Men’s Quilted Vests – A Nice Jacket Alternative for the Fall/Winter

As the weather begins to change, begin to think about outerwear. One great transitional piece of clothing is the down vest. It offers the chest warmth when the temperature gets cooler, but without the sleeves it gives you the option of what to wear underneath. You may be someone who only needs a short sleeve shirt, or if you like to keep warmer, then a long sleeve shirt or sweater may do.

Another advantage of the vest vs. the jacket can be the increased mobility since it is sleeveless. A jacket can be restricting as far as your arm movements, but with the vest you have no restrictions at all. Most vests are filled with down feathers or polyester fiberfill. It has been said that the down filling is warmer and holds onto your body temperature better than its polyester counterpart, but I have found that a good fiberfill and it is easier to care for.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Trouser Trends For Fall 2012

As I was browsing through the photos for men’s fashion trends for 2012, I noticed a recurrent theme of shrinking pant lengths. Everywhere I looked, I saw men in trousers that didn’t reach the top of their shoes. I guess 2012 is the year of the “high-waters”.

First off is a look by Vivienne Westwood. Her woven grey/blue trousers have a high waist, side seam pockets, a straight leg, and a hemline well above the anklebone. This vintage looking pant is offset with a color-blocked beige and chocolate turtleneck, a distressed brown leather jacket, and brown leather oxfords. She does remember to follow the old rule that your socks should match your pants, which is much more important since they are so much more visible at this length.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Cool Parka Jacket from H&M

(H&M Parka Jacket – Retail Price: £59.99 GBP)

It’s been more than a respectable amount of time since I last considered green to be an option for me when shopping. This is primarily due to the fact that green has always obtained various vile connotations and the thought that I would happily drape those connotations across me on a regular basis seemed like something I simply wasn’t willing to do. That is, until I found this green Parka Jacket retailing via H&M, the one shop I happily trundle into on a regular basis when hitting the streets of my local town.

As the Autumn/Winter months are beginning to set in, a practical, durable yet admirable coat is somewhat of a necessity. This is especially the case if you’re situated over here in England, United Kingdom where the weather is just as unpredictable as the current financial climate. Speaking of financial climate, this parka courtesy of H&M won’t put you out of pocket too much; with a price-tag of just £59.99 GBP it’s something which I would happily throw onto the store counter; keeping my personal tastes aside and practically heavy on the mind. As I continue to venture around college five days a week, seven hours a day, the woolen hood is becoming somewhat of a regular sight, as the majority of indie students who enjoy a good festival have seemingly obtained an admiration towards a sense of formality in addition to their over-sized shirts, skinny jeans and converses. I must say: whatever next?

Written by Daniel Dunt

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Usher does it up nice with Diesel

Usher is usually a pretty fashionable fellow; he certainly puts fools like Kayne West to shame. Although he went on a bit of a break from the biz (I think because he had a child or something?), he’s back now and trying to stir up some ish. Good thing he’s rocking this tres cool leather jacket from Diesel for his latest music video. Throw on the “Lil’ Freak” video below and look for the jacket:

Check out a screenshot.

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