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Thank God 90s Men’s Fashion Is Waaay Gone

The ‘90s were a magical decade.They brought us the best era rap music has ever seen – and in my opinion will ever see. They were the days when guys could turn on the TV and idolize greats like Michael Jordan and Roberto Baggio. Mobile phones evolved from Zack-Morris-bulky to the tiny Nokias you could play snake on at the back of class.


But, there were some failures as well. The dot-com bubble crippled many.An American president will forever be remembered for his cigar-wielding antics instead of his accomplishments. And of course, men’s fashion was at an all time appalling low – it only took flicking on the TV to see the Fresh Prince in all his neon, ill-fitting glory.


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Men’s Fashion Trends – Black at the Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Every year there are certain colors that are more prominent in fashion, like this year’s Pantone’s selection of Emerald Green as the color of the year, but from season to season black is definitely the new black. The color black never seems to lose its appeal in either men’s or women’s fashion. It just get’s revitalized with new tones and textures, and works on everything from a Volcom hoodie to a pair of hugo boss shoes.

nicolas k mb fashion week sept 5


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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – LA 2013 Late Summer Style

While I happened to be out on the West Coast this week, I had the opportunity to check out men’s fashions in person, the so-called LA Style.

At Hermosa Beach, where we were staying, the dress was casual and sporty. The Strand, a walkway that runs alongside the beautiful Pacific Ocean, was home to guys dressed in cargo shorts with button down plaid shirts and slip on canvas shoes, to ones with board shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. Even when the beach clubs and restaurants were gearing up for the evening, the sign that I saw which said, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem!” exemplified the casualness of the coastal style. I bet you could get away with wearing underwear – a great “exposing” pair being SAUL Homme boxers – at some of the really “casual” places!


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Men’s Fashion Trends: Wacky Runway Inspirations by Well-known Designers

When it comes to fashion designer runway shows, sometimes it is all about the “unusual”. We know that designers like to have looks that are uniquely their own inspiration – who doesn’t want to do something a little more original than just another men’s t-shirt? – but some runway fashions just leave you at a loss for words.



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Men’s Fashion Advice – The Belt: An Under-Appreciated Men’s Accessory

Belts are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about high fashion. Sure, they’re not as elegant or unique as garb that necessitates shelling out for wedding insurance – think of what the policy on Kate Middleton’s dress must have been! – but not even when it comes to talk of accessories do belts get respect. There is always lot more buzz about ties, watches, and shoes, but not a whole lot about belts.

In a man’s wardrobe today, belts have become something more than just something to hold your pants up. They have the ability to change the whole look of an outfit. Belts come in many styles and fabrics. Whatever trousers, jeans, or shorts that you are wearing, there is a belt that will compliment the look.

dg designer belts


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Men’s Fashion Advice – What is a Chain Wallet?

One trend that I have seen pop up this year in unexpected places is the chain wallet. It has made its way through history beginning as a practical application for bikers that did not want to lose their wallets while riding their hogs, then reappeared on the scene in the “Punk Rock” craze of the 70’s and the 80’s as a “bad-ass” fashion statement. Now, chained mens wallets are made by some of the most well know fashion designers in the world and have found their way from the street, onto the runway.

Chain wallets have become popular accessories among men within all different style categories. We are used to the original biker look with the black leather tri-fold with silver or brass studs and a thick curb link chain. Some are plain, thin wallets and some are thick and inlaid with designs. Also, there is the western style chain wallet with embossed leather and intricate engraving, which has been worn by cowboys for ages. But now, since they have arrived on the fashion scene, chain wallets have taken on a different look. Dolce and Gabbana make a perforated black leather wallet that is imprinted with their brand name and the Italian flag colors, with a heavy silver chain and a lobster claw ring. Designer Alexander McQueen puts a more trendy spin on the chain wallet with his version in bright orange leather that has a fancy link chain and skull charm.


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