Women’s Fashion Advice – Create 3 Beautiful Looks in a Jiffy With Clip On Hair Extensions

There are those days when you cannot seem to do anything with your hair. As you stand there staring at your locks in the mirror, you wish there was some way to instantly transform thin, limp hair into a dynamic look. Luckily, your problem has a solution in the form of clip on hair extensions. All you need is a quality one-piece weft of voluminous hair that matches your hair color to achieve three beautiful looks.

Pony Tail

The pony tail is still one of the most popular casual looks for women. Even this simple style can be greatly enhance with a clip on pony tail extension. An unimpressive short pony tail becomes a sensational hairstyle.



A fun way to turn your ordinary hairstyle into something a bit more intriguing is to add some bangs to the front of your hairline. Bangs can bring more attention to your eyes as they give your whole face a brighter appearance. A popular bang style for women is the side swept look. The hair sweeps down and across from one side of your hairline to the other side of your face.

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