Women’s Fashion Spotlight: Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Two Piece

Throughout decades of woman’s fashion, the look of suede has never gone out if style. It is a versatile, timeless look. One of the things that has improved over the years, however, is the fabrics that are used for the faux suedes. At times, it is very difficult to tell the difference between the real suede and the faux suede, but the advantages of the faux fabric are that it looks as good as the real thing, even though the care is much easier.


At Luxemme, the spotlight is on the Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Luxury Two Pieces. It is a 70’s inspired fashion with the super-cropped tank top and high-waisted shorts, but the on-trend look is all about the details. The higher neckline balances out the crop length a bit and the full back zipper makes it easy to get in and out of. The shorts are a vintage look with the higher waistline and flaired leg openings, but the scalloped edges, belt loops, and darts are what make them interesting. It is a dressy summer look and two pieces that would look great whether you are clubbing in LA, shopping the boutiques in NYC, or on a dream vacation in Rome. For the swell price of 35 Euros, you would never even come close to finding the same pieces in real suede.


This cropped, two piece short set that can be found at Luxemme is accessorized with the knee-high leather gladiator sandals in British tan, which helps to accentuate the long, leggy look. Her small shoulder bag is also in the right proportion for the outfit too.  It is a trend that can be seen on celebrities that are out on the town, like Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller, for just a few examples.

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Rocking the Smart-Casual Look with Suit Shorts

Coco Chanel used to say that luxury means comfort first and foremost. All in all, except the occasional uncomfortable item released for the shocking value only and not really wearable in day to day life, fashion seems to progress more and more towards comfort. Items which were initially not very fashionable but highly practical have evolved to become quite trendy (canvas backpacks, leather messenger bags, vintage messenger bags). The smart-casual look is a perfect example of this trend, and it’s equally popular among men and women both.

But, while women tend to enjoy a much more varied array of options in the matter, when it comes to elegant-sport or smart-casual, men tend to just stick to the T-shirt and jeans and call it a day. We argue that more daring and fresh combinations should be adopted on a larger scale by men when going about their daily business: it makes them look cooler and it adds a youthful twist on a regular or normcore outfit. One of the combos which are easiest to match and to pull off is the suit and shorts, and it definitely shouldn’t be worn so much only by women, because it makes almost anyone look good, as long as the clothes are fitted to your body type.

Therefore, we advocate the wear of suit shorts for men as a really comfortable and hip way to sport the smart-casual look and add a touch of freshness to their style. Here are just a few suggestions of how to pull it off:

1_man with coord shorts suit
Try wearing coordinated colors for the shorts and the upper part of the suit, just like in a classic suit outfit. This isn’t too bold, and it’s just like preserving the original suit look, only with added comfort and some extra carelessness thrown in for good style. The times have evolved from the whole stiff do-up, and it’s a good thing that fashion seems to keep up with this trend, in most situations at least. While you won’t be able to pull off wearing suit shorts in a court of law (probably), the outfit is more than acceptable in any other situation.


After you get accustomed to the style, you can transition to something a just little bolder. Just try using different colors for the shorts and the suit top. As long as they are matching colors, all will be well. You can’t go wrong if you choose a light one and a dark one (like in the picture above).


For our final tip to take away from all this: rock some accessories. Don’t be afraid of even sporting some really casual accessories, like messenger bags: they fit right into the overall smart-casual look and you don’t need to worry about them being ‘too’ scruffy or out of place. As long as everything is well-matched, you have nothing to worry about. Feel free to check out retail sites with lots of pictures for sources of inspirations – Mango, Asos and the likes. Good luck and have fun shopping.

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4 Luxury Watches and What They Say About Your Sense of Fashion

In modern times, the wrist watch has come to be accepted as a symbol of one’s sense of fashion and financial status.

Most people who buy luxury watches are not merely interested in telling time. They are keen to make a statement about their sense of fashion.

Men especially don an expensive watch to show that they have expensive taste. A luxury designer watch on a man’s wrist is the first indication that the man can afford the finer things in life. As such, a luxury watch is one sure way to get a lady to notice you.

For most men, the watch is probably the only jewelry in the attire. It is therefore imperative to don a bold time piece that will make you stand out while at the same time complementing your style. You can find a wide selection of luxury watches on http://www.essential-watches.com/.

Below is a selection of luxury watches that will say volumes about your sense of fashion:


The Timex watch

Timex is a classic watch that says you are cultured. A Timex also shows you are reliable. If you are wearing a Timex, your clothing should be classy, but not fancy. A close alternative to Timex is a Braun watch, especially one fitted with a chronograph.


A Casio says that you lead an active life and you require a reliable and durable watch. It could also say that you are more practical, and fashion is not the first thing on your mind. Your main goal when wearing a Casio will be correctness of time.

On the flipside, a Casio fits well with branded sports gear. If you are at a sports event, wearing a Casio as part of your sports attire will show you have high end taste.

One thing you must never do is pair your Casio with formal attire, even if you don’t care about fashion.



It is a universally known fact that the Rolex is a very expensive watch. Because of this fact, you make a better statement about yourself if you are not showy about it.

Showing off your Rolex states that you lack class. One thing you need to know is that if you are wearing a Rolex, you don’t need to show off to get it noticed. People will just notice.

If you have a quietly-intense personality, the Rolex was made for you. This is because people who exude intensity approach things with an air of nonchalance. Pair your Rolex with a well-cut suit and your look will speak volumes.

