Men’s Fashion Advice – Biking Fashion

When you think of men’s bike clothing, a picture of riders racing in the Tour De France or the USA Pro Challenge may be the first thing that comes to mind, but biking has grown in popularity outside of the professional race circuit. The professional bike racers have their official team gear, but the average consumer has a larger selection in their own fashion choices.

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Men’s Fashion Trend: The rise of outdoor gyms

More and more exercise equipment is sprouting up across parks and open green spaces as demand for outdoor gyms is set to rise by 1,200% in 2012. We take a look at why this might be happening, and how you can kit yourself out if you’re thinking of taking your work out into the fresh air.

An upward trend
Outdoor exercise equipment has been around since the birth of exercise equipment. But it’s only since 2007 – when The Great Outdoor Gym Company (GOGC) started specialising in outdoor ranges, having seen how successful they were in China – that it’s been growing steadily in popularity.

GOGC provide much of the same equipment as you’d use in the gym – treadmills, cross-trainers, benches, recumbent bikes, handbikes, pull-up bars and leg press machines. Charlotte Tarrant of GOGC believes that the two factors preventing people from using gyms are cost and accessibility. Outdoor gyms get rid of those deterrents.

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