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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Jesse James

Apparently Jesse James doesn’t wear his wedding band anymore, which is shame because it was probably nicest thing he owns. Seriously, someone needs to slip him a note saying, “psst, the whole white thermal + iRoNiC graphic tee combo died alongside the decline of Limp Bizkit and other acts that glorified white trash.” Or a prescription for some anti-psychotics, whichever’s handy.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Jesse James

With a name like Jesse James, one naturally assumes the man’s capable of dressing in some funky rustic garb. This outfit, however, really pushes it. Now I know you and Sandra Bullock have been on the rocks lately, Jesse, but I doubt you’ll win any sympathy wearing something so tactless as dungarees. In case you couldn’t tell, you look like a cross between a farmer and Fred Durst. Clean up yo.
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