Men’s Fashion Advice: Autumn Transitional Trends

It might still be summer but the fashion world is now directing its gaze firmly towards the new autumn/winter collections. And let’s face it, Britain is not the place to enjoy sporting short sleeves, sandals and swimming trunks. So as we move into autumn, what are the key trends to take you between the seasons and where can they be sourced?

The blazer has been reinvented for autumn and winter this year. On the catwalks, tweed has been an important fabric in many menswear collections but if you are not quite ready to embrace the full on geek-chic look there are plenty of other designs to try. A classic dark grey pinstripe offering won’t go wrong. Or for an edgier look try a two tone variety, with body and sleeves in alternating colours. There are plenty of great blazers available on the high street ahead of the new season. For some of the most affordable, take a look at, which now offers an online shopping service.

Feeling the cold? A great way to add a touch more warmth to your jacket and shirt is with an oversized knit scarf. Gone are the slim line scarves ruling winter menswear in the past. In are the new, super-sized variety, adding more texture and, thankfully, greater protection against the cold. The trick here is to keep your colours neutral and subdued. Tone your scarf in with your outfit. Let the texture and the shape make the statement. Bold brights are likely to be overkill.

Colours for the coming season were largely restricted to a stone and neutral palate, plenty of uniform green and a healthy dose of stormy dark grey. For those who crave a colour injection, burnt umber orange proved popular, but avoid the neon parkas and indulge sparingly.

In terms of accessories, this season is all about being creative. Heavy style boots teamed with skinny jeans and slim fit suit trousers, driving gloves paired with vintage look tweed jackets, heavy cable knits draped over classic tailoring – adding an edge to your look is all about the small, finishing touches this year.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Going vintage

So designers have been taking influence from vintage clothing for a good few years now, recreating trends from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Although a lot of guys appreciate this and adopt trends and clothing with an influence from vintage garb, they never opt to purchase actual vintage second hand pieces. Sometimes the price puts them off, or the fact someone else has worn that garment makes them turn their nose up at it, but why? Vintage clothing really adds that heritage to your style, and the history of the pieces must make you feel a sense of joy. This being said, the common problem most guys face is breaking the comfort zone and actually wearing the clothing. This is where vintage mens accessories plays their part.

Vintage accessories can add that vintage touch to your look without drawing too much attention towards it. Whether your opting for vintage belts to add some hard wearing leather touches to your look, or vintage ties to maybe add some historical patterns or tweed, both are going to add that needed vintage feel. When sourcing the products, look for quality. These accessories have lasted a few decades, so make sure they’re going to continue to do so when you’ve got them in your possession. Look for unique prints and fabrics, and accessories, which are going to transform a look with a simple addition. Classic headwear such as trilbys and flat caps can also add another dimension to your style.

So if you’re a huge fan of vintage but not as daring enough to try it, opt for vintage accessories to add another dimension to your style.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Preventing Skin Damage from the Sun

Everyone aspires to have smooth, beautiful skin, yet our environment and the Sun make this goal difficult. The Sun can be our best friend and also our worst enemy. As you probably know, the Sun emits ultraviolet radiation (“UV”), a form of energy not visible to the eye, which provides the essential vitamin D for strong bones. At the same time, overexposure to sunshine can lead to sunburn and, even worse, skin cancer. You might be asking yourself if this means that the only way to achieve good skin health is to stay indoors all day. The answer? Absolutely not!

There are plenty of ways to protect yourself from the Sun. The first step is to be aware of how strong UV is that particular day. The EPA and National Weather Service created the UV Index to quantify the strength of the sun. It is based on a scale of 1-11, with 1 being the lowest and 11 meaning the rays will cook ya. You can check the UV Index for the day by using a UV index Widget and take appropriate sun safety precautions. Unfortunately, you can get sunburn in as little as 30 minutes, so it’s important to apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater to help prevent sunburn. There are several sunscreens on the market made specifically for men with all skin types, so there are no excuses for not following this simple tip! If you are going to be outside in the daylight for more than a few hours or are going to be in the water, make sure you re-apply per the bottle’s directions. If the UV Index is high, it’s not a bad idea to grab a hat that covers your face and neck to provide an extra layer of protection from the sun.

