Men’s Fashion Trend – Motorcycle Jackets for Fall 2013

The motorcycle jacket is a type of leather jacket that never seems to go out of style. A New York City based clothing manufacturing company, Schott NYC, that was founded by two brothers was the first to develop the leather motorcycle jacket in 1928. The longevity of the motorcycle style is attributed to a great functional design and the ability to adapt it to modern trends without losing the original concept.

kenneth cole motorcycle jacket

For 2013, menswear designers have put their own stamp on the leather motorcycle jacket. Kenneth Cole takes the classic design with a short rise, asymmetrically zippered front flap, and uses a deep emerald green distressed leather and gold zippered hardware to incorporate the trend of color.

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Lesson #93. Accessories: Quality, not quantity

Like I’ve said before, accessories give an outfit its individuality. However, too much personality, e.g. having too many or too “loud” wrist accessories, is never called for. Check it:

GUESS Black leather wristband with laced chain
INFEASIBLE: Big, bulky wristbands, watches, etc.
Your arm or wrist shouldn’t house a gallery of metal, leather, crappy plastic studs, watch-works, etc. Accessories give you a distinctive look only in smaller portions. With something like this GUESS and other junk fastened to you, you end up looking like some hyperconsumer punk or a hoarder. This also happens to apply across gender lines, ladies.

Ellis 3/4″ Dark Brown Weaved Cuff Leather Bracelet

Feasible:One, finely made piece of gear

When in doubt about how to be street-savvy, just go with a single wrist accessory: rock one of your Invicta watches, an AIDS awareness bracelet, or something like this finely woven Ellis. Again, accessorizing is all about saying a lot with a little.
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72. Ties – Knit vs. Skinny Woven


Ralph Lauren Solid skinny knit tie
(From Ralph Lauren)

Okay. Ties. Again. Something so simple I thought no crackhead, let alone designer, could get wrong. But alas, I was wrong; Ralphie has decided that silk is better put as a knit. How so very misguided. Friends, you don’t want your tie to look like a cat clawed at it a thousand times, do you? Of course not. In regards to this particular tie, “soft azalea” is not a color intended for any tie, let along a shambly one.

Feasible: Skinny woven ties

Marciano Oxford Tie(Brought to you by Guess)

Thin is in and always will be in my book. People talk about how the hipsters have ruined narrow ties forever – I say nay, fellow enthusiasts. Wear yours proud!

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5. Basic points about jeans

INFEASIBLE: Genuine acid-washed, 80’s style jeans

(From Ragzone)

It’s difficult for me to discuss the brand Guess? – on one hand, they have a lot of quality stuff on the floor these days, but on the other hand they’re pretty much responsible for the ridiculous display above. I pray to God that jeans that look like they’ve been through a structure fire and years of labor-induced abuse never ever come back into vogue. I worry about this happening, because, inevitably, such a re-introduction will lead to the demand of cotton, checkered work gloves, dirty yellow helmets, and everything else that construction workers (stereo)typically wear. Not that one should have anything against construction workers – they ball in their own way – but their repertoire certainly isn’t composed with fashion in mind. Anyway, stay away from jeans like this one from Ragzone – yuckee.

Feasible: Boot cut jeans

(Brought you by Guess?)

But yes, Guess? does have some nice stuff nowadays. Their bootcut jeans are especially clutch and are slim enough to promote a sleek, slender look without depriving your balls of circulation (e.g. 80’s super-tight pants). It’s okay, Marcion bebe, nobody’s perfect all the time.

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