Men’s Fashion Review – Oakley Holbrook Matte Black Sunglasses

When talking about eyewear, Oakley is one of the very familiar names in the industry. The company was started by a man named James Jannard in 1975, out of his own garage. He started out selling his equipment designs to the motor-cross community, then, he expanded his sport-oriented items to the ski slopes.

oakley holbrook

One of Oakley’s current sunglass styles is the Oakley Holbrook Matte Black Sunglasses. This particular style was developed by the merge of ideas from snowboarding superstar Shaun White and the creative directors of Oakley. And boy are they snow-cool!


The Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are a nod to the vintage styling of the original Oakley Frogskins, but they are the cooler cousin. The 1950’s/1960’s squared-off frame is flattering to most face shapes and is constructed of a stress-resistant material with lightweight “Plutonite” lenses, which filter the maximum amount of UV rays from the sun. The “black on black” is a classic look, but the Oakley Holbrook also comes with other lens colors like purple, orange, blue, green, and red for those who like the brighter fashion colors. My favorite aspect of these shades is the tiny silver details in the corners of the rims and near the hinges.


As for the pricing, the price tag of 95 Euros at is equal to about $129 USD, so it is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the Oakley brand name. From a fashion stand point, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are the type of style that are for the sports-minded, as well as for those who just like to look cool around town.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Black Matte Zippo

While I only smoke the occasional cigarillo, I always keep a lighter around. And, boy, have I been sporting crummy Bic’s for way too long. The cordial peeps at the Tobacco Barn recently sent me a Zippo – does it cure me of my Promethean blues?

Hell yeah, sure does. For one, goodbye the dinky flames I am used to with disposal lighters – this Zippo’s flame need be measured in the inches. For two, the wick came full and bushy, so I don’t expect I’ll have to replace it any time soon. And, as is the case with all Zippo’s, it definitely sends a message to fellow smokers that you take the time to fill your lighter, rather than just pick up bag after bag of the plastic, pre-filled type at 7-11.

Need I sing praises as to its appearance? Fine, I’ll spell it out for you: this Zippo looks stellar. The smooth, matte black is perfect for matching any number of darker wallets or belts and the gold-colored plate at the bottom is a nice additional touch as well. And screw diamond-encrusted, ostentatious lighters: this piece as more personality than all of them.
In conclusion, I love this lighter more than any other I’ve bought, stolen, or borrowed. It’s sleek and fits perfectly into the key pockets on each of my jeans, unlike bics or overly-ornate ones. I highly recommend that you get your hands on a black Zippo ASAP.
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