Men’s Fashion Trends – The Best Salons For Men in the World

There are thousands of hair salons around the world, but only a few are numbered among the best. If you want a unique and special salon experience, visit one of the following top five salons if you ever make the trip to any of these cities.


Andy Lecompte Salon, LA
About: The Andy Lecompte Salon is arguably the most famous salon in the LA area. The salon was first opened in 2008, and it is a testament to the skill of the salon that it has managed to become so famous in such a short time. The salon offers standard services, including cuts, coloring, nails, makeup, and facials.
Where: The salon is located in West Hollywood just a few blocks away from Beverly Hills. The salon has a hip and welcoming environment that keeps customers coming back.
Why: Part of the reason this salon is famous is due to the incredible talent of the staff. Each member of the staff offers personalized service and an incredible skill set that even the most picky clients will enjoy. The salon itself is a feast for the eyes, offering natural sunlit views and an art gallery featuring Andy Warhol and Marilyn Minter.

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