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Men’s Fashion Advice – What is a Chain Wallet?

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One trend that I have seen pop up this year in unexpected places is the chain wallet. It has made its way through history beginning as a practical application for bikers that did not want to lose their wallets while riding their hogs, then reappeared on the scene in the “Punk Rock” craze of the 70’s and the 80’s as a “bad-ass” fashion statement. Now, chained mens wallets are made by some of the most well know fashion designers in the world and have found their way from the street, onto the runway.

Chain wallets have become popular accessories among men within all different style categories. We are used to the original biker look with the black leather tri-fold with silver or brass studs and a thick curb link chain. Some are plain, thin wallets and some are thick and inlaid with designs. Also, there is the western style chain wallet with embossed leather and intricate engraving, which has been worn by cowboys for ages. But now, since they have arrived on the fashion scene, chain wallets have taken on a different look. Dolce and Gabbana make a perforated black leather wallet that is imprinted with their brand name and the Italian flag colors, with a heavy silver chain and a lobster claw ring. Designer Alexander McQueen puts a more trendy spin on the chain wallet with his version in bright orange leather that has a fancy link chain and skull charm.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Athlete Fashion Reflections

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While athletes are on the clock, they are mandated to wear the uniform of whatever sport they play, but off the clock their choices in clothing are their own. Some make really good choices and some do not. For example, one guy that knows how to dress like a star is LeBron James. In this photo, he uses the neutral colors of black, white, and grey in a monochromatic look that is far from boring. LeBron manages to incorporate the popular trend of plaid in a sharp looking button-down shirt that has enough detail, but is not too busy. He mixes patterns with a micro-print tie in the same colors. The black vest is nicely tailored and fits his physique perfectly. This totally dressy look, which is kept from being too stuffy with the rolled up sleeves, is accented with a sleek watch, a little bling and some great shades.


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Men’s Fashion News: The Buzz is Back!

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Not that the buzz cut has ever gone anywhere, but the trend has returned full force for 2012. Originally seen mostly in the Military, the buzz cut has been around for many years, but now it is more of a fashion statement than a regulation. This type of razor cut has morphed from one specific look to a series of different haircuts. Its popularity spans generations from young to old.


There have always been advantages to the buzz cut as a hairstyle. It is a style that is easy to manage because you it does not require combing or fussing with. You will be able to avoid “bed head” because the length of the hair will not get messed up while you are sleeping. If you are a sports person, the buzz cut will keep you cooler than longer hair and of course, it will save you money on shampoo.

The buzz cut hairstyle has several different variations. The one that is most synonymous with the military is something called “The High and Tight”. The sides and back of the head are shaved to just a shadow of hair, while the top 1/4 to 1/3 is left longer. The “Flat Top” is shone shorter on the sides and back also, but the top is leveled off flat. A “Brush Cut” is similar to the “Flat Top”, but the longer top hair is curved to follow the rounded shape of the head and the crown of the hair is brushed upward, hence the name. There is also a Hip Hop version of the buzz cut that has sharper edging and is more creative with design details and the incorporation of facial hair in the total look.

Today, you will see one form of the buzz cut or another on magazine covers, runways, television, or just on the street. It has managed to stay in style for years and probably will be for years to come. In choosing the style that is right for you, just keep in mind that with the closely shaved looks you need to have a good head shape or people will not see your hairstyle, only your poorly shaped head. Also, if you have a smaller head size, the make sure to leave a little more hair, so it doesn’t make your head look tiny and your body out of proportion.

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight: A Few Unusual Facts about St. Patricks Day

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Once a year St Patrick’s Day rolls around and the people of the world go rummaging around their closets for something green and pining for a pint of Guinness. But an alarmingly small number of people know what they’re celebrating outside of a vague sense of something Irish and I would like to use this article to tell you a little about the history of St Patrick’s Day and some of the weird and wonderful oddities that go with celebrating his name.

So let’s start with St Patrick himself. What many people don’t know is that Patrick wasn’t Irish at all. He was Welsh. Even more surprising is he wasn’t even called Patrick. His name was Maewyn Succat.  Now I know what you’re thinking. Who the hell is this imposter that’s been masquerading as St Patrick all these years? That’s what I thought as well. What I uncovered was a series of wacky transformative events that led Maewyn to become St Patrick.

You see, when Maewyn was sixteen he was abducted by Gaelic slave traders and was carted off to Ireland where he spent the next six years in the possession of an Irish Sheep farmer. What a movie, right! And during that time he turned Christianity for comfort. One day Maewyn heard the voice of God and was inspired to escape and make it back to Britain. He managed it and when he got home Maewyn returned to his family and ultimately joined a monastery. It was here that he adopted the name that would make him a star: Patrick.

Patrick spent many years cleansing the country of Druids and Pagans and eventually transformed Ireland into a Christian country. Then on March 17 AD 461 Patrick died. For years after his name was celebrated in feasts, and eventually as a Roman Catholic holiday, but it wasn’t until 1762 that the first modern style St Patricks Day parade was held.


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Men’s Fashion Review: Calvin Klein Low-Rise Trunk

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Underwear: It’s one of those necessities. But can’t it be ultra-comfortable and perhaps only slightly-suggestive? Calvin Klein’s Low-Rise Trunks strike a solid compromise between looseness and flaunt. We were recently sent a pair and concluded as such.


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And the winner is…

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…Colin Batchelor! Who wins the batch of shirts from Lyle and Scott by answering correctly:

1874 is when it was founded

Thanks for participating everyone!!

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