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5 Unique Pearl Necklaces For Your Jewelry Box

Did you know that pearls don’t have to be small, round and white? Depending on the region in which they’re harvested or cultivated, pearls can come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and even shapes. If you’re looking for a change from the traditional, here are just five pearl necklaces that will make you unique among your social circle.

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7-8mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Add a little pink to your wardrobe with these fun, fashionable pearls. They’re strung on silk thread with a gold or white gold clasp, making them a gorgeous and high-quality addition to any jewelry box. Their color is also just distinct enough to be different.

Opera Length 10-12mm Multicolor South Sea Pearl Necklace

Offering a mishmash of gold, silver and black pearls, this necklace is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. Not only are the colors unique and vibrant, but they’re also strung on an opera-length necklace, meaning that they won’t fit snugly on your throat. They’ll flow over your top and attract every eye in the room as they dangle, sparkle and gleam.

11-14mm Drop-Shape Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Baroque pearls don’t come in the usual shapes of round and oval; they’re much more diverse than that. They’re also some of the most unique pearls on the market. If you don’t mind “flawed” pieces that are actually beautiful and one of a kind, try this necklace on for size.

10-13mm Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

When you dress like a queen, only gold is good enough to complement your look. These pearls come with a bright and gorgeous shine that’s matched only by their larger-than-average size. They’re so beautiful, in fact, that you can only find them at fine jewelers like Laguna Pearl (Laguna Pearl.com).

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13-16mm Multicolor Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace

Darkly glamorous, these pearls will make a statement wherever you go. For one, they’re highly shined and boasting an AA+ certification. They’re also on a multicolored strand of black and burned gold. If you want to inspire mystery when you enter a room and wistfulness when you leave it, these are the pearls for you.

These are just a few pearl necklaces that you won’t see on June Cleaver. If you’re tired of the same old white pearls in your jewelry collection, pick one of these examples for something fresh and exciting. A single necklace can change your entire look!

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Different Kinds of Stones to Mount on a Wedding Band

Women have been wearing wedding bands for several centuries, although today’s selection favors a more eclectic woman. Individuals have long appreciated the excellent qualities of various stones due to the distinct advantages it offers over plain bands. No matter what kind of jewelry you have, you can more than likely find a stone for your wedding band that suits you.

This article will discuss several types of stones you could mount atop your favorite silver, gold, platinum or titanium band.  Note: we failed to mention diamonds since many of these are combined with diamonds, or just look better as standalone stone settings.
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Many centuries ago, receiving the gift of sapphire stones meant you’ve been endowed with the trust and loyalty of another. It is from this tradition that sapphire gemstones have long been a popular choice for wedding bands or engagement rings often purchased decades ago, and even still today. Whether you’re fascinated by something lavish for everyday wear or want something to accentuate your clothing for special events, you’ll never fail with sapphire stones.  Because of its almost mesmerizing blue hue, sapphire gemstones have been frequently used during the course of history by magicians and clergymen.

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Corundum, once refined, makes two distinct types of gemstones: sapphire, and ruby.  The latter is, of course, more sought after because of its fine reddish appearance and how it looks next to S2 or better diamonds.  Derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’ (red), high ranking aristocrats and kings often wore ruby jewelry to signify their position across the kingdom they reigned in.   Today, you’ll find silver and gold bands adorned with ruby and diamond stones because the combination is too stunning to pass up.


Owning emeralds, as discovered in our research, often symbolizes renaissance and the abundance of the life force. With a richly emanating greenish hue, bearers of such stones often reminisce the regeneration of life inspiring hope of new marriages, second chances and having eternal love enriched by God’s glory. Of all  types of jewelry stones we researched, emeralds are perhaps the more indicative of wedding vows.  Every emerald bears an inspiring story that only its wearer can describe, making the gift of emerald heirlooms perhaps better than any amount of cash.


If you’re wondering which gemstone never falls out of style and accentuates all skin tones, look no further than topaz.  From blues to reds, this more affordable gemstone looks stunning next to high class diamonds.  Wearing topaz in pendants, rings or tennis bracelets can bring out more garment color than your diamond jewelry, although many feel white stones bring out more ‘bling’.  Elegant women understand that topaz gemstones each carry symbols of beauty unique to its wearer.

