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Men’s Fashion Review – Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet in Blue Steel

Like I’ve mentioned so many times before, I’m a total wallet nut and need to replace my favorite accessory at least twice a year. I was recently approved to test out the Bellroy Note Sleeve in Blue Steel and, given my fascination, I grabbed the opportunity (especially since the item sells for a pretty penny pretty much everywhere). Does the price reflect stellar quality?


Needless to say, the bifold Note is very stylish and switched together most elegantly. The material, a vegetable tanned cow leather, is soft and holds onto its contents snugly (like a sleeve!). Speaking of space, even when filled with 10 or so plastic cards, cash, a check, and a few coins – yes, there is a cozy coin pocket in the fold – the wallet never bulked up or got “bumpy”.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Answer The Ultimate Question In Underwear

When it comes to getting dressed each morning, we get ourselves into a routine that usually consists of rolling out of bed and grabbing the first thing we see. If you happen to be the type who is so laid back that you couldn’t care less about wearing odd socks or a creased shirt, now is the time to reconsider your morning routine.


Now we live in the 21st century, men are becoming more aware of their appearance and self hygiene which is a good step towards greater confidence and luck with the ladies. Comfort is the ultimate factor you must consider in order to assert your confidence. So the question is: do you wear boxers or briefs?

It is no secret that men often find it difficult to get their hands on underwear that is comfortable, durable and not to mention, stylish. While boxer shorts have always seemed like the ‘cooler’ option of underwear for a man to wear, briefs are also battling it out and becoming a popular choice among men of a variety of ages. 


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Hats And How To Wear Them

In past years, hats for men have provided more of a “purpose” than been used as a clothing accessory. They have had a job to do like keeping the sun out of your eyes, trying to disguise your identity, or combating bed head. In recent years, hats have become more of a fashion accessory than a necessity.

stylish baseball cap wearer


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Men’s Fashion Advice – De-cluttering your man bag

Most of us have heard of them, and many of us poke fun at them: Man bags. The battle of the genders has made it politically correct to define a man as having ‘man bag’, and a woman possessing the time-honoured handbag.

Like a ‘man draw’, a man bag can perhaps be loosely-defined as home to all manner of paraphernalia associated with being a man. It may be like a fascinating junkshop containing abstract possessions: Old bus passes; crushed packets of crisps; electrical devices; magazines; old batteries; dried-up pens and even sweaty gym gear…the list goes on…

Some argue men are less organised at de-cluttering their personal bag then women. Debatable? Meanwhile, others will argue handbags contain more unnecessary bits and bobs. However heated the arguments, how can your beloved bag be de-cluttered?


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