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Men’s Fashion Review – Brokn Legend Traveler’s Dark Blue Denim Cap

The Brokn Legend brand of men’s hats has the belief that hats are more than just a man’s accessory, they are a “companion on his journey” through life. The cap style hats are constructed of high quality indigo denim fabric and have a “Vintage” look about them with the distressed brim and cap, which makes them look like they has been with you a long time, even though the hats may be new to you. The Vintage style patches that are applied to the crown of the cap remind me of the different patches that used to be collected years ago and sewn by hand to clothing. They usually meant something to the wearer, like a state that you had travelled to or to mark a special event in your life.

broknlegend 300x214 mens fashion


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Winter/ Spring Hats

There are so many kinds of hats in the world – caps, bowlers, snap backs, sombreros… But when looking into “Winter-wear” for men, The North Face is a company that you have probably heard of before. One style of hat that is made by them, which has maintained its popularity throughout the years is the “Beanie”.
bones beanie AHHZ VA6 hero mens fashion
It is a close- fitting cap that is knit out of acrylic yarn and has an internal band of fleece that provides the extra warmth that you will need on those cold, windy days. The “Bones Beanie”, for example, comes in blue, green, pink, orange, purple, grey, and black.


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Win a fabulous hat from Block Headwear!!!

Gents, it’s time for another great contest! This week our friends at Block Headwear are giving away a super-chic hat! Block Headwear design and produce hats and caps with a simple and relaxed yet still distinctly New York City vibe.

hat 01 mens fashion

There’s three ways to try and nab the fashionable piece:

1) Post a comment to this post detailing the most ridiculous hat you’ve ever seen. I think a number of Lady GaGa’s choices fit the bill…

2) Hit the Like button the Block Headwear page. If you decide to enter this way, be sure that we’ll be able to contact you through Facebook in order to get you your prize!

3) Follow Block on Twitter (@Blockheadwear) and tweet, “I Rock @Blockheadwear!” If you decide to enter this way, be sure that we’ll be able to contact you through Twitter in order to get you your prize!

Please note contest is limited to persons in the U.S. and Canada. One winner will be selected at random.

The deadline’s Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 6 pm EDT. And don’t forget to include your email address in your submission! Good luck, gents!

block headwear logo mens fashion Check out the Block Headwear Blog

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Pete Wentz

joelmadden660 mens fashion

Sometimes I think it’s too easy to pick on poor Pete Wentz and his deplorable sense of style. But then I remember how he’s worth millions of dollars, is celebrated by untold numbers of fans, and totally squanders his potential as an otherwise good-looking fellow. So yeah, goddammit Pete, stop wearing ugly checkered jackets fitted with cutsie smilie face patches and burn that crappy hat you probably bought from a Union Square street vendor. Also, stop hanging out with guys that are obviously stoned 24/7.

Remember to check out our contest for a hot pair of sneakers!!

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Lesson #94: Men’s winter hats and you

You lose a ridiculous amount of body heat from exposing your head to the cold. But how do you rock a winter hat without looking ridiculous?
f1956d1 mens fashion
San York Chullo Winter Hat – Alpaca
INFEASIBLE: Dorky chullos with strings
I don’t know how many spliffs you’d need to light to think wearing something stoner-tastic like this would be fashionable, but it’d have to be a lot. Nasty jokes aside, I suppose snowboarder punks have something of a style. A stupid-ass style, that is. Gents, chullos are never in style and probably never will be.

66957001blklg mens fashion
The North Face Flash Beanie

Feasible:Simple dark beanies

Hey, who said winter hats need be stylized? You only wear them when you’re trucking around in the snow anyways. This North Face is simple, durable, comes off your head easy, and doesn’t make you look silly. Easy.

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74. Men’s fashion and hats

INFEASIBLE: Hats with all kinds of colorful crap going on
CA C0047 WHT mens fashion
Christian Audigier Men’s City of Angels Hat – White
(From Front StyleRocket)


Now, down to business: Hats are never, ever the first thing you want people to notice about you. These days (yes, they used to be a fashion statement in the 1800′s), one uses hats for primarily functional purposes: to keep one’s head warm, to mask a bad hairline (don’t do this though), to focus others’ eyes on the FACE versus hair or ears.

Obviously then, Christian Audigier is doing something grievous by selling people junk like the above piece. Yes, psychedelic colored items is fun in concept (when high), but so is Learyean enlightment theory. Chris, please stop doing acid and thinking you’re cool enough to play with the designers who have real insights, k? Wonderful. Moving on…

Feasible: Faux-combat hats in gray, black, and dark blue
206246395 mens fashion
Linen Combat Cap-Grey
(Brought to you by Buy.com)

Be wary with combat hats, as with all hats. This piece is very simple and fits nicely on the top of one’s head without covering the face. MAYBE if you’re jet enough you could don a (just one) pin of your favorite indietronica or hipster band on the side, but otherwise leave as is. Also, no facial hair with this.

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56. Let’s talk hats

INFEASIBLE: Straw cowboy hats
Laguna mens fashion
(From Hat Country)

Hats are another sticky topic: some people, yours truly included, can never pass off a hat. And frankly, I haven’t figured out why just yet and instead just work off of intuition. That being said, straw cowboy hats are disasterous and usually shoddy items that invoke images of a sweaty hick rather than John Wayne.

Feasible: Short-rim cadet cap
FC108771VROb mens fashion

(Brought to you by TeeShirtsRock.com)

If you’re someone that can pull off a hat, then more than likely a short-rim cap like the one above would work for you. The lesson to be learned here is that, unlike other accessories (e.g. rings, bracelets), hats are not meant to be extravagant.

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