How to Go Monochromatic for Fall

Wearing one color head to toe is a very flattering concept. You look taller and leaner, streamlining your appearance. So how can you take one color dressing from blasé to chic? Follow our do’s and don’ts and you can’t go wrong!


Do introduce another color with fun and interesting accessories to add a touch of pizzaz. Try a fun statement bag or an interesting pair of shoes. This is a great time to focus on the details, as the single color will act as a great canvas to really make them stand out!

Don’t introduce a whole rainbow of colors in your accessories. Not only does that take away from the monochromatic concept, it also takes away from you!


Do play with different shades. No reason to go too matchy-matchy, play up light and dark shades in the same family. Try jewel tones and pastels or rich and soft neutrals.

Don’t get colors that are close together but not exact. While you can wear head to toe in the exact same shade and look like you stepped out of a magazine, you can’t really achieve that effect with colors that look similar but aren’t the same. It just gives the impression that you tried too hard to make it work, but probably didn’t. Think of a suit you bought separately- while the pants may be navy and the jacket might also be navy, each designer plays with a slightly different shade so pairing two different pieces together isn’t a great idea.


Do concentrate on fit. The slimming concept is lost if your garments are ill-fitting. We’re not suggesting it needs to be tight, just that fit you perfectly.

Don’t worry so much about what everyone else is wearing, wear what looks good on you!

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Is Monochromatic Dressing Drab or Fab?

This weekend we had a few guests at our house and I noticed how one of the guys looked very stylish dressed in all one tone. His dark features were highlighted by a black cotton pullover that had an open snap neckline, dark wash jeans with a nice black leather belt, and a great pair of black leather loafer with silver buckle hardware. Even his watch matched his tonal style with its stainless and black details. I’m still not sure what the brand of the watch is, but I’ve seen some similar things on: Buy or Sell Hublot Big Bang Watches. Anyway, the point is there wasn’t one clothing item that stood out more than the other, but it just all blended together for an eye-catching look.

clooney monocromatic clothing

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Men’s Fashion News – Fashion at the American Music Awards 2012


Even if you aren’t old enough to remember MC Hammer’s mega hit single “U Can’t Touch This” from the 1990’s, you probably have heard the term “MC Hammer Pants” somewhere along the way. While I was looking at the photos from the American Music Awards, I was surprised to find that the “Hammer Pants” are alive and well. Seriously, haven’t you heard about Penguin Jeans or Diesel or any of the other brands specializing in fashionable jeans and trousers?

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