Men’s Essential Footwear for Spring

Now that Spring is upon us, it is time to take a look in your closet and refresh your footwear for the coming seasons. If your Nike trainers are worn through the sole or now rock ventilation holes that didn’t actually come with the original design (whoops!). Then it is time to toss them and go shopping for a few new pairs that will be work horses in your wardrobe.

One footwear selection that you will need for the spring season is a casual, athletic style shoe. These new arrival sneaker-type shoes for 2016 have a little bit of a retro feel with combination of blue and tan tones, accented by white triple stripe of leather on the sides of the shoes. This type of shoe gives you the casual comfort of an athletic shoe, but it doesn’t make you look like you are headed to or coming from the gym. Also, the combination of leather, suede, and mesh will add some fashion to a favorite footwear style.


The next shoe that you want to have in your closet for spring and summer is a great driving moccasin. It is a slip-on shoe that has a sleek upper and a knobby rubber sole that extends from the tips of the toes all the way up the back of the heel, which is how it got its name because the heel of shoes used to get worn out more quickly when rubbing against the car floor when driving, but the extension of the rubber sole up the back of the heel  protects the leather and gives you more traction. Since denim is hotter than ever in accessories, Louis Vuitton has taken that trend and translated it into these medium wash and indigo denim driving mocs and in true designer style, has accented these fabulous shoes with British tan leather trim around the base of the shoe and also in the Louis Vuitton logo hardware.

mens brown boots

Our last essential footwear selection for men spring is a boot. With spring, comes unpredictable weather and you will need something like Clarks boots which will protect your feet on those cool, rainy days and look better than a pair of galoshes. For example, these short men’s lace-ups that are done in a burnished brown leather are versatile enough to be worn with a dressier pair of trousers or with your favorite casual jeans, but will still give you the protection that you need in wet weather. Just don’t forget to treat your leather and suede to keep your boots looking good.

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Close look at the recent Nike Air Huarache range

The Nike Air Huarache was first released in 1991 and enjoyed huge success due to its stylish and futuristic looks.  The sneaker was also made popular for its high comfort levels thanks to the use of a revolutionary neoprene sock lining. Nike ran with the now famous advertising slogan “Have you hugged your foot today?” the shoe was also in TV commercials featuring running star Michael Johnson. The last few years saw a massive comeback for the Huarache with the general public once again embracing the unique style. The now retro look is more popular than ever and Nike set work on re-releaseing some of the original colourways as well as many brand new designs. Here’s a closer look at a few of the recent stand out releases. If you love the retro style checkout this impressive range of Nike Huarache. Enjoy.

nike-sneakers-1 Nike Air Huarache – White / Sport Turquoise / University Gold

We had to include this new release as it’s actually not a new release at all. This recent re-release is one of the original colourways which was first released in 1991. The colours and style look just as great today as they did back then and it definitely has that retro feel. The white body is complimented perfectly with the original turquoise and gold inserts and is finished off nicely with the iconic heel cage.


Nike Air Huarache – Wolf Grey / Pool Blue

This addition is one of the brand new colourways which was released in June 2015. The cool grey tones and light blue inserts result in a futuristic look which manages to be both neutral and cool. We love the use of contrasting grey tones and close knit mesh toe vamp which helps further add contrast to the design. The white laces and dark grey heel cage really pop against the wolf grey body and Nike have even used a clear transparent outsole which looks fantastic.


Nike Air Huarache – Navy / Rattan

This navy and rattan addition was also released in June 2015 and adds a perfect toned down casual sneaker to the range. The design uses a really nice dark navy which is complimented with a neutral cream, featured around the heel and outsole. The pair comes with matching dark navy laces and heel cage which blend into the body well. To add contrast Nike has used a slightly lighter and brighter blue around the toe vamp. The result is a very well balanced classic new design which has been super popular.


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Nike Free Trainer Sneakers

Did your New Year’s resolution include more exercise?  Then, you need the right shoe in order to get the job done.  At the online retailer Millet Sports, they have the newest version of the Nike Free Trainer men’s running shoes, which are perfect for a man on the run (so to speak).

It is a shoe that provides a light weight, but supportive black mesh upper, that also has a water resistant finish to keep your foot protected from some of the elements that you will encounter on your run. This shoe is built to offer a decent amount of cushioning, while keeping the profile of the sole low and the heel-toe construction promotes the most effective stride. I say decent amount because I did experience some slight aching after running a serious distance, but the light use of padding definitely resulted in next to no sweating inside.  A fair trade-off!


Also, as an added plus, the reflective upper will offer some safety for running in times of low light. Just keep in mind: A shoe that is too heavy will tire your feet more easily as you travel though your day and a heavier-weight construction will have a tendency to overheat your feet over time.


Now, from a fashion point of view, the color options for Nike Free Trainer men’s sneakers allows for a variety of cool combinations.  With my pair, the black color of the mesh upper and the bi-color sole is done in a groovy black and white and green combo that will blend easily into your casual outfits, as compared to the stark white or all-over brightly colored athletic shoes.  You could easily get away with wearing these Nike running shoes with a pair of jeans, as you could with running shorts or sweats.

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Men’s Shoes Trend – The Sneaker Boot

The concept of the Hybrid is no stranger to us with the development of gas-sipping automobiles and enhanced strains of food, but now the concept has shifted into the fashion industry. For 2013, Nike has taken two favorite styles of footwear and fused them into one: The Nike Sneaker Boot. They took the favorite functionality from each style and created a Hybrid Footwear.

air force 1 duckboot nike

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Totes and thong sandals are a must for the beach

While I was browsing for men’s beach accessories, I came across some great items for beach excursions. First off, everyone needs a terrific tote bag or summer backpack to carry all the things that you need with you to the beach.

Check out this Laguna Sail Tote for $168 that is made of recycled sail material that is egg-shell white on top and a bold red printed bottom. The handles are made of sturdy twisted rope. It is definitely one that is going to last and is also made in the USA. Also, in the same material, there is a white tote with a blue marlin sewn across it. It is customer top rated and will work at the shore or sailing on the ocean.

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Lesson #113: Summer shorts

Shorts are a staple piece in a summertime wardrobe – and that’s a good thing for those of us with sweaty legs. Though thoroughly casual, shorts still have the potential to make or break your ensemble for park or beach excursions.

Nike Crested Plaid Men’s Shorts
INFEASIBLE: Plaid shorts 
Regardless of the colors involved, plaid is a difficult to work with on upper garments – let alone pants. I can’t think of what one would wear to match any checkered design below the waist, besides something so boring as a white polo shirt. Frankly, this particular pair makes me think of the henchmen uniforms from some bad space opera, so no dice.

Vineyard Vines Men`s Seersucker Club Shorts
Feasible: Seersucker shorts
Like I said earlier in “Seersucker and You”, seersucker is a great cloth to don during the summertime. Better yet, I bet you can instantly imagine how the example above would match a whole spectrum of flowery or seasonally colored shirts. They’re also comfy as what.
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