Diamonds are, by default, what today’s woman wants adorning her ring finger.  However, you will find a growing demand for nostalgic looks that only emeralds, rubies, topazes and sapphires bring.  Try the different colors when visiting your jewelry store, and see which one brings out the best in you.

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Rings For Special Occasions

Society, by default, assumes that rings are automatically purchased in lieu of weddings or engagements. Even if just to say how much you care, there are literally thousands of reasons why you should give the gift of diamond rings. To help inspire you, here are several common occasions where rings are an appropriate purchase.

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Renewing vows

Once couples have hit milestone anniversaries, they’ll entertain renewing their vows which basically reaffirms the same love they promised each other ‘x’ amount of years ago. This would also be an opportune time to give each other new wedding bands to symbolize the reaffirmation of these vows (not to mention your rings are probably pretty worn after 25 years). Platinum would be perfect around the 25 year mark, while gold would probably suffice at your 10 or 15 year affirmation. Anniversaries coincide with renewing vows as you’ll more than likely have your nuptials read at your anniversary party.

Birthdays, of course!

Instead of throwing outlandish parties for someone’s 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday party, why not take them out to eat and offer them a beautifully created diamond ring? Gifts of this magnitude should gradually get better in terms of quality as one ages; a beautifully hand crafted platinum setting for an S1 clarity of diamond would be perfect at the half-century mark of one’s life. Chocolate or strawberry gold would be perfect for a young girl’s 18th birthday party as it symbolizes both a daring and conservative appearance often showcased in our current era.

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Child birthing (the ‘Push’ present)

After going through long, excruciating hours of labor pains then finally delivering a beautiful miracle, what better way to congratulate the newly proud mother than by giving her an exquisite piece of diamond jewelry! Provided she picked the name out prior to giving birth, you could actually purchase the ring with both the mother and child’s name inscribed on the inside of the ring. There is honestly no other more immaculate occasion to give someone a beautiful gift than after the woman brings new life into existence. You can learn more about sizing rings appropriate to her finger size by downloading various ring sizing guides found online today.

‘Just because’

Yet another popular category for purchasing rings casts a wider net even still. Honestly, you really don’t need an excuse to hop down to the jewelry store to purchase a beautiful diamond ring. Giving random gifts to the person who loves you proves how much the love is reciprocated. You could take your loved one to a picnic and surprise them with a diamond ring, leaving rings inside wineglasses then pour your dinner wine, or come up with another creative way to present a diamond ring to this truly remarkable person.

Whether for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or giving credit where credits due to a new mother, every special occasion is the perfect time to give the gift of precious jewelry. Bonus points to the person that creates their own special occasion and makes the moment the most memorable one yet.

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Diamond Shopping for Newbies

It’s not entirely uncommon for folks shopping for diamond keepsakes for their soon to be significant others to not fully understand how many options really exist. From Princess cut masterpieces, to baguettes and even medieval style jewelry, the opportunities are limited only by one’s imagination. To help newcomers to the diamond shopping niche, we offer these suggestions to help ease the burden of all the choices that would be thrown in front of you.

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Dig deep into diamond history

Weddings, special occasions, Mother’s Day or just to say I love you are common reasons that many women and men enter the diamond marketplace. However, you should only purchase precious gemstones when the mood suits you best regardless of season; falling victim to overbearing advertising pitches does little for educating consumers like yourself on properly selecting the world’s finest diamonds. Also, never should one base their diamond purchases off anyone else’s memorable experience since each gemstone selection is unique to the person receiving the gift.

It will help you to study how diamonds are processed, although it’s more important to retain in-depth information about the various cuts available so you’re not shopping blind. Though many diamonds are mined in Africa, some are mined as close as Arkansas, for example. Chocolate diamonds, which are commonly found in the Levian collections, are actually regular diamonds without the excessive processing and are said to be perfect for those wanting a cloudy appeal to emanate from their gemstone. Additional factoids such as these can be found anywhere online, so don’t be afraid to take notes before visiting your jeweler.

