Men’s Shoes Trend – The Sneaker Boot

The concept of the Hybrid is no stranger to us with the development of gas-sipping automobiles and enhanced strains of food, but now the concept has shifted into the fashion industry. For 2013, Nike has taken two favorite styles of footwear and fused them into one: The Nike Sneaker Boot. They took the favorite functionality from each style and created a Hybrid Footwear.

air force 1 duckboot nike

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – VANS Sneakers For The Summer

Thought of by many as the original skate shoe; Vans Trainers have been a highly successful brand since their beginnings back in 1966. Originally they were a premium quality and affordable trainer that were comfortable, easy to slip on but featured the now iconic ‘Off The Wall’ waffle sole that would prove to be exactly what skaters needed for better grip and flexibility that wouldn’t fall apart after a few hours of flips, tricks and carving up the streets.


Today Vans is a household name with many sub-brands like Vans Skate, Vans Surf and Vans Snow; the most recent being the Vans OTW collection that merges urban chic with skate performance seamlessly but they also make clothing and accessories ranges too.  The most famous Vans Trainers the Vans Authentics Trainers and the Vans 106 Trainers are still in production today but with more colourways and styles available with each new season.

Despite being favoured by skaters Vans shoes are very versatile and are suited to being worn for most occasions like a night out, to a trip to the shops, relaxing with friends and everything inbetween and with numerous different shoe designs you can choose from the options are endless.  More recent styles like the Vans Era Trainers and Vans LPE Trainers are nearly as well known as the classic designs and like most Vans trainers have canvas uppers though some do have leather ones if you want more durability, some feature double stitching making them more rugged but every pair has incredibly comfortable insoles and always the waffle sole.  Down the years Vans have released styles suited to current and changing trends but the core collections have remained constant throughout, they even have a shoe made specifically for skate performance; the Vans Sk8 Hi Trainer which has added ankle support from a padded collar with triple stitching a die-cut EVA insert for comfort a leather upper and of course the waffle outsole that makes every Vans Trainer.

There’s little question of Vans success despite quite a large amount of competition from specialised skate footwear brands around as if anyone wants a shoe that will keep their feet comfortable after a lot of wear and give the support and grip of a performance shoe; Vans trainers are certainly the choice to make.

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Fashion Spotlight – Slip on a pair of Converse Mens Trainers

There is really only one choice for a pair of shoes that offer incredible versatility so they don’t look out of place in anyone’s wardrobe or with any other item of clothing are durable enough to last you a long time and most importantly are as comfortable after hours of continuous wear as they were the first time you put them on straight out of the box.  The brand that delivers all this in a collection of shoes that has hardly changed their designs in over a century is Converse.

Converse Mens Trainers

The iconic Chucks were made famous by basketball star Chuck Taylor who asked Converse to make him a decent, comfy pair of trainers and they were so successful the Converse Chuck Taylor Trainers is one of the bestselling shoe designs in the world. The standard Converse Trainers are available as High-Tops making them almost boot like or you can have them as OX’s which look like a regular shoe shape and they are available in a number of different colours, the most popular being Black and Optical White, but there are many ‘core’ colours like Red, Navy and Charcoal that are always available, but every season new colours and prints briefly appear so you will never run out of choice. The majority of Converse Mens Shoes are made with canvas uppers which lends to their comfort, but if you fancy something a bit more hardy then you can find Converse Leather Trainers too, or if you want a pair of shoes that will really stand out Converse make multi-tongue and double upper versions of their trainers. The simple shape and design of Converse Mens Trainers makes them ideal for any occasion while still being iconic.

As if that isn’t enough choice from the company with the one star logo they offer many different styles like Converse Star Player EV Trainers and the brand-new Converse Chuck Taylor Chuckout and Helmsman Trainers perfect for a beach and surf lifestyle, or the latest Converse Warrior Trainers perfect for skaters everywhere.

Converse Mens Trainers can’t be recommended enough and no one will be disappointed with the quality and comfort they provide with simply brilliant style but if you’re still in doubt then chances are someone you know will have owned a pair or two and they’re sure to confirm you can’t go wrong with a pair of Chucks.

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Men & Women’s Fashion Advice – Wearing Some Oxfords

As the weather starts to get warmer, the perfect transition shoe is a pair of Oxfords. Comfortable and easy to wear, this goes for both gentlemen and ladies!


Oxfords originated in Scotland and Ireland and were frequently worn by university students. The shoe’s popularity has persisted, making it’s way into the boardroom, paired with fur jackets for women, and even onto the catwalk. You will find Oxfords with endless combinations of details, such as toe caps which can feature brogueing (perforations in the leather), and wingtips (a ‘W’ shaped toe cap that looks like a bird in flight). There are with many styles available, from the traditional to the outrageous.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – “The Ross” Men’s Shoe: The Perfect Mix of Casual and Athletic

While I was browsing through the style section of men’s “must have’s” for Spring, I came across a shoe company that has taken the initiative to combine a quality leather oxford with an athletic twist to create a casual shoe that will have the versatility to cover more than one clothing situation. Thorocraft is a California based company that was founded in 2009 and takes pride in their modern approach to classic men’s footwear.


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