Should Full Figured Women Wear Sexy Queen Size Lingerie? Of course!

Dressing in lingerie and arousing a man’s feelings is not just for fashion models or slim girls. Full figured women, also, can look quite seductive in queen size lingerie and arouse a man’s deepest feelings in a very natural manner. The erotic sentiment of the queen sized woman is totally different from that of the slim, girlish type. But the media, through television and magazines has distorted our collective consciousness into idealizing the slim, girlish shape.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The slow natural changes that affect the female body over time, widening the hips and increasing body mass in the correct places, can be put to good use in a suitable queen size lingerie, to awaken the deepest longings of any man – the desire for a real woman.


All Kinds of Lingerie are Available in Queen Size

Queen size lingerie is available in all the popular lingerie styles: queen size babydolls, chemises, teddies, bras & panties, corsets, body stockings, thongs, panties and more. Apart from what we think of as the norm for lingerie styles, there are also many varieties of open front lingerie and costumes that augment the voluptuous figure.

Self Confidence Can Work Wonders

Queen sized women often shy away from lingerie, with the notion that it is not really for them. But lingerie is for all females, and what matters the most is not the shape, height, or the size of the woman. It is also not the exact type of lingerie that matters – it the woman’s attitude, towards herself and then towards her partner. Sexual appeal has much more to do with amorous attitude than with physical dimensions. Gaining more self confidence and veiled in lingerie, any queen sized woman excite her man more easily and intensely than before.

More about Sizes

Lingerie boutiques offer plus “one size fits most” for many types of lingerie. Often, a single size will fit perfectly on most women because lingerie can be loose fitting, or made with forgiving fabric like Lycra or Spandex. For items like corsets, chemises and bustiers, more care would have to be taken in selecting the perfect lingerie size, as these items are usually designed to be tight-fitting and sometimes are not made in cross-over sizes (1/2X, 3/4X).

Supporting Her

Everyman dreams to see his woman not only seductive and alluring, but also to see her have have a decent level of self-esteem and confidence while wearing lingerie. While many full figured women may tend to avoid sexy lingerie, they will happily try it out when suggested by their significant other. But in many cases, the lingerie will be worn as though the woman was being forced. That little insecurity or modesty can dull the man’s ardor.

The solution is to be kind to her, to talk it over and give her time to adjust to the thought of dressing up in sexy lingerie, while giving her encouragement. This is very important, because if there is any misunderstanding or discord at this stage, her feelings may be hurt and she might just say bye-bye to queen size lingerie, so take it easy.


Real Women have Real Curves

It is a pity that many beautiful and attractive women consider themselves unattractive, or less attractive, just because of a few extra pounds. Men cherish a little something to hold on to, and even more important is an attractive attitude. Becoming a little bit more confident, a little more erotically daring, and increasing your self-esteem is usually all you need to make him truly want you. With a healthy sense of self-worth and the right approach, you will look amazingly titillating in either a chemise, a babydoll, a corset or a beautiful thong. The right mindset will be all you need.

The Queen Size Lingerie Trend

One reason that full figured women do not wear lingerie is, that until recently, many manufacturers have not been making lingerie in the plus sizes. The plus size lingerie industry today is booming, and will continue to do so as more curvy women discover the delights of teasing their men in beautifully made lingerie. More men are also being offered the opportunity of shopping for a gift of lingerie online. As the world evolves and more people continue to do away with obsolete stereotypes and ideals of acceptable human behavior, the beauty of the full figured woman will continue to emerge, and her erotic appeal, clothed in the best of queen size lingerie, will become ever more undeniable.


There is no debate about how seductive a woman can be, given the right lingerie and mindset. If you are a queen sized woman and you believe that you have to be a certain smaller size before you can be erotically appealing in lingerie, then you must lose that mindset immediately. Take up the mindset of self-acceptance and confidence, and go ahead, indulge! Try on a some sexy queen size lingerie. Not only will it be appealing to your sweetheart – simply putting on sexy lingerie, even underneath your boring day-to-day outfits, can do wonders to build any woman’s self esteem. Try it and see!