IWC Schaffhausen

An IWC is a classic, but unlike the Timex, it has a rugged appearance about it. It is a great all-purpose watch that goes with all occasions.

If you usually find it difficult to pair watches with clothing, an IWC will make it easy for you and you will end up looking very classy without any effort at all.

Besides your ability to afford one, buying a luxury watch will make a positive fashion statement and portray your personality. A Timex might suit you better than a Rolex. At other times, a Casio might be better suited for the occasion. Try them out and decide which one says what you want to say about yourself.

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5 Luxury Items We Can’t Help But Covet

What’s something we fashion-obsessed yet not loaded types are all guilty of? Envy, of course.  “Why does so-and-so get to rock those Louis sneakers and flawless plastic surgery while I’m stuck here with my PF Flyers, doomed to remove pimples naturally?!” Our only solace is the occasion sale or giveaway. And while we’re sure our cult fashion favorites won’t lose their hefty price tags completely, these are the uber-luxury items that we’ll be on the look out for in retailers’ Sale aisle or section:

Burberry Sandringham Slim Fit Trench Coat

The Burberry Sandringham Slim Fit Trench Coat: regularly $1,795

Why we love it:  This iconic coat has a rich military history which is reflected in the epaulettes on the shoulder, the gun flap fastens at the chest and a storm shield cover on the upper back. Made of tightly woven yet lightweight breathable cloth, the coat is protective against wind and rain. And, believe it or not, this coat was originally designed by Thomas Burberry back in 1879! The Sandringham takes this classic coat and updates it slightly with a slimmer fit that nips in at the waist. The details and tradition of the coat, paired with the famous Burberry check, have landed this item on our must have list.

A blended Burberry scarf: regularly $395

Why we love it:  This lightweight scarf looks great paired with a classic trench. Try the Check Wool Silk Scarf in Trench Check or the Check Wool Silk Gauze Scarf in Stone Check. No matter which material feels better to you (or which you can find a better deal for) you can’t lose!

Céline Leather Mini Luggage Tote

Céline Leather Mini Luggage Tote: regularly $2,900 and up

Why we love it:  It’s hard to go wrong with such a beautiful roomy structured tote bag. It looks great in almost every style and color from black pebbled leather to a pop of burgundy. Be wary though, Céline still doesn’t sell bags online and only certain stores sell them. (Call Barney’s or Nordstrom to see if the store near you carrie.s Céline or if you’re lucky enough to live in a big city, check there website. They have a few boutiques in Manhattan and other major cities as well as the Céline salon at Bergdorf Goodman in NY.)


Louboutin Stilettos: regularly $795- $845

Why we love them:  They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts but when it comes to shoes it’s the bottom!  There’s nothing more fashionable and recognizable then those red soles. For a great nude peep toe try Flo, which features a petite platform and comes in a range of “nudes” from light Lea to the darker Ada. Or opt for a classic pump such as the New Simple Pump which is sure to be your next go-to shoe.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag: regularly $4,900

Why we love it:  Chanel is the epitome of fashion. It’s classic, timeless and only gets better with age. Some people literally purchase Chanel purses as investment pieces. With its quilted design, double C closure, and chain link handle, this Chanel bag goes with everything.

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Luxury Fashion Advice – Riding In Style

Concierge has connections to limousine rental services so that you can enjoy the luxury and prestige of arriving in style at any event without dealing with the hassles. The most popular events for limousines are weddings, concerts, proms, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and anniversaries. But limos are fun no matter what the occasion.

Before you contact us to order your luxury limousine rental, you might want to do a little homework. You want to consider how many people will be with you, how long you need the limo and how far you’ll be going. Rates are usually determined by the hour, so by carefully planning, you can have a pretty good idea of what the limo will cost. You also want to get the right limo—not too small and not too large. Your guests should be comfortable, not crammed in the limo like sardines.


The most common limousines are Lincoln Town Cars, but some companies have Mercedes and specialty vehicles too. A 12 passenger limo will comfortably hold up to ten passengers. Similarly, six, eight and ten passenger limos will hold four, six and eight passengers respectively. If you’re taking your entire posse with you, you’ll want a larger limo, like an Escalade or Navigator. If there are twenty people in your party, a Hummer is probably the best solution. From there, you’ll need a limousine bus. Classic cars, like Rolls Royces, are also available for smaller parties.

Don’t pick the cheapest deal you can find. You get what you pay for, so make sure you’re getting what you need. Ask if the limo has music or if you need to bring your own mix CD or MP3 player. Make sure the limo has enough room for a couple extra guests, just in case you run into some extra friends. Make a budget and stick to it. We can recommend the best companies and the best limo for your needs.

If you plan to drink during the ride, bring along some ice, mixers and the beverage of your choice. Tell the driver where you want to stop and how long you’ll be at each stop.

The best way to deal with the whole limousine rental process is to let VIP Concierge handle the details. You tell us what you need, what you want and when you want it. We’ll take care of the rest. Because we have a long-established record of dealing with limousine rental services, and we can get you the best deal possible. Look at it this way. You hired a florist to handle the floral arrangements for your wedding, so why not hire a professional to set up your limousine needs? It’s important to reserve your limo early for the best selection, especially if you’re planning to celebrate during the busy season, like graduation, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Showing up in a limousine to important events is the best way to show that you’ve not only made it, you have arrived. You can be sure that by setting up your limousine rental service through VIP Concierge, you’ll get the best deal and have the best experience.

Melanie Massey works in the luxury entertainment industry and writes about luxury limousine rental

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