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34. Caps go on the head

INFEASIBLE: Driving caps with *crazy* colors
87078 WV8124 mens fashion
(From J.Crew
No one, including models, should ever wear something like this. Driving (or “cabby”) caps are silly to begin with, but then to go and make one consisting of a patchwork of a nauseating designs? The horror, J. Crew, THE HORROR.

Feasible: Corduroy hats
 mens fashion
(Brought to you by Macy’s)

If you’re going to wear a cap, go corduroy. This one in particular looks good even on this android-looking fellow. And hell, if you’re feeling frisky, you could even throw a pin advertising your favorite band* mens fashion on it. Totally ill, son.

*Weezer’s ok, but I do like the pin.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture (8/15/07)

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This Week’s Fuck-Up: Zac Efron


Hey Zac, yeah, umm…what’s going on? You feeling okay? You got a fever or something – hit the bong already today? ‘Cause you know, you’re wearing a pair of black Addidas running shorts and a pinkish top. Not the best combination, kind of makes my head hurt.

So, what’s in the tote bag? Nothing, eh? Well, umm, why carry it around then? ‘Cause right now you kind of look like a courier that just hopped out of bed and ran to deliver an package to that Aim center behind you in his pajamas. Also, in case you didn’t notice, it’s the summertime – no need for a winter hat. The only snow floating around appears to be coming from your nostrils…

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