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Men’s Fashion Advice – 5 Fashion Items Every Gentleman Should Have

As men we wake up every morning only to hire ourselves as our own personal stylists. We shift through of a collection of clothes in our closest, mixing and matching items until our attire comes together. In the same regard, we’re also the fashion buyers in the sense that we go out shopping, and are in constant search for men’s fashion tips and new stylish apparel to wear. Yet while in this process of discovery, what often happens is our closest becomes a mess of past trends, clothes we haven’t put on in years, and accessories that are tangled together like spider webs. We’re stuck shifting through our collection on daily biases, and regardless of how organized a man is, there comes a point when we all overlook the real fashion essentials.

In order to really refine our wardrobe down to the core, it’s important to know where the foundation of men’s style starts and stops. With that said, we’ve put together a collection of 5 key items every gentleman should have in his closest. After going over the list you may want to browse a men’s buyer’s guide like the one on Next Luxury once you have an idea of what clothes to own.

The top 5 Men’s Fashion Items that should be in your closest:

White oxford dress shirt: These men’s dress shirts go with nearly every occasion you can imagine plus they really give you free range to mix and match accessories to your own liking. No matter where you head out wearing one, you’ll be well-appointed for all types of situations such as date nights on at a fine restaurant, to the more casual walk in the park.



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Fashion Trends – Finding Influences from “The Great Gatsby” in Today’s Looks

The movie, “The Great Gatsby”, has been filmed a total of six times, with the latest version that is starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Toby Maguire is to be released May 10, 2013. The story is reminiscent of an era in America that reflected economic prosperity, the birth of Jazz music, and the flashy “Flapper Culture”. The 1920’s was also pegged as a time for criminal activities such as bootlegging. During that time, the parties were grand and the fashion even more grand. The iconic fashion that is showcased in “The Great Gatsby” can be seen as an influence in men’s and women’s fashion today.



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Men’s Fashion Advice – 2012 Men’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials

With temperatures continuing to drop, it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe to see if you’ve got everything you need to get through the season. This year’s menswear collections are packed full of new trends that are easy to wear, on the street and to the office, as well as being pleasingly functional too.

So it’s time to wrap up with the season’s essentials. You don’t need to splash out on a whole new wardrobe to get your look up to date. Just pick and choose from these major trends, all of which are easy to team with existing items in your closet.

herringbone jacket

The puffa jacket

Last year was the parka this year it’s the puffa. Designers took this look to new high fashion heights this season, giving the puffa jacket a whole range of innovative twists. From contrast materials and OTT styles, to slimmed down fits and traditional fabrics like tweed, the puffa never looked so good. As well as looking on trend, these jackets offer up superior warmth for the winter, blending functionality with style for a look that’s street fresh. If you don’t want to go quite as bold as the exaggerated puffas on the catwalk, try a toned down, smartened up version like this Voi Jeans herringbone number from BANK.

corduroy trousers

Ditch the denim

This season there’s a new tough wearing fabric in town, so it’s time to ditch the jeans. Corduroy was all over the A/W 2012 runways as fresh alternative in men’s suiting and casual trousers. Not only are they comfortably soft, they’re ultra warm too, making them the perfect choice for the cold winter months ahead. You’ll find them in a range of shades, from muted greys and browns through to eye-popping pink, so it’s easy to find a pair that’s right for you. Just make sure you stick to thin piped cords, which are easier to mix and match with existing items in your wardrobe, rather than thick piped, which can make you look bulky.

Suit up

As temperatures drop, you might want to think about upgrading your suit to a thicker fabric that’s going to give you better insulation. There was a return to traditional heavy fabrics on the runways this season, like tweed, flannel, and Donegal wool. All look exceptionally sharp no matter the colour, so long as the cut is right. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that bulkier fabric means a bulkier fit. A heavier-weight suit should still fit as slim and trim as any other in your closet. If you’re looking for some sartorial inspiration, GQ’s got a great guide designed to show you how to wear it.


The new look hiking boot

Hiking boots have been undergoing something of a renaissance lately. A major trend for the past year or two, this year designers have been giving us fresh new twists on this boot that’s ideal for winter. New materials, contrast soles, weird shapes and hiking boot/Wellington boot hybrids livened up the menswear collections. There was also a heavy emphasis on mixing and matching materials like tweed and leather, a la Aigle’s Cartwell boots.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Staying dapper (informally and formally) this summer

The summer sun can challenge even the most fashion-savvy man, whether you are gearing up for a casual day at the beach or a summer evening dinner party. The warm summer temperatures may at first be a welcome change, but they also provide a logistical nightmare for a man who wishes to balance looking cool with staying cool.

A general tip about summer clothing is to be sensible. Dark colors or heavy fabrics, no matter how good they look in an air-conditioned changing room, will not be forgiving under the sun’s glare. One must also resist the urge to become uber-casual: while baggy shorts and flip-flops might seem like an easy choice, there is no reason why comfortable summer clothes cannot also be stylish as well. Also remember that cotton is your friend; a cotton t-shirt will keep you cool, allow airflow and help prevent unsightly sweat patches that can ruin even the most fashionable outfit.

If that general advice was not enough to help you organize your summer casual and formal wardrobe, here is an item-by-item checklist to help your maximize both the comfort and the style of your summer casual and formalwear.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: More Suit Trends For The Summer

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. In the men’s fashion world, this means that we are getting ready to sport our board shorts and our brightly-colored polos, our sleek sunglasses and our white summer sneakers. The season is a time to look bright and casual – and we’re not going to shy away from embracing it.

But despite all the warm and relaxing images that summer evokes, most of us are not capable of truly dressing casually through this period. We still need to go to work, after all. We still have meetings, parties, functions, and interviews to attend. For all these occasions there’s a standard dress that we wear year-round, even if it doesn’t happen to evoke summer: the suit.

On this note, what are the biggest suit trends that we can expect this summer? Let’s take a look:


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Men’s Fashion News: The Traveling Trend of the Casual Sports Jacket

After a great trip to LA, we arrived back at LAX about four hours early for our return flight. While we were hanging around at Gladstones, relaxing and killing some time, we had the perfect view of passengers coming and going. Normally, you expect to see guys dressed up in suits, flying to and from their business meeting destinations, but I noticed that a lot of travelers were mixing the tailored crispness of a sports jacket with more casual clothing items to create a great look.

One gentleman that stood out of the crowd was wearing the perfect navy blue blazer with medium width lapels, trimmed in gold buttons on the front closure and the sleeves. He had coordinated it with a crisp white button-down shirt, which he kept with an open collar, and a pair of belted khakis. The brown leather loafers were also the perfect compliment to his look. It was a style that I could see coming from the pages of the Ralph Lauren catalogue.


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