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Celebrity Fashion Trends – Looking Sharp in NYC

Being a celebrity, means that you are always in the public eye. Whether they are walking the red carpet, strolling to their favorite coffee shop, or arriving at their new movie premier, chances are their image will show up in a photo. Some of the photos taken will be flattering and some, not so much.

Justin bieber aids benefit

The first musical celebrity that I have to review is Justin Beber. Lately, the only photos that we have seen of him have been mug shots, but this one of him at an AIDS benefit shows a classy young man in his double breasted dark suit with wide lapels and contrasting, stark white button-down shirt. The pushed up sleeves of Justin’s suit jacket and the rolled up cuffs of the dress shirt keep his look hip and allow him to show off the ink on his forearms.

Luke evans fendi ss2014 suit- one for the boys charity ball london

On the opposite end of classy spectrum, unfortunately, is Welsh Actor/Singer Luke Evans. I am usually a fan of plaid suits, but this Fendi blue/grey abstract plaid suit that Luke wore to the One for the Boys Charity Ball in London is not a favorite. The abstract, scratchy design plaid makes him look like he is hiding multiple “spare tires” around his waist. It would look a little less overwhelming if Luke took the trousers and paired it with a solid grey/taupe colored jacket, while keeping the shirt and tie as is.


One woman who finds it hard to escape the photographers is actress Gwyneth Paltro, who was seen out and about the streets of NYC. Unfortunately, she is hiding her good looks in this outfit with a baggy navy, polka dot blouse and a pair of wide-leg, black ankle pants. The blouse has no definition and the pants make her legs look short. I do like Gwyneth’s black leather jacket with the cascading front and her matching ankle boots.


Last, but not least, is English TV Personality/Model Lauren Pope. She is pictured here strolling the streets of Marbella, Spain. Lauren looks stunning in her black bloussant top with leaf print, high-waisted shorts. The outfit is accented perfectly by her strappy black leather sandals, beige suit jacket, and black leather clutch.

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Celebrity Fashion Trends – Male Stars’ Sunglasses of Choice

Have you ever wondered what brands of sunglasses your favorite male stars are always wearing? They’ve all got impressive eyewear collections, but some brands are dominant. To each their own, right?  We had a look through the wardrobes of the most popular male celebrities of the moment, and here’s what we discovered:


1. Brad Pitt loves Tom Ford sunglasses. It doesn’t matter if they’re square shaped or aviators, the actor favors the stylish label for everyday wear, as well as for the red carpet. Sometimes, he even lends them to his partner, Angelina Jolie. Sweet!


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Men’s Fashion Police: Justin Bieber (yes, him again)

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Oh lord, how many times will the Bieb show up on here? Dude, please pull up your pants, buckle your belt, and untuck your pant cuffs from your sneakers. Ugh, kids these days…

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Men’s Fashion Police: Justin Bieber

People.com (c)

Whoa, Justin, slow down with that baby pink cardigan. Didn’t your parents teach not to steal clothes from little girls? I’ll bet they also told you keep your hair brushed. And what’s that sticking out of your pants pocket? An iPhone with a funky case or a newfangled tamagotchi? “Wardrobe…”

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Justin Bieber

Ah, the Bieber. Sure, he’s only a little kid, but it’s not like he has to pick his clothes without the help of a costumer, image consultant, etc. I can’t believe anyone would let this punk Justin walk out into the public space wearing a necklace with a figurine of a cartoon character. Like, seriously, Stewie? Forgetting how crappy Family Guy is now, it’s just so clownish about wearing something you could get at Chucky Cheese to accessorize. What next, Yo Gabba Gabba flip flops? The man, err boy, needs a piece like this:

(Cipo & Baxx Anne Necklace Black/Silver Cipo&Baxx)

Booya, Canada.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Justin Bieber

Ok, so I can’t take credit for finding this one (kudos to the fashion police E! Online), but boy oh boy is it a Grammy-level faux pas. Bieber, the Canadian twerp sensation, tried to impress us with the oft misused white tuxedo getup. But not only did he forget to adjust his bow tie for the photo opp, he straight-up forgot to check if the crotch of his pants was properly zipped. Well, it wasn’t and everyone got a laugh out of the poor kid’s negligence. Justin, remember to look everywhere when you’re in front of the mirror.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber must be a Somebody in order to have so many preteen ladies rushing him – fuck if I know who he is. All I know about him comes from seeing this picture…therefore I conclude that he’s a goofy kid who enjoys looking like the child of a hipster and the Fonz (remember him? whatever). Seriously, who actually thinks hair like that is cool? He also doesn’t seem to mind wearing a horribly cheap “sports watch” that probably came out of his cereal box. Finally, he doesn’t really have a keen sense of circumstance and geology because, being that he was in London at the time this pic was taken, he pretty much told everyone in the UK to fuck off. Cheers boy-o.
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