Men’s Fashion Advice: Cool Parka Jacket from H&M

(H&M Parka Jacket – Retail Price: £59.99 GBP)

It’s been more than a respectable amount of time since I last considered green to be an option for me when shopping. This is primarily due to the fact that green has always obtained various vile connotations and the thought that I would happily drape those connotations across me on a regular basis seemed like something I simply wasn’t willing to do. That is, until I found this green Parka Jacket retailing via H&M, the one shop I happily trundle into on a regular basis when hitting the streets of my local town.

As the Autumn/Winter months are beginning to set in, a practical, durable yet admirable coat is somewhat of a necessity. This is especially the case if you’re situated over here in England, United Kingdom where the weather is just as unpredictable as the current financial climate. Speaking of financial climate, this parka courtesy of H&M won’t put you out of pocket too much; with a price-tag of just £59.99 GBP it’s something which I would happily throw onto the store counter; keeping my personal tastes aside and practically heavy on the mind. As I continue to venture around college five days a week, seven hours a day, the woolen hood is becoming somewhat of a regular sight, as the majority of indie students who enjoy a good festival have seemingly obtained an admiration towards a sense of formality in addition to their over-sized shirts, skinny jeans and converses. I must say: whatever next?

Written by Daniel Dunt

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Fashion in London

So London Fashion Week has been and gone, and another season of planning is over with. I recently spoke at a new event called the Fashion Colloquia, which started in London and will commence at Milan, Paris and New York. We hit the streets of London to really get a vibe of the current styles and speak to some of the guys about style and future menswear trends.

The video show’s a good variety of styles and opinions, showing the variation of style in the streets of London. It’s the wonders of the city that style and views on fashion differ within a radius of about 3 miles. The different towns of London all hold different styles, with vintage inspiring Brick Lane, Sartorial looks inspiring Mayfair and the preppy style inspiring other towns.

Points that stood out to me was the fact the men now pay more attention to their appearance and the way the look. The attitude towards looking after yourself as a man isn’t seen as a feminine thing to do anymore, and this perception continues to grow. So what’s the unique difference between the English style and perceptions towards fashion, compared to America?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

By Paul McGregor – Brighterman Accessories For Men

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Sandals for the season

By Paul McGregor of Brighterman Mens Accessories

Sandals are key for tropical weather and it has done for centuries. With inspiration deriving from historical fashion such as roman gladiators, sandals have since a rise in popularity this SS11. Belgian designer Dries Van Noten said: “As far as I’m aware, sandals are not work attire for most businessmen. I do, however, notice that as casual wear becomes more and more prevalent on a day-to-day basis, younger men wearing sandals or flip-flops in the city is part and parcel of this new trend.”

What’s the best way to pull off sandals this season? Think tailored. Sandals look great with tailored looks, such as tailored chino shorts, linen blazers and smart slim fit shirts. Accessorise with man bags to really add that masculine touch to your looks. Now what style should you go for? A lot of designers have took inspiration from all kinds of sources, creating a large variety in styles. My view is this: The simpler the sandal, the better. Here are a couple of product picks of some of my favourite men’s sandals this season:

Hudson Brown Leather Pontius Sandals

Lanvin Suede Strap Sandals

But then there’s that dreaded combination I still seem to see a lot of: sandals and men’s socks. It really is a no-no, so why do
people still keep insisting it works? I’m a huge fan of paying attention to details and the showing off your socks on occasion but sandals and socks just clash like whoa.

So remember, go for a simplistic high quality sandal. It adds that casual feel to a smart tailored summer look. Enjoy!

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Shorts for the Season

Summer is definitely the time for catching sun, sand and waves. Whether you’re walking along the shores of tropical destinations or just strolling along sunlit parks, you’ll surely notice what’s hot and what’s not decidedly not. So search your closets, raid your shopping malls and gear up for your summer getaways (or whatever summer gig you’re into).

Thank god: We live in an age where men are getting more in touch with their fashion sense, but what about guys who just have no idea about how to wear shorts? Here’s a primer:

Khaki Shorts

Khaki shorts are one of the must-haves this summer. Khaki shorts fit a little tighter than other types of shorts, but they are still loose enough to give that not-so-casual, not-so-formal look. Khaki shorts go well with a loose fit shirt or polo tee. Add on a pair of sockless loafers and you’re good to go. You can also go with white or beige canvas sneakers (or sandals, if you’re on the beach or just hanging out). If you want to lean more on the casual side, check out these cotton beach shorts from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Chino Shorts

Loose and comfortable, cotton chino shorts are essential for the summer heat primarily because they are lighter than khaki shorts. Strut your stuff with Dolce & Gabbana, Banana Republic or Ralph Lauren chino shorts. Wear them with a short-sleeved polo tee for a semi-casual, semi-formal look. You can also wear chino shorts for a more formal summer outing, or for dinner dates in high-end restaurants by the beach. Just pair it with sockless loafers, deck, shoes or suede shoes.