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Control the purchase

Jewelry salespeople are specifically trained to increase the final sales amount regardless how much your budget actually is. For example, if you’re only working with $2000, expect that dollar amount to go towards a down payment as opposed to being the actual amount you spend on diamond rings. As you probably notice around Christmas, financing is what entices buyers with smaller budgets yet with good credit to purchase larger carats of diamonds – and sales staff capitalize on this weakness. One might say decisions to spend frugally change when the salesperson says your credit application was approved; we tend to call this ‘financial entrapment’.

From the moment you walk into the jewelry store, you must control the purchase. Take charge of your budget, know exactly what you can spend before finalizing the sale and make those intentions known. The more adamant you are about stating your needs beforehand, the less likely salespeople will pressure you into making purchases you actually can’t afford. Look for sales flyers and exploit those deals within the first thirty seconds of conversation; also, take your own ideas and match them with the personality of the loved one receiving your gemstone surprise.

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Be an expert, even if you’re new

Along with the above information, learn the various shapes, levels of clarity and specific grades that diamonds are sold in. Most higher-end diamonds will come with a certificate of authenticity which is certified by gemologists and is even hand-numbered. After studying the diamond market long enough, you’ll have enough wisdom to discern cubic zirconias from true diamonds without blinking.

With a wealth of information available online today, there’s little excuse for anyone shopping for diamonds to not have knowledge of how diamonds are cut, what settings are available and the expected cost for various levels of clarity. Giving the gift of diamonds doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars, and arming yourself with knowledge is sensible for your shopping experience.

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Medieval Style Rings Are Popular – Again?

So you’re finally engaged, and all that there is left to do now is organize the wedding. However, if your man is like most men, then don’t be surprised if your husband-to-be has plenty of wedding ring ideas to contribute, but not a lot of the action. If this sounds like your man, and you both share an affinity for medieval lore, we’ve got some ideas to share with him.  Oh, and you too.

These rings, much like every other trend from years past, is rising again in popularity.  Be forewarned, ye men with chivalrous intent: not all ring makers are created equally, and the power of social suggestion can help drastically reduce errors in shopping for these ring makers.

Executive4 mens fashion

It starts with custom ring makers!

Medieval style rings, when designed properly and fitted comfortably, are as exquisite and amazingly widespread today as they were centuries ago; if you recall, just before gold and gemstones exploded into mainstream shopper’s eyes, hand-crafted jewelry was typically styled in older gothic or plain bands. Today’s foray of custom rings come from custom ring makers that can emulate virtually any Arthurian style or gothic caricature you choose.  Just choose wisely, my male friends, because this ring will become the centerpiece of your (hopefully) everlasting marriage.

With so many options when it comes to purchasing that elusive wedding ring, it is not only important to do your research about potential jewelry makers, but also research the options with respect to the various medieval overtones you wish to maintain throughout your marriage – and on her finger.

The process

Overall, customized jewelry shows more character than your quintessential department store showpieces. Medieval buffs, as a whole, also appreciate having a wedding look that accentuates their attitude, beliefs and can be worn comfortably without taking it off.  Note that many are making platinum custom medieval rings due to their tougher, scratch resistant surface.

Medieval style rings undergo an interesting process to get created properly. First, the procedure commences by arranging a consultation between you and an expert ring design specialist. Next, they’ll normally create a hand-carved impression of the ring style you want out of waxy substances, then take that impression and forge the creation you are expecting.

ExecutiveDiamonds1 1024x811 mens fashion

Buying medieval style rings that suit your style

While it is no small feat, knowing what you’re likely to face when shopping for that special engagement or wedding ring set will help you cope with the challenges ahead and help you enjoy the full rewards that come from shopping for custom rings.

Leverage the power of Google, social suggestion and subtle hints from your significant other when shopping for that special custom design ring ensemble for your wife-to-be.  Finally, don’t believe everything you see regarding ring shopping from people on television; all the people you see having fun flashing their jewelry are doing so because the person behind the camera directing everything is a professional – and not necessarily the ring maker. Take the opportunity to make this creation yours, after all it’s meant to last forever.

