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Men’s Fashion Spotlight: Ed Hardy Swimwear

I have always thought of the designs of Ed Hardy when it came to t-shirts, watches, and leather jackets, but with this year’s move towards color and graphic prints for Spring and Summer, his unique designs are a perfect option for men’s swimwear. The intricately vibrant details that Christian Audigier puts in his tattoos are well translated into his line of swim trunks.

The swimwear is designed with a fly front closure, a rear pocket with a Velcro closure, and fabricated out of 100% polyester with no inner lining that will be smooth against the skin and dry quickly. These particular swim trunks are a longer length, board-short style, but Ed Hardy also makes a line of slimmer fitting spandex swimwear with the same great graphic designs. It’s just a matter of taste.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Hats for the summer

Alright, so you have your jeans, your shirt, and maybe your socks and shoes. Everything you need, right? Maybe if you only strive to be the background passerby in the next photo shoot coming to a street corner near you. Now, if you want to turn your white canvas self into a statement, you’re going to need to add some finishing touches to put the “you” in “unique.” Two undeniable trend setters? The hat, and the watch.

From a practicality standpoint, both items serve you a great deal – shading your eyes, containing a wild hair day, and keeping time (or letting time get away, whichever you can manage). But each piece adds a bit of mystery and indicates there’s more to the man than what’s seen at first glance. Besides hiding your eyes from sun, hats like fedoras add mystery with a downward tilt or a relaxed tone when in an upward direction like Frank Sinatra. When your face is the focal point of your personality, make sure it receives the attention it deserves by accentuating it with a hat. No need to be bright, but a speck of color, such as a pin or feather, can do wonders in turning glances from casual to desirable.

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight: Golf Clothing from Bogner

Started in Munich in 1932 by Willy and Maria Bogner, the globally known sportswear brand has since been passed down to their son Willy Jr. and his wife Sonia. The initial clothing line that was developed was ski wear, being that Willy Sr. was an accomplished cross-country and ski jumper in his own right. Their brand of sporty casual wear has now evolved into Bogner Sport, which encompasses clothing for golf, wellness, and resort wear. They even have developed the younger brands of “Bogner Fire+Ice and Bogner Kids” for you to be able to outfit the whole family.


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Men’s Fashion Review: Sette Regal Navy Necktie

Designer Robert Jensen, who has been a crafter of luxury neckwear for more than 30 years, paired up with company Founder Peter Watkins to form Sette. The name “Sette” is actually derived from the Italian word meaning “seven”. They recently sent me one of their fine ties to review.

Each Sette necktie is a limited edition and is handmade. The Pure Collection has only seven of its kind made and the Classic Collection allows only twenty-one of the same necktie to be created. Sette has access to the finest silk weavers in the world and each tie is hand crafted in Como Italy, each with individual numbering.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Look Fantastic in Hugo Boss Designer Clothes

Hugo Boss designer clothes offer stylish men a wealth of opportunities for looking and feeling great. The Hugo Boss collection changes each year to be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Men can feel confident knowing that they are wearing clothing that is considered top-of-the-line in the fashion world. Whether looking for a casual outfit for a weekend, sports wear or professional attire, men’s Hugo Boss designer clothes have something for everyone.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Summer Suits, Staying Cool

As summer first approaches the trend of men’s designer suits also changes to fit the warm summer weather. The casual suit or business suit is then designed to serve two purposes which are; keeping with the trends of 2012 and staying cool during the sunny periods.

Generally the traditional designs of men’s suit do not change or go out of fashion quickly, so the summer fashion designs are usually similar to the different categories of suit designs worn by men. The major difference between summer fashioned suits and the average suit is the colour and type of fabric used to make the suit.

Cuts of Designer Suits for Summer

The suit cuts and designs fashioned for this year’s summer are the traditional single breasted suit and double breasted suits. Explanation on the designs and their respective suitability for sunny weather are given below: (more…)

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Men’s Fashion Review: J Brand jeans

You can never have too many good pairs of jeans. J Brand jean specializes in form fitting jeans for men and women. Let’s see how their Kane model fairs and whether it is worthy of the good pair title.

Well, they are certainly worthy! First of all, this pair fit very well. The legs fit snugly and the waist was just a little bit loose to give some breathing room. The low rise cut on the cuff drapes cleanly, no chance of bagginess here. I can also tell the pants can stretch slightly when needed.

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