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Swim accessory ideas for Fall 2014

Talking about the runway trends in New York, London, Milan and Paris, it seems like loud chunky metallic and stone jewelry is much in vogue.

Be it sexy beach bikini belly waist charms, lucky charm necklaces, gold body chains, gold rings or funky beaded bracelets, Bikini Luxe introduces its amazing fashion jewelry to walk in style for fall fashion.

bikini Luxe 300x300 womens fashion

The collection features bold arm and hand fashion accessories that goes with the defining 2014 fall trends. Amazing and chunky gladiator inspired gold bracelet are a part of the upcoming Bikini Luxe fall 2014 trends.

Go for the chunky Sunset Beaded Bracelet with your favorite funky outfit or pair it off with the bright and funky beach prints. Make sure you talk it all bold with Bikini Luxe Jewelry this season!

monre ring swim 300x300 womens fashion

Other must-haves for the season are the well-defined chunky stoned rings. You can also check out the Bikini Luxe “Monroe” Ring, the statement jewelry to endorse that much out-there kind of a look.

Keep it bold, keep it funky and keep it well defined!

Let your jewelry do the talking this season by grabbing some of the exquisite, well-finished collection at Bikini Luxe.  The fine edges and the soft finish will surely give you a green signal as far as quality assurance is concerned.

Walk in trend and style by complementing your outfit with the most alluring pieces from the

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What’s Hot For Jewelry In 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start putting in your jewelry orders with Saint Nick. After all, what better gift could be received than the gift of jewelry? If you are keen to be seen with some of the hottest jewelry trends going into 2015, you are in the right place. Jewelry in 2015 is going to make a big impact. Flashy, subtle, gold and silver. We’ve got it covered.

So what’s going to be hot coming into 2015? Let’s look.

Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend

Pearls are hotly tipped for next year. They’re going to be one of the hottest trends. The key to pulling of pearls is to make sure that they are simple and small. Your pearl should encase in a simple silver droplet necklace. This is a beautiful, elegant trend. But, it hones in on the vintage trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Pearls are beautiful and feminine. But, they can also look sophisticated when teamed with a little black dress.

pearl 300x223 womens fashion mens fashion

Slogan Bracelets

Slogan bracelets have been made popular by Chanel. But, according to Whiteflash jewelry store in Houston, Chanel is only the beginning. Many designers are keen to have slogan bracelets within their range. These are funky and on trend. What’s more, they break all of the fashion rules. Tarnished metal tones are the key to pulling off this look. This season, it’s all about wearing your life choices on your wrist. What could be more perfect?

Gold Cuffs

Gold cuffs are the perfect accessory for any fashion-forward person, man or woman. What’s more, a drab outfit can look instantly fabulous with a gold cuff. Tarnished brass tones are popular. But, rose gold hues, and bold gold is making a big comeback. This is the perfect way to complete any outfit. It’s a cheap way to remain ahead of the curve and hit all of the right style notes. Keep it plain and simple for maximum impact – brand Miansai follows this rule swimmingly. Some designers are choosing to etch simplistic Aztec patterns into the cuff. These are positively fierce too. Needless to say, jewelry – and especially men’s fashion jewelry – is back with a bang for 2015. This time it is bigger and bolder than ever before.

eddie borgo silver cuff eastdane e1415155569560 169x300 womens fashion mens fashion

Silver, Silver

Silver has always been a hotly tipped precious metal choice. For the ultimate bohemian type, silver is a mainstay. This year, however, silver has had an upgrade. Silver is going to be bold, big and fearless. Whereas gold needs to be underplayed for maximum impact, silver should be worn loud and proud. Stack silver rings, cuffs, and bracelets for the ultimate bohemian look. Add delicate silver necklaces with chunkier, harsher tones. Layering and stacking are going to be a prominent feature within silver jewelry. Remaining on trend doesn’t mean splashing the cash. It means choosing your investment pieces wisely.