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Women’s Lingerie Advice – Red and Black

What’s red and black, lacy and irresistible? Why you are…

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.54.55 PM

Transform into a Seductive Siren

Start off with some sultry Erica M hosiery to get your valentine’s heart racing. We love Vivian and Genevieve styles which look great under your outfit, but even better sans clothes. With the intricate details they scream pin-up girl charm.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.56.10 PM

Add some red hot lace such as Victoria Secret’s Bombshell Add-2-Cups Push-Up Bra in Limited Edition Lace. Or go for classic black with Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy Lace Strappy Back Push-Up Bra and matching Strappy Thong Panty. A pink lace bustier is a fun feminine way to add a little sex appeal and this one from H&M is a steal at under $25!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.03.14 PMTry a soft and romantic approach

If you’re looking for something different try delicate lingerie in blushes, roses, and nudes. Aerie’s Holly Bow Longline Pushup Bra has a delicate lace band and satin style cups, perfect for the romantic woman.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.11.19 PM

Cute and Sporty make a great Valentine

Aerie’s Lace Trim Cheekys feature an adorable conversation heart print which will keep your date’s attention. These cotton panties are embellished with a little lace and would pair perfectly with a love themed tank such as Forever 21’s Love is All Around You PJ Set.

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Women’s Fashion Trends – Top Luxury Lingerie Designers For 2014

Lingerie should express a woman’s personality and make her feel beautiful. That’s why lingerie designers work hard to create designs that will help a woman emulate confidence. Finding good lingerie is easy; all you have to do is follow the best designers in the industry. Here are the top lingerie designers of 2013:


#1. Cosabella

This Italian design label has really flourished in 2013 because its lingerie has been used in popular TV shows and movies, not to mention the fact that Hollywood starlets are in love with the designs. Cosabella lingerie is daring, vibrant and comes in a variety of styles in order to reflect certain styles and moods. Supportive lingerie is key to looking good, and Cosabella’s bras will certainly lift and support your breasts. Whether you’re searching for a demure look or something daring and sophisticated, Cosabella will deliver quality. And FYI, Teddies for Bettys is a premier online luxury lingerie boutique that also has a physical location in Austin, Texas.


All the lingerie from Lascivious is ultra-daring and very sexy. This design label is dedicated to creating stunning lingerie that will provoke desire and lust. The high-end textiles and fabrics ensure that the designs last through the wear and tear of time. The brain behind the brand, Chloe, began her design career from her bedroom where she remembers crafting the designs from scratch and selling them from home. As time passed, the name of the brand became well-known amongst celebrities, and because of that, the designs are featured in high-end stores across the nation.

#3. Prima Donna

Unfortunately, when it comes to lingerie, women need to compromise between comfort and style, but the founders of Prima Donna decided to create lingerie that would provide comfort, support and a good amount of sass. The designs at Prima Donna range from sweet and spicy to daring and feral, and the lingerie does a superb job of providing the right amount of support for all types of women. The luxurious designs at Prima Donna will certainly release anyone’s inner diva.


#4. Stella McCartney

Stella is a renowned designer who is especially well-known for designing stylish, comfortable and practical lingerie for the modern woman. The designs from this label incorporate quality fabrics and unique details. The lingerie that Stella McCartney specializes in include body suits, bras, panties and thongs.

#5. Lelo

Since its launch in 2003, Lelo has been referred to by many as one of the leading design companies. The designers from this brand work hard each day to create ground-breaking designs that will empower their users. Not only that, this label is focused on creating the best quality possible, which has paid off because now the Lelo designs are loved by the rich and famous.

#6. Chantelle

This French design label is known for its modern, chic and sophisticated styles. This label is dedicated to helping women look and feel their very best by designing lingerie that flatters a wide range of body types and fits with numerous personalities. The high-end textiles and intricate designs are the reason this fashion label is so popular.

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Women’s Fashion Trends – Summer’s Sexiest DIY Looks

Summer is still here, and that means there’s still time for fashion divas everywhere to don their sultriest summer looks. Whether you’re poolside, dancing with the girls or out on a dream date—all you need is creativity and resourcefulness to be the belle of the ball (or beach) this summer. Grab your best pair of scissors and get ready to DIY dive into the rest of your chic summer.

Tee With Lace Details


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