Cargo Shorts

If you plan on walking, camping or hiking, you’ll need shorts with lots of pockets for all your essentials. Light, loose and comfortable, cargo shorts are a fine addition to your wardrobe. You can use comfy sneakers if you want to go walking along familiar paths. If you plan to go up the mountains for your summer holiday, you can use more durable hiking shoes with socks on for comfort. Just make sure to wear a comfy cotton top for all that action.


Comfortable shorts in which you can easily move are perfect for your usual workout or casual day out. Drawstring waists, pockets or no pockets, sweatshorts come in different styles. Check out Diesel or Moncler sweatshorts and choose your preferred designs. You can pair it up with sneakers (the not-so-bulky ones) without socks. You can also wear sweatshorts when you want to relax at home and spend the day playing console games or just plain being a couch potato.

Swim Trunks

If you plan on going to the beach, it goes without saying that swim trunks are a must-have. Plain white tees go great with plaid swim trunks or trunks with designs or patterns. Ralph Lauren swim trunks with an elastic waistband give you a great fit. Look for quick-drying swim trunks made of cotton and nylon. Flip-flops are the perfect match for your sandy retreat.

And while you may normally think summer is all about pastel, light and bright colors, but black is still a classic. Spring/Summer 2011 fashion trendsetters like Louis Vuitton and Burberry rigged their collections with the staple black. If you think the summer bug hasn’t bitten yet and you feel somewhat on the “emo” side, you can go for all black—black top, black shorts, black loafers or deck shoes. Sockless, of course.

Lastly, since summer is all about the heat, pay more attention to the material of your clothes. Steer clear of non-absorbent material. Remember to wear clothes made of light, comfy and breathable fabric to stay cool under the sun.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Summer hats? Hats the debate!

By Paul McGregor of Brighterman Mens Accessories

There’s a continuing myth, which surrounds a lot of guys when it comes to hats. The common statement of “hats don’t suit me” gets thrown around often, with a lot of men opting not to consider hats at all. But with the variety of hat styles in the market today, there’s a piece of headwear for everyone.

With summer approaching in the UK, and the weather getting hotter in other countries, this fun filled season is calling out for a good hat. Mens summer hats are what we are going to be discussing on CEFashion today. (c)

A hat can transform your basic look, into something with a touch of elegance and style, or even something flashy. It makes you stand out, shows that you’re daring and that you’re not following the rest of the herd who follow the myth which of course is, “hats don’t suit them.” But what style of headwear is best suited for summer? In my opinion, Trilby Hats are the perfect hat for summer. Whether you’re going for a straw trilby, which are perfect for holidays or festivals, a classy, cotton rich, black trilby hat which can be added to indie looks or smart/casual outfits, or you’re simply looking to add some colour with a colourful trilby hat, pairing it with a neutral t-shirt and pair of shorts… the opportunities really are endless. Check out some of our favourite trilby hats:

Bailey Of Hollywood Crosby Trilby

Peter Werth Black Trilby Hat

Block Headwear Hallet Trilby Hat

If you’re not a trilby fan, there’s a range of other styles in which you can try. Whether you’re looking to adopt a Williamsburg style or rocking a college styled cheese hat (better known as a baseball cap). How about trying a flat cap? Inspired by the vintage scene, flat caps are a great way to add that vintage feel to your looks. Remember, men’s hats share the obvious function of sun protection but they can also add that touch of style and elegance!

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Festival-wear

Post provided by Make The Man: Mens Fashion Blog British fashion and style guide

It’s official: summer is just around the corner! Longer days, afternoons in beer gardens and weekends spent in muddy fields listening to your favourite live music. Great stuff awaits.

Summertime has always got a really great set of festivals and parties to look forward to, from Glastonbury, V festival and Leeds Fest to name a few. With amazing line-ups it’s easy to forget about one of the primary concerns about attending festivals: What do you wear?

Being a resident of (not so) sunny Britain, spending a long weekend in a field would usually be ill advised due to the near certain possibility of rain fall, which makes dressing for a festival difficult. How do you land the combination right between making the most of the sun (with a small chance of getting a tan) but also not dying of hyperthermia at night time? Plus, you don’t really want to go over board and end up looking like Bear Grylls.

For all you guys that are having trouble with this kind of thing, here’s a ready-made look
so that you concentrate on remembering the vitals, your tent and wellies! If you can’t afford to splash out on some of the more expensive items then just try and remember the key items, make sure you go for a lightweight waterproof and a canvas rucksack to sneak all your booze in! Enjoy!

Waterproof: Farah Vintage Howe Waxed Green Cagoule

Woolly hat: Norse Projects Lambswool Beanie (Available for £35)

Trousers: Moncler Maglia Sport Chino (Available for £189)

Canvas rucksack: Penfield Canvas Backpack (Available for £55)

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