Necklace Combination

The choker and the elongated chain are going to be worn together in tandem next year. Gold is the obvious choice for a striking impact. But, do as Versace does and ensure that you are mixing and matching your precious metals.

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How to Buy Diamond Rings the Right Way

Picking the right precious diamond to symbolize an important occasion in your life, for example, a marriage proposal, could be a troublesome errand for any man. This is no easy task as this diamond will be the symbol of your future engagement. The diamond ring that will be shown off by your bride-to-be to everyone. You may be asking yourself will my future bride-to-be like it? How can I know which diamond cut is the best one for us? Even with knowing your future bride-to-be relatively well this can still be a complicated task. While asking your bride-to-be for help is now acceptable in society, numerous men are still looking to keep the proposal a secret. How, then, would you be able to guarantee that your picked diamond engagement ring will be precisely what your loved one wants? There are various diamond engagement rings in Sydney. Here are three sorts of diamond cuts you essentially cannot go wrong with.

round cut diamond 300x225 weddings 1. The Round Cut Diamond – Seen continuously as the most prevalent cut of diamonds, the Round Cut diamond otherwise called the Round Brilliant is definitely the most popular. Although it was created in 1900, it still remains a popular choice even today. It is regularly the best decision for those who care about insurability as a result of its “safe” shape. In addition its surprising optics are attractive. This makes it a most popular choice by men when choosing an engagement ring. Many jewelers are proud to offer quality round cut diamonds Melbourne couples love.

princess cut diamond 300x300 weddings

2. The Princess Cut Diamond – While the Round Cut diamond is the most popular choice the Princess Cut diamond does not stay far behind. The Princess Cut diamond is the second most prevalent cut shape for diamonds. Having become known only until the 1960s that has not stopped the Princess Cut from being highly recognized. With two options to choose from either a square or rectangular shape this gives it a unique touch. Its brilliance in relation to that of the Round Cut diamond has made the Princess Cut diamond a novel state of its own.

cushion cut diamond weddings
3. The Cushion Cut Diamond – Appropriately named, as the Cushion Cut diamond this precious stone comes in either a square or rectangular with adjusted corners. The adjusted corners and shape contribute to the pillow like look. This is where its name was derived from. There are some fluctuations of this cut, for example, Antique Cushions and Modified Cushion Brilliant. Each of these cuts are accompanied with its own particular peculiar excellence.

While in the end it is very probable that you chose the perfect diamond engagement ring, would it not be pleasant to realize that you got the diamond that stole the breath of the adoration of your life? Picking any one of these three diamond cuts is certainly going to help symbolize this important time in your life. Atlantis Diamonds spends a significant time to offer astounding diamonds, engagement and wedding ring all of high quality. See more information by going on atlantisdiamonds.com.au.

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Spotlight: Handmade Jewelry Creations by Meleona

In the jewelry world, handmade is a quality that makes it a unique piece that cannot be found in multiples out in the marketplace. At Meleona.com/, they have taken a selection of handcrafted jewelry from professional jewelers and put them on their website for the public to browse and purchase.

Poetic Radiance Rings Anelli 640x577 300x270 womens fashion mens fashion The Rose Lake Necklace Collana PROMOTION 1404393973 235x300 womens fashion mens fashion

One piece that caught my eye was the Rose Lake Statement Necklace. The necklace is created in gold and has a dimensional, cast flower with the texture of grain across the surface. The petals are centered on a handmade mesh chain that is over one inch in diameter. The “statement necklace” is a hot trend for this season and this one certainly fits that category. It will flow over the neck and the collarbone with the individual links, helping it to lie flat and sparkle with movement. I see this piece matching nicely with the Poetic Radiance Unique Ring.

