Men’s Fashion Advice – What Does Your Watch Say About You?

The types of accessories you wear say a lot about the kind of person you are. According to a recent survey, 6 out of 7 of us wear wristwatches. Watches also show a strong physical representation of your broader fashion sense; so what does your watch say about you?


‘80s Style Retro: You’re A Hipster (Unfortunately)
Have you taken to wearing retro, plastic watches? If so, it’s likely that you’re a bit of a hipster. You’re prone to wearing your jeans a little bit tighter than is probably good for your health, and your hair is most likely short around the back and sides. You’ve probably just graduated from a liberal arts degree and if you’re really cool you’ll have already moved to East London and are sat eating your falafel and wheatgrass wholemeal wrap as you read this.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Quality, Not Quantity With Arm Accessories

Like I’ve said before, accessories give an outfit its individuality. However, too much personality, e.g. having too many or too “loud” wrist accessories, is never called for.

Your arm or wrist shouldn’t house a gallery of metal, leather, crappy plastic studs, watch-works, etc. Accessories give you a distinctive look only in smaller portions. With something like this GUESS Black leather wristband with laced chain and other junk fastened to you, you end up looking like some hyperconsumer punk or a hoarder. This also happens to apply across gender lines, ladies.


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Men’s Jewelry Advice – You Don’t Need a Rolex

Watches used to be a sign of affluence – if you had a watch, you had money. But just churning your own butter, that is no longer the case: Everybody can afford to wear a watch today. And if you feel obligated (i.e. socially pressured) to wear a watch, but don’t have the funds for a collection of Rolex watches, you have so many other options. Actually, I would argue that you shouldn’t even consider a Rolex if you had the money.


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Men’s Watches Advice – Cheap vs. Designer Differences

A man’s watch is an item that should be treated like any other fashion accessory. There are the cheaper, ordinary versions that you will find in almost any discount store out there and there are the designer ones that have that little “something” that the others lack.

police marshall men's black leather watch 115 euros

Cheaper men’s watches usually have a movement that is of lesser quality, making it less expensive to manufacture. Even though they all may claim to have “Japanese or Swiss Quartz Movements”, they are most likely not of the same caliber. Also, the materials that comprise both the cheaper brand and designer watches are markedly different. The leathers of the designer watches tend to be of a finer quality than the cheaper ones, which tend to look richer and last longer than the less expensive leathers. The metal used for the cheaper watches tends to be a mixed metal with only a stainless steel case back, as opposed to the stainless steel casing and bracelet links that are used in most designer watches. The mixed metals tend to break more easily and lose their finish over time.

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – TAG Heuer

Much of what has made TAG Heuer one of the world’s leading Swiss watch brands, beyond its influence in sports timekeeping, is the visionary work of Jack Heuer, great-grandson to the company’s founder. Jack Heuer joined his family’s company in 1958 as an engineer, and by 1963 had designed one of the most iconic watch models now available – the TAG Carrera. Almost fifty years on from the original model’s unveiling, and in honour of Jack’s 80th birthday, the Carrera returns in a design that is at once thoroughly modern, and delightfully retro. Unfortunately, you won’t see this beauty at a men’s watch sale anytime soon…

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Classy Men’s Advice – Have a “Black Tie” Event? Which Watches are “Tuxedo-Ready”?

movado men's sapphire stainless steel black dial watch $1514.99

When choosing a watch for that special night out, there are certain styles of watches that will give you the elegance that you need. Men’s watches are accessories, like any other. You wouldn’t put on a pair of flip flops with a suit, so you shouldn’t wear a casual watch with your tux. By casual, I mean those with silicone or canvas straps, which tend to look more “sporty” than “dressy”.

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