Review: Heavy Fleece Hoodie with Thermal Lined Hood

One item of clothing that you will find in almost every closet housing casualwear is a hooded sweatshirt, or “hoodie” as the kids say. With the comfort usually assigned to sweatshirts and the versatility of a zippered closure, you have something that will fill both needs of comfort and warmth. Some hoodies can be really athletic inspired, while others are more of an outdoor style of clothing.


The Heavy Fleece Hoodie with the Thermal Lined Hood by Abbot + Main is considered an essential clothing item for every man looking to look good even when he’s in his comfort zone. It is constructed from a super soft navy fabric with the elements of a sweater ribbed collar and thermal lined hood. It has a bright white hood string for contrast and a full zippered front.  For around $68, it will be a clothing item that you reach for time and again.


Now, you may be wondering, “What do I wear with this Abbot + Main hoodie?”  Since the hoodie itself is a rich navy color, you may want to offset the tone with a lighter blue jean like a pair from American Eagle Outfitters. The bleached denim has re-immerged on the fashion scene in a big way this year and would be a nice contrast to the darker hoodie.


As far as shoes go, you don’t have to go with your average white sneakers just because the Abbot and Main Hoodie is on the casual side. I spotted some new navy suede moccasins (above!) that have a sleek no-lace style, but have the added interest of tan and brown striping on the inner and outer side of the shoe, as well as the toe. The hoodie and the navy mocs would look great with a tan pair of khakis or cargo pants.


Also, you can dress up your heavy fleece hoodie with a bright graphic t-shirt like this one from Philipp Plein that is done in a vibrant blue with a skull and wings as the center of attention.


When you leave your hoodie unzipped, the graphic t-shirt will peek out between the zipper and spark some added interest. Well done, Abbot + Main!

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Celebrity Fashion Trends – Coupling in Style

When celebrities are away from the red carpet, they are still very much in the public eye. Whether they are out shopping in Beverly Hills, arriving at their favorite bistro, or taking a walk in the park, there is always interest in what they are doing and what they are wearing.

vanessa hudgens coachella austin butler festival fashion

This month’s celebrity couple street style includes actress Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler, who were spotted at the 2014 Coachella Fashion Festival. Vanessa had adopted golden tresses to replace her long dark hair, which complimented her Bohemian look with her wide brim sun hat, tomato red printed mini-dress, and her short black leather boots with fringe and dangling metal trim. Vanessa’s boyfriend Austin also gets into the Bohemian vibe with his brown fedora, white gauze button-down shirt and blue medallion patterned pants.

kim and kanye on the Rue Pierre Charron Paris

Next, is a photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, pre-marriage, strolling down the Rue Pierre Charron in Paris. Kim has on this heavily beaded grey and black dress that not only looks like it should weigh a ton, but also looks like it should be hanging off a curtain rod in a museum. The only thing I like about the outfit is her black boots. I am more a fan of Kanye’s more casual choice of his multi-layered grey hoodie with the black two-way zip jacket, baggy blue jeans, and black and white print sneakers.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is looking festive with his winter hat inspired by Santa’s cap and his red hoodie. Nothing wrong with a little holiday spirit.

But then there’s the matter of his pants: I’m not sure what brand likes to put their logo – in gold mind you – split across the crotch, but it’s no brand you should be buying. I simply can’t draw my eye away from the pelvic advertisement to evaluate his outfit further. Nick, give a present to the world and trash the pants.

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Lesson #88: Sweatshirts aren’t meant to be fashion statements

Continuing on my winter wear advice kick, let’s talk about the do’s and the don’t’s (that’s a weird word, huh?) of sweatshirts.
Purple Ezekiel Monza Zip Hoodie
INFEASIBLE: Sweatshirts for KiDz!
Okay, I’m going to assume very few teenage boys read this blog – if you happen to be one, GO DO SOME HOMEWORK AND DON’T ANSWER WHEN THAT DRAFTER FROM THE LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE COMES A-KNOCKIN’. Anyway, you men out there should know better than to be seen wearing something so colorful and teeny-boppery outside when the snow falls and the winds blow. Seriously, don’t give in to your Inner Child this time around.

Splendid Always Long-Sleeve Hoodie

Feasible: PLAIN sweatshirts

Nobody thinks sweatershirts are fashionable; really, the purpose of one is to keep you warm without being overbearing. And no, you don’t need big old pockets – unless you’re a drug dealer or something – and I’d wager most people only wear sweatshirts these days on their jogs or when they step outside for a moment. I know I’ve never been terribly fond of them.

Point is: Don’t try to make a fashion statement with your hoodie, dude – just keep it simple like with this plain Splendid Always.

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