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What Jewelry to Wear During Summer

As in fashion, jewelry also has its seasonal trends. For Summer 2014, there is a huge movement toward “organic”. This nature inspired trend leads to jewelry that is made out of natural materials, using shapes that are softened and less structural.  As you can see with especially men’s jewelry this season, a great amount of mixing of leather and metals is going on. The leather gives jewelry a rugged, natural look, while the metals like silver, brass, and gold give the jewelry life with an earthy glow.
aura brown leather and silver mens bracelet 99 uno 50 mens fashion

The one place I have in mind that has a selection of men’s jewelry fits right in with the organic trend can be found at the uno de 50 store.  One of my favorite pieces is this Aura brown leather and silver bracelet. It has the intertwined strands of dark brown leather to wrap around the wrist and attach to the asymmetrically curved silver bar in the front. The bold toggle clasp balances the front nicely and it gives it strength and dimension. It is a virtual bargain for $99 with the amount of silver alone.

pero sin pausa 349 white and black leather watch uno de 50 mens fashion

Another men’s jewelry accessory that is great for summer, but also can be season-less, is the Pero Sin Pausa black leather strap watch with the white dial and organically shaped numerals and subdials. The white face contrasts nicely with the richness of the black leather and makes a great backdrop for showcasing the unusually numerals and subdials.   It is a little pricey at $349, but it is a fun take on a classic style of watch.

aprietame silver ring hexagon ring uno de 50 99 mens fashion

To complete you summer jewelry look from the wrist down, is the Aprietame Uno de 50 silver hexagonal ring for $99. The shape is unusual with the six sides and the slightly concaved sections and will be more of an attention-grabber that your average silver ring. Also, the “screw-like” imprints along the edges and sides give it a nice industrial feel. Notably, some similar but more “feminine” pieces are available in uno’s online woman’s jewelry store.

comete un rosco silver and brown leather necklace 65 one size mens fashion

Last, but not least, if you want to add a little something to your summer look, but are more of a minimalist at heart, then the Comete Un Rosco silver and brown leather necklace with the adjustable neck and the hammered coin medallion for $65 may be just what you are looking for. Its thinner leather necklace can be worn bare-chested at the beach or with a great t-shirt and cargo shorts, http://www.asestilostore.com/2012/05/cargo-shorts-for-men-spring-summer-2012.html. Also, the organically shaped, hammered silver coin medallion makes an interesting conversation piece.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Man-gagement Rings: I Do or I Don’t?

Man-gagement Rings: I Do or I Don’t?

The idea of a man wearing an engagement ring to express his commitment to his fiancé is not a new one, but over the years it has not been a very popular trend. However, this year, some celebrities have brought it back in a big way.

man gagement rings graphic weddings mens fashion fashion industry

One trend-setting guy who was spotted with a “man-gagement” ring recently on his left ring finger is Johnny Depp. His rather substantially large round diamond solitaire is flanked by graduating diamonds down the shank of the ring and is a nice compliment to Johnny’s fiancé Amber Heard’s sparkling solitaire that is in a slightly more feminine setting.

johnny depp and amber heard with eng rings weddings mens fashion fashion industry

Another couple who has jumped on board with the “man-gagament” ring trend is Singer Jennifer Hudson and her Wrestler fiancé David Otunga. His commitment ring is a band style ring with raised geometric squares and inset diamonds in between each square and along the profile. It is a modern design by one of the top ring designers, Neil Lane. It has both sparkle and unique interest all in one package.

Considering that engagements can be quite lengthy sometimes and both parties may enjoy professing their love and commitment for each other, the idea of a “man-gagement” ring seems like less of an oddity. Also, in breaking with tradition, the usual engagement ring recipient may really enjoy being able to show their love for their “spouse-to-be” with the gift of a ring in return. Most people may not have the finances to buy a 5 carat diamond set in Platinum that celebrities like Johnny Depp and David Otunga may be wearing, but there are simpler band styles made out of white gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel that may fit the bill.

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