Should you get sunburn, there are several products available to help relieve the symptoms. These include aloe and moisturizing creams to help keep the skin hydrated. Liz Earle and Every Man Jack offer some great moisturizer and sunscreen creams. You should also avoid coffee and alcohol, as this dehydrates the body and your skin. Sunburn is extremely painful, and repeatedly getting sunburn can have horrible long term consequences that ruin your skin, including skin cancer. By following these sun safety tips, gents, you will avoid sunburn and can enjoy a lifetime of naturally beautiful skin!

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Plaid Trend

Written by Natalie Bell – An ardent writer and blogger with a penchant for fashion.

Plaid has been a recurring theme on the catwalks for the past few years and has been a significant catalytic element to the buzz surrounding fashion weeks in Milan, London, Paris and New York. The geometric patterns create visual exuberance and are considered to be a key feature of any outfit. Thus, the increasingly popular trend has steadily reigned catwalks with no signs of abating. Among male catwalks this trend has consistently depicted a rugged sense of virility which designers have modified to combine with new and upcoming trends.

For SS11 we saw an array of checked designs on the catwalks such as shirts, shorts, loose summer sweaters and other light fabrics. We have seen styles and fabrics in the forms of preppy plaid, casual checks and genial gingham. The geeky look has been popular through spring and summer incorporating bright pastel hues into the plaid pattern, creating an eloquent yet sophisticated style.

Checks are seemingly timeless as they appear to cavort from one season to the next. Their versatility has become more and more apparent each year as they efficaciously claim their place in the fashion-sphere, deservedly. To maintain the initial frenzy created at the beginning of each season, the transition to the next has to be something even more spectacular.

For the AW11 season designers have crafted a regeneration of the plaid panache in syndication with the inspired heritage trend. This aristocratic look embodies culture and tradition and has been successfully emulated on the catwalks within an amalgamated combustion of quirkiness and style. This year we have seen the plaid trend become entwined with this outdoorsy guise as it denotes an essence of the countryside. Items from the heritage catwalk collections exude auras of luxury and legacy due to the array of luxurious materials and twills. Think wax jackets, leather boots, lumberjack checks, velvet jackets and eccentric tweed.

As well as plaid being used as the pattern for the entirety of the garment, it can also be used subtly to accent an outfit for a more conservative look.

The plaid pattern certainly shows off its versatility through the seasonal climes and continues to be an all year round wardrobe staple. Whether it’s houndstooth, tartan, glen or gingham, the plaid pattern is certainly set to remain affluent within the fashion sector for the foreseeable future.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Linen Blazers

Paul McGregor – Owner of Brighterman, specialising in mens accessories

With the spring/summer season in full swing, it’s only right we reviewed an item of clothing that has been extremely popular this season: the linen blazer. The sartorial side of men is finally appearing, with smart yet casual trends appearing anywhere you look. A linen blazer is growing in popularity among many designers’ collections along with high street retailers such as All Saints. Brands such as Gant also see the importance of the linen blazer also. But why all the interest?

Well, for one, a blazer always adds that elegant touch to your looks as the simple addition completely transforms a look from casual to formal with the addition of a linen blazer. The lightweight material makes the blazer perfect for the warmer days and can be layered over either a t-shirt or casual shirt. Dependent on how formal or how casual you want to go, work around the linen blazer. You can use accessories to add colour to the look or either make the look more formal or more casual. For example, adding colour and elegance using a red skinny tie or bow tie, pairing it with a slim fit shirt, tailored chino shorts and brogues. A pocket square also adds elegance and adds a chic feel to your look. If you want to loosen up the look, pair a linen blazer with a graphic t-shirt, chino shorts and tasseled loafers, accessorise with a mens brown leather belt.

A linen blazer really is timeless and can be worn all year round, suitable for all types of events whether it’s a first date or a job interview. Achieving a smart yet casual look is really on trend this season, and defiantly something you should be taking inspiration from.

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