Lesson #99: Cardigans are fun!

Often we treat our cardigans like we treat our children: sometimes we cherish them, other times we get fed up and throw ’em in a pile at the back of a closet. I’ve always been a fan (of cardigans, that is), so it’s fortunate that they’re back in style. Let’s see what separates the quality cardigan from the undesirable one.
Moschino Contrast Embroidered Crest Wool Logo Cardigan
INFEASIBLE: Uniform-looking Cardigans
I bet most of you are happy to have survived high school [and you youngsters still stuck in the system, carry forth sons]. So why would you ever want to wear something that reminded you of cafeteria drama, patronizing teachers, and boring algebra textbooks? Granted, you probably didn’t wear an uniform as loud as anything like this, but one look at this snotty private school throwback, and people will tell you to get back on the train to Charlotte Catholic.

D&G Pieced Cardigan

Feasible: Neutral colored, lightweight cardigans

Now this is something people will appreciate: nothing loud, nothing gaudy, nothing to spur images of stuffy Bostonian prep boys. Just a comfy, smooth piece. True, this piece is a little too expensive ($365 as of 1/3/10), but the price will go down as the quality remains excellent.

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