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Men’s Fashion Trends – Top 5 Grooming Products For The New Year

‘New Year, new you’ is a phrase that rears its ugly head but once a year. Admittedly it would be a great time to start a fresh but all your good New Year intentions should ‘start as you mean to go on’ – the same goes for your skin. All the late nights drinking what’s left of the Christmas beer stash and indulging in only the most festive of foods until post-party season your hair and body is screaming for a detox! We take a look at the top 5 grooming products to banish any signs of the good nights that have gone and will bring your hair and body into the New Year with a fresh start. You can find these great products at Brummells of London as well as other online stores.

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For Your Face

Every shave is important; we trust you’ll already have found the razor of your dreams that works harmoniously with your skin. Now you’ve got that under wraps it’s time to consider other care.  Your skin is more prone to breakouts, razor burn and itching after an eventful month of food and alcohol.

The natural balance of your skin may be a little off the scale – for this we of course recommend man’s best friend – water. Keeping hydrated can help maintain a healthy glow and give your skin that revival it may need. In the long run a hydrated body is a happy body, one that can repair and rejuvenate skin whilst it sleeps.

We recommend two grooming products that will change your shaving experience forever:

Pre-shave – Jack Black Face Buff Energising Scrub

Perfect your blank canvas with this energising scrub from Jack Black. The gentle and effective scrub grains will lift away dead skin cells leaving skin feeling smoother and clearer. Ultimately this will result in a closer, fresher shave.

menscience shave repair 300x300 mens fashion

Post-shave – MenScience Post Shave Repair

This product provides a gentle but effective formulation that helps to heal, repair and improve skin condition after shaving.This is an alcohol and oil free formula and so its great for all skin types – including sensitive or stressed skin. Using this product as a toner will provide relief from razor burn, unblock pores and calm, soften and refresh. (more…)

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Men’s Fashion Trends – The Best Salons For Men in the World

There are thousands of hair salons around the world, but only a few are numbered among the best. If you want a unique and special salon experience, visit one of the following top five salons if you ever make the trip to any of these cities.

mens hair salon mens fashion

Andy Lecompte Salon, LA
About: The Andy Lecompte Salon is arguably the most famous salon in the LA area. The salon was first opened in 2008, and it is a testament to the skill of the salon that it has managed to become so famous in such a short time. The salon offers standard services, including cuts, coloring, nails, makeup, and facials.
Where: The salon is located in West Hollywood just a few blocks away from Beverly Hills. The salon has a hip and welcoming environment that keeps customers coming back.
Why: Part of the reason this salon is famous is due to the incredible talent of the staff. Each member of the staff offers personalized service and an incredible skill set that even the most picky clients will enjoy. The salon itself is a feast for the eyes, offering natural sunlit views and an art gallery featuring Andy Warhol and Marilyn Minter.


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Men’s Fashion Trends – A 2012 Round-Up

Christmas is on its way and 2012 is drawing to a close so I thought we would look at some of trends we have seen this year and what the celebrities and movers and shakers of the fashion world have been up to!

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UK Style Icon

The female fashion press has been dominated by one woman this year and that was Kate Middleton as she wowed crowds wherever she went with her mixture of high street fashion and top end designers.


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Men’s Grooming Review – Braun Cruzer Face

Braun, which is a company that has been making personal grooming devices for years, has come up with a new collection of shavers and trimmers called the Cruzer, which is a system for the grooming needs of a man who takes hair very, very seriously. Again, their target man requires more versatility from his shaver to accentuate the definition of his modern hairstyles and facial hair. We had the chance to try out the Face version on a dude seeking a manly yet nuanced beard.

braun cruzer 6 face 2 300x300 mens fashion


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