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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – LA 2013 Late Summer Style

While I happened to be out on the West Coast this week, I had the opportunity to check out men’s fashions in person, the so-called LA Style.

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At Hermosa Beach, where we were staying, the dress was casual and sporty. The Strand, a walkway that runs alongside the beautiful Pacific Ocean, was home to guys dressed in cargo shorts with button down plaid shirts and slip on canvas shoes, to ones with board shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. Even when the beach clubs and restaurants were gearing up for the evening, the sign that I saw which said, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem!” exemplified the casualness of the coastal style. I bet you could get away with wearing underwear – a great “exposing” pair being SAUL Homme boxers – at some of the really “casual” places!


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Five pampering techniques to steal from ladies

Let’s face it, women love to pamper and preen, but looking good is not just for the ladies. There are many lotions and potions available for men too, so which beauty tips can you steal from the girls?

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Men’s Fashion Trends – A 2012 Round-Up

Christmas is on its way and 2012 is drawing to a close so I thought we would look at some of trends we have seen this year and what the celebrities and movers and shakers of the fashion world have been up to!

2012 trends 08162012 300x202 mens fashion

UK Style Icon

The female fashion press has been dominated by one woman this year and that was Kate Middleton as she wowed crowds wherever she went with her mixture of high street fashion and top end designers.


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Men’s Eyewear – Innovations in contact lenses

Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with first introducing the idea for the contact lens.  Yet even he would find it hard to believe how far his concept has come today.  In 2011, the worldwide contact lens market was valued at $6.8billion, with indications that this is set to rise by the end of 2012.

contact lenses 300x278 mens fashion

With the range of lenses now available, popular internet sites such as LensWay are offering lens wearers a whole host of solutions for their vision needs, from sight correction to treating cornea problems.  However, in recent years contact lenses have been used for a surprising range of reasons.


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Father’s Day Advice: Other gifts for Dad

Some gifts we get will always be kept and looked at with a smile. Making your gift that special for Father’s Day can be easy with Getting Personal. Exploring this site you will find a huge selection of gift ideas so you can match the perfect gift for your favourite part-time golf champion, armchair formula one racing driver or gardening guru.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Summertime sneakers

Shoes and summer: The one’s inclusiveness and the other’s high temperatures can sometimes make for an uncomfortable combination. And not item of Joe footwear will suffice: Dress shoes can be toasty murder on your toes while the sandals option just won’t cut it for you spontaneously athletic types. A summer-oriented sneaker or boat shoe are probably your best bets for most casual yet potentially sweaty adventures. But not all of shoes are created equal. Let’s see how summer footwear can go right and, more importantly, go wrong.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Early hot trends for the summer

Summer time is around the corner and once again a change of clothing style to fit the weather and general mood associated with the period is necessary. The warmth of the season provides people with a lot of flexibility in selecting outfits and most people take advantage of this warmth to dress with the least amount of clothing items possible. To help the fashion conscious or the average man dress fashionably during summer, a tip on the hottest clothing items and what accessories they should be paired with will be provided.


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When going for footwear, sandals, open- toe shoes and flip flops should be the preferred choice. These footwear provide you with the necessary comfort and air circulation needed, they are one in varying orders depending on the occasion. For business purposes, scandals and open shoes are the preferred footwear because they provide you with a formal look while providing your feet with good air circulation. Informal activities such as block parties require the use of scandals while a visit to the beach should be done in your flip flops to avoid accumulating sand on your feet.

Pants and Jeans

The popularity of jeans has made it the attire for all seasons, summer jeans should be chosen with care and the details you should focus on are the cut, colour, design and fit of the jeans on your body. The cuts adequate for the warmth of the season are usually three-quarter cut which are jeans that stop at your knees or jean shorts. Making a choice from the two mentioned above depends on your height and how well built your legs are. Light traditional full length jeans can also be one during summer but one should avoid dark colours. The versatility of items that you can be worn with your jeans makes it a valuable clothing item, scandals, shoes and flip flops look perfect when combined with a good pair of jeans. The cut of a jeans also speaks volumes so always pick the right cut for the look you want to project to others, if you want a mature look a slim fit straight-legged jeans would be perfect for you while for a teenage look that signifies street credibility a baggy jeans should be your choice.


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