Lesson #78: Advice about contrast-collar dress shirts

John Varvatos Contrast-Collar Shirt

INFEASIBLE: Boring contrasts

Contrast-collar shirts used to be the shiznite in the 80’s, but they’ve never stopped being hot and seem to be experiencing a revival in recent years. Men Style (yes, please do groan) are right (!) that the contrast-collar is a good addition any wardrobe, but wrong (there we go) that it’s purely bar and party material. Please guys, I see suits walk around Century City rocking ones everyday. That being said, you can only do collar-contrast and a tie with something of the above type. And even then it’s reaaaaally iffy: you simply don’t want too much contrast with your chestly adornments, gentlemen. And, frankly, that John Varvatos (a whooping $245) is too plain to rock alone.

Allen Edmonds Weybridge

Feasible: Contrast with deep colors
Word of caution: I never said contrast-collar shirts were easy, I’m just saying they’re not lost causes and that, yes, some men can rock them.

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Lesson #75: Definitive advice on plaid

PLAID! Whoever though it would be trendy.

I think plaid is ugly, period. However, some people I hold in high regard maintain that plaid can be fashionable – this is for you crazy diamonds.

INFEASIBLE: Plaid with bold colors

Sun crest plaid shirt
(From Penguin)

That being said, there are some pieces of plaid I will never, ever approve of, mainly plaid that tries not to be plain and rustic. If you wore something like the above shirt, you’d look like a psychedelic farmer and might as well rock an Ed Hardy trucker hat and complete the ensemble of shit. I know Men’s Style loves this vibrant checkered junk, but how many times have I told you they should be lobotomized? For the record my good men: Neon plaid is not ha-ha ironic, it’s “Believe it or not, I don’t know any better” ironic.

Feasible: Cool, rural colored plaid

Ages Funnel Neck Overshirt American Madras
(Brought to you by Context)

Brown, rusty red…these are the shades I and you associate (and should continued to do so) with livestock, Texas, and ho-downs. As an added bonus, the quality mending of this Shades of Greige shirt isn’t something you’d find at a Walmart 100 miles outside of Dallas.

I guess there’s SOME appeal to dressing a little country from time to time; Heath Ledger did, Johnny Cash did – and they did okay!…sometimes.

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62. Wallets for the man…again.

INFEASIBLE: Wallets that slide and collapse and whatever the fuck

(From Men.Style)

I guess one could call this latest Frankenstein from Entermodal a “portwallio”. I’ll stick to calling it ugly, blucky, difficult to handle, and tacky; naturally Men.Style raves about it. Don’t you let me catch you holding one, unless you’re returning it to its rightful place in the trash.

Feasible: Bifold made of kangaroo leather

(Brought to you by Saks.com)

Now this, THIS is a piece of awesome. I loves kangaroo leather and the color is just rich and attention-grabbing without being flashy in the slightest. Even the logo is tastefully placed and blended into the material. Anyone wanna get me an early birthday present? Seriously, I blew too much money at the bar last night. :(

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61. Floral shirts

INFEASIBLE: Really flamboyant shirts featuring flowers

(From Men.Style)

It’s cool to be a little fabulous from time to time. Pieces like this, however, spill over the fruit brim of the flamboyancy cup. No in their right mind should wear something as blinding as this. And, of course, Men.Style loved this. Amazed.

Feasible: Black shirt with sparse floral elements

(Brought to you by GoodOrient.com)

Yeah, this isn’t the best shirt for spring or summer, but I would love to wear something like this in on a late August night near the beach with a light grey skarf. Linen’s also not the best fabric in the world, but if some occasion calls for flowery shirts, whatareyagonnado.

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Cross Web Chatter (4/03/08)

I so stole this from something I found on Google

New feature I just came up with a minute ago: Cross Web Chatter. Ever so often (i.e. whenever I feel like it ass), I’ll link to cool, funny, embarassing, etc. posts or blog entries that I come across relating to men’s fashion.

It’s basically a further masturbatory function for us peeps in the men’s fashion niche of the BLOGOSPHERE (hate that word). Think TMZ but with more talk about Diesel and Borelli and, expectedly, more bitchiness. Onward.

  • @ the Style forums, user mt_spiffy “treated” those of us in the fashion section to images of his collection of outfits. It’s a sorry sight people – not only because of what he shows, but also due to the gallons of e-bile spit: http://styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=61663
  • @ the Men.Style forums (I know, why go to the backyard plastic kiddie pool when Malibu’s down the street), PCabrelli’s thread devoted to the shittier of the high profile brands manages to break some hearts: http://forums.men.style.com/thread.jspa?threadID=56700&start=15&tstart=0
  • And over @ Man Fashion, J W gave us an all too brief post about skin care – come on J W, don’t drop the ball, how does one listen to one’s skin anyway?!: http://a-man-fashion.blogspot.com/2008/04/man-skin-care-back-to-basic.html

Let me know if you guys like this or it’s too “LA” and catty for you all.

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50. Designer shoes

INFEASIBLE: Really expensive, almost fetishistic shoes

(From Men.Style.com

Buying shoes on the basis of them being expensive could very well land you with something like the above. I’m sorry, whenever I look at this pair of Stefano Bemer, I think of s&m and the merovingian. And while that’s all well and good if you’re going to a Matrix convention or something equally fanboy-ish, you don’t really need to spend $2,000. So please don’t.

Feasible: Sleek black designer shoes

(Brought to you by Alden)

Now this shoe conjures up only images of cognac, fancy cigars, and great food. No sweaty nerds or sweaty leathermates. Bravo.

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