Lesson #104: Sunglasses for the coming Spring

Believe it or not, I felt the Sun beaming down on me more than a few times this last week of February. And where there is sun, soon there is bound to be shades. But what should you know about sunglasses before you wear a pair to announce the coming of Springtime?

Oakley Fuel Cell

INFEASIBLE: Sunglasses featuring bright colors

Wow, that purple is something else. In that something else, any other color really, makes more sense to feature on a pair of sunglasses – unless you’re filming one of those futureshock movies and the villain need wear something ridiculous like this pair as he/she sends waves of mutants to fight the protagonist. Even the frames of this Oakley are a bit sidesplitting in that they are bulky, unwieldy, and look like shards of ice. Finally, the mere fact that it’s been branded “FUEL CELL” is just a tasteless ploy to misdirect some attention from Green activism. Ugh.

But speaking of green…

Mosley Tribes Aviator Sunglasses

Feasible: Sunglasses with color, just not NEON BRIGHT colors

These shades pull off a seldom used color in sunglasses: green. It works because we’re not talking about neon green here, but rather something more akin to obsidian green, which far from screams “attention-whore” (see those Oakleys). There’s nothing wrong with a little color in your avi’s, just keep the tone cool and low-key.

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