Celebrity Fashion Trend – Rock Prescription Eyewear

Even though there have been times when glasses were not “in”, this year is not one of those times. People have really embraced wearing their eyeglasses as much as a fashion accessory as a necessity.


One guy that is always on the top of the list when it comes to fashionable eyewear is Johnny Depp.   Whether he is on TV or in the magazines, he always seems to be wearing a new cool pair.  I’d like to see his collection because it must take up a whole closet on its own.  This particular pair is one of many different Moscot eyeglasses that Johnny has in both clear and tinted glass. The vintage look of the round lens and coppery colored tortoise frame blends well with any wardrobe, always remaining in style.

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomination Announcement

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Vintage Style Glasses are in!

If you look at any of the magazines, or see photos of any of the celebrities you will see that vintage style glasses are all the rage. The question always is: How do you choose what shape frame is right for you? There is a simple formula to select what frame is right for you, but you have to think about what shape your face is. You want to choose a frame that will give you the shape that your face is not. For instance, a “square face” is as long as it is wide, so you want to choose a softer frame that has the rounded lines that your face is missing. A smaller oval frame or rounded frame will be best for you.

Now, if your face is more rounded from your forehead to your chin area, then square frame eyeglasses will compliment your face best. You want to stay away from the rounded frames because your features will be swallowed up and you will have no contrast to your look.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Johnny Depp

I love Johnny Depp, but sometimes I got to wonder if he’s going out of his mind. I mean, a white and black blazer/long coat thing that clearly doesn’t fit?! (Check out those sleeves.) And the beads, always with the costume store-looking beads. All of that combined with the really messy hair just makes me want to the ghost of Cary Grant to scare him fashionable again. Sigh.

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