Secret Side Lapislazzuli Gems Stones Bracelet Bracciale di Pietre Lapislazzuli 1404389924 640x640 300x300 womens fashion mens fashion Graffiti Girl Earrings Orecchini Maiden Art Boutique 1404392989 235x300 womens fashion mens fashion

Another handmade jewelry piece that I thought was interesting was the Secret Side Lapislazzuli Gemstone Bracelet. The round beads of deep blue lapis with the flecks of gold give this bracelet an “earthy” quality. It is accented with crystallized Swarovski elements in Aurora Borealis and molded rose gold and silver plated brass charms that are placed equally between the stones and the flat envelope clasp completes the look. For 81 Euros, it has a nice natural presence; I can see it playfully matching the Graffiti Girl Hoop Earrings.

Dual Stone Cufflinks OnyxGarnet 1404337393 300x300 womens fashion mens fashion

Lastly, to not leave the guys out,  Meleona has a pair of Duel Stone Cufflinks in Onyx and Garnet. Created in solid sterling silver, one side has a 16mm pyramid shaped Onyx stone that is modern and geometric, while the other end has a 10mm round cabochon of red Garnet for a classic pop of color. At 141 Euros, it would make a great gift for any man in your life.

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5 Unique Pearl Necklaces For Your Jewelry Box

Did you know that pearls don’t have to be small, round and white? Depending on the region in which they’re harvested or cultivated, pearls can come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and even shapes. If you’re looking for a change from the traditional, here are just five pearl necklaces that will make you unique among your social circle.

522202213 mens fashion
7-8mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Add a little pink to your wardrobe with these fun, fashionable pearls. They’re strung on silk thread with a gold or white gold clasp, making them a gorgeous and high-quality addition to any jewelry box. Their color is also just distinct enough to be different.

Opera Length 10-12mm Multicolor South Sea Pearl Necklace

Offering a mishmash of gold, silver and black pearls, this necklace is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. Not only are the colors unique and vibrant, but they’re also strung on an opera-length necklace, meaning that they won’t fit snugly on your throat. They’ll flow over your top and attract every eye in the room as they dangle, sparkle and gleam.

11-14mm Drop-Shape Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Baroque pearls don’t come in the usual shapes of round and oval; they’re much more diverse than that. They’re also some of the most unique pearls on the market. If you don’t mind “flawed” pieces that are actually beautiful and one of a kind, try this necklace on for size.

10-13mm Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

When you dress like a queen, only gold is good enough to complement your look. These pearls come with a bright and gorgeous shine that’s matched only by their larger-than-average size. They’re so beautiful, in fact, that you can only find them at fine jewelers like Laguna Pearl (Laguna Pearl.com).

ssp necklace101 01 mens fashion

13-16mm Multicolor Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace

Darkly glamorous, these pearls will make a statement wherever you go. For one, they’re highly shined and boasting an AA+ certification. They’re also on a multicolored strand of black and burned gold. If you want to inspire mystery when you enter a room and wistfulness when you leave it, these are the pearls for you.

These are just a few pearl necklaces that you won’t see on June Cleaver. If you’re tired of the same old white pearls in your jewelry collection, pick one of these examples for something fresh and exciting. A single necklace can change your entire look!

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Different Kinds of Stones to Mount on a Wedding Band

Women have been wearing wedding bands for several centuries, although today’s selection favors a more eclectic woman. Individuals have long appreciated the excellent qualities of various stones due to the distinct advantages it offers over plain bands. No matter what kind of jewelry you have, you can more than likely find a stone for your wedding band that suits you.

This article will discuss several types of stones you could mount atop your favorite silver, gold, platinum or titanium band.  Note: we failed to mention diamonds since many of these are combined with diamonds, or just look better as standalone stone settings.
452270203 1024x641 mens fashion


Many centuries ago, receiving the gift of sapphire stones meant you’ve been endowed with the trust and loyalty of another. It is from this tradition that sapphire gemstones have long been a popular choice for wedding bands or engagement rings often purchased decades ago, and even still today. Whether you’re fascinated by something lavish for everyday wear or want something to accentuate your clothing for special events, you’ll never fail with sapphire stones.  Because of its almost mesmerizing blue hue, sapphire gemstones have been frequently used during the course of history by magicians and clergymen.

