and should continued to do so) with livestock, Texas, and ho-downs. As an added bonus, the quality mending of this Shades of Greige shirt isn’t something you’d find at a Walmart 100 miles outside of Dallas.

I guess there’s SOME appeal to dressing a little country from time to time; Heath Ledger did, Johnny Cash did – and they did okay!…sometimes.

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