Men’s Shopping Advice – Join a Shoe Club!

You must have been hearing a lot about online shoe clubs off late considering the fact that these are undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzes in town at the moment. But what is so awesome about them and what is so different about online shoe clubs than just going out and buying shoes from the retail store? Well, as with every type of commerce turning to the Internet for bigger and better services, the same applies for shoe shopping. But apart from this obvious gain, there are a host of other benefits of subscribing to online shoe shopping clubs. Here are the reasons three top reasons why people are going crazy over this new trending way of shoe shopping:

1.      Exclusive Shoes

What is the only thing that you hate about walking into a store and buying a shoe? The obvious answer that most women will complain about is the fact that they don’t feel exclusive with the process. The thought that other people can also flaunt the exact pair of shoe that you just paid a fortune for, dampens the excitement and the sexiness quotient of the same. But at the same time you will not be having any other option.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: The saving’s in the throwbacks

Men, listen. It’s not that you aren’t taking fashion advice out there; it’s more that you truly believe you don’t need to follow it when you read it. That’s your first mistake. Your second mistake—and some may argue the larger mistake—is that when you do take some sound advice and go to purchase your clothes, you’re paying far too much for them.

Take a simple yet very fashionable pair of throwback-style Nike Air Force 1’s. They’re crisp, white shoes that go well with any outfit, especially with a pair of great cargo shorts in the summer. But some men are paying well north of $100 to look sharp in these sneakers. Instead of blowing your money on overpriced shoes at locations instituting a high markup, use a great coupon and save a ton of money on your sneakers purchasing from Dr. Jay’s.

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Men’s Fashion Trend: Looking for Boring Golf Shoes? You Won’t Find Them Here!

I knew that there were many different kinds of men’s golf shoes out there, but I never realized how right on trend some of them are. A prime example is the collection that I spotted, made by Prada. They take the trend of bold colors seriously in the pair of yellow, white, and baby blue leather golf shoe with the overlying fringe. It’s kind of a preppy look that you could see with a coordinating plaid pant or shirt. Then, Prada takes the golf shoe to the next level by adding gold-tone and gemstone colored studs. It would be a little “bling” to spice up your solid colored polo or trousers.

The next golf shoe that plays right into the always popular animal print is the “Joy Men’s FJ Icon Snake Print Golf Shoes”. They have a flange of white leather running from the heel, across the laces, down to the tip of the shoe and the sides have a panel of great looking python print. I would even consider wearing them off the green, if you needed a great looking shoe in a pinch.

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