78811022 1024x1024 mens fashion


Corundum, once refined, makes two distinct types of gemstones: sapphire, and ruby.  The latter is, of course, more sought after because of its fine reddish appearance and how it looks next to S2 or better diamonds.  Derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’ (red), high ranking aristocrats and kings often wore ruby jewelry to signify their position across the kingdom they reigned in.   Today, you’ll find silver and gold bands adorned with ruby and diamond stones because the combination is too stunning to pass up.


Owning emeralds, as discovered in our research, often symbolizes renaissance and the abundance of the life force. With a richly emanating greenish hue, bearers of such stones often reminisce the regeneration of life inspiring hope of new marriages, second chances and having eternal love enriched by God’s glory. Of all  types of jewelry stones we researched, emeralds are perhaps the more indicative of wedding vows.  Every emerald bears an inspiring story that only its wearer can describe, making the gift of emerald heirlooms perhaps better than any amount of cash.


If you’re wondering which gemstone never falls out of style and accentuates all skin tones, look no further than topaz.  From blues to reds, this more affordable gemstone looks stunning next to high class diamonds.  Wearing topaz in pendants, rings or tennis bracelets can bring out more garment color than your diamond jewelry, although many feel white stones bring out more ‘bling’.  Elegant women understand that topaz gemstones each carry symbols of beauty unique to its wearer.

Diamonds are, by default, what today’s woman wants adorning her ring finger.  However, you will find a growing demand for nostalgic looks that only emeralds, rubies, topazes and sapphires bring.  Try the different colors when visiting your jewelry store, and see which one brings out the best in you.

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Rings For Special Occasions

Society, by default, assumes that rings are automatically purchased in lieu of weddings or engagements. Even if just to say how much you care, there are literally thousands of reasons why you should give the gift of diamond rings. To help inspire you, here are several common occasions where rings are an appropriate purchase.

eternity womens fashion

Renewing vows

Once couples have hit milestone anniversaries, they’ll entertain renewing their vows which basically reaffirms the same love they promised each other ‘x’ amount of years ago. This would also be an opportune time to give each other new wedding bands to symbolize the reaffirmation of these vows (not to mention your rings are probably pretty worn after 25 years). Platinum would be perfect around the 25 year mark, while gold would probably suffice at your 10 or 15 year affirmation. Anniversaries coincide with renewing vows as you’ll more than likely have your nuptials read at your anniversary party.

Birthdays, of course!

Instead of throwing outlandish parties for someone’s 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday party, why not take them out to eat and offer them a beautifully created diamond ring? Gifts of this magnitude should gradually get better in terms of quality as one ages; a beautifully hand crafted platinum setting for an S1 clarity of diamond would be perfect at the half-century mark of one’s life. Chocolate or strawberry gold would be perfect for a young girl’s 18th birthday party as it symbolizes both a daring and conservative appearance often showcased in our current era.

makeThumb 1 womens fashion

Child birthing (the ‘Push’ present)

After going through long, excruciating hours of labor pains then finally delivering a beautiful miracle, what better way to congratulate the newly proud mother than by giving her an exquisite piece of diamond jewelry! Provided she picked the name out prior to giving birth, you could actually purchase the ring with both the mother and child’s name inscribed on the inside of the ring. There is honestly no other more immaculate occasion to give someone a beautiful gift than after the woman brings new life into existence. You can learn more about sizing rings appropriate to her finger size by downloading various ring sizing guides found online today.

‘Just because’

Yet another popular category for purchasing rings casts a wider net even still. Honestly, you really don’t need an excuse to hop down to the jewelry store to purchase a beautiful diamond ring. Giving random gifts to the person who loves you proves how much the love is reciprocated. You could take your loved one to a picnic and surprise them with a diamond ring, leaving rings inside wineglasses then pour your dinner wine, or come up with another creative way to present a diamond ring to this truly remarkable person.

Whether for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or giving credit where credits due to a new mother, every special occasion is the perfect time to give the gift of precious jewelry. Bonus points to the person that creates their own special occasion and makes the moment the most memorable one yet.

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