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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Jesse James

jessejames240 mens fashion
Apparently Jesse James doesn’t wear his wedding band anymore, which is shame because it was probably nicest thing he owns. Seriously, someone needs to slip him a note saying, “psst, the whole white thermal + iRoNiC graphic tee combo died alongside the decline of Limp Bizkit and other acts that glorified white trash.” Or a prescription for some anti-psychotics, whichever’s handy.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Jesse James

jessejameso mens fashion
With a name like Jesse James, one naturally assumes the man’s capable of dressing in some funky rustic garb. This outfit, however, really pushes it. Now I know you and Sandra Bullock have been on the rocks lately, Jesse, but I doubt you’ll win any sympathy wearing something so tactless as dungarees. In case you couldn’t tell, you look like a cross between a farmer and Fred Durst. Clean up yo.
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