Celebrity Fashion Trends – The Summer of the Men’s Jacket

With summer in full swing, there is no shortage of celebrities hitting the Red Carpet. This week, a few of Hollywood’s most famous men have been out and about, showing off their jacketed fashion sense.

Elysium+New+York+Screening+Red+Carpet+matt damon

First up is Matt Damon, who was at the New York premier of his new Sci-Fi flick “Elysium”. Matt looks great in this monochromatic suit and button-down shirt. The different tones of black give it some definition, along with the black leather belt. I also love the half-rimmed glasses in a stainless steel grey. He could have even pushed the envelope a little further by matching the glasses with a fancy, steel Emporio Armani watch. And where, pray tell, could he find a wide collection of mens luxury watches all priced below the RRP? Well, the Branded Watch Shop is a great place to start, Matt!

Hugh+Jackman+Wolverine+Premieres+London+him and car

Next, is Hugh Jackman who arrived at the London premier of “The Wolverine” in a sleek white Audi Spyder coupe. Even though it is almost impossible to make Hugh look bad, his simple navy suit with the open-neck white dress shirt pales in comparison to his sweet ride!

Image: "Americas Got Talent" Season 8 Pre-Show Red Carpet Event

Last, but not least, is Howie Mandel who is posing on the Red Carpet for “America’s Got Talent”. For anyone who has ever seen Howie’s stand-up comedy act live, you know that he is known for his uniqueness. That quality is evident in the outfit that he has chosen for this event. Howie’s black trousers and wing-tipped oxford-style ankle boots are offset by the jacket that is a little like a baseball style with the grey sleeves and striped knit cuffs and collar, but also almost a mandarin collar style denim suit jacket. The red accents around the pockets, lapel, and belt buckle just go along with all that is unexpected about Howie Mandel. What’s lacking however is the undershirt, which boringly matches the jacket.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Award Ceremonies Garb

During this time of year, it seems that the television channels are consumed by award ceremonies. While people were still talking about the Golden Globes, who won and what they were wearing, the SAG Awards crept up on us. The Screen Actors Guild Awards is a ceremony for actors whose performances are recognized by their peers. The nominees are selected from the members of the Screen Actors Guild.


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Men’s Fashion News – 2012 Tony Awards: Who’s fashion stole the show?

The Tony Awards, formally called the Antoinette Perry Awards, are an award that is given for excellence in live Broadway Theatre performance. Live theatre attracts many of the celebrities that you are used to seeing in movies and on TV, it is just another avenue for their craft. While I was looking at the men’s fashion at the Tony Awards this year, there were some looks that shined and some that flopped.

One A+ was Hugh Jackman in his traditional jet black tuxedo with wide lapels, classic white button-down shirt, and matching black bowtie. The cut of the jacket gave his broad shoulders great audience appeal. Hugh was being honored for raising significant amounts of money for the Broadway Community, as well as his charity work. As he graciously accepted the honor from his wife, I realized that he is a guy that I have never seen look bad.

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