Men’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Wedding Suit Rental Tips

One of the more obvious parts of wedding planning is choosing attire, which includes what the groom and his attendants will wear. If you need attire but aren’t sure where to begin, check out a few Arcadia wedding suit rental tips and enjoy browsing rather than viewing it as a dreaded chore.

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Where and When to Shop

So you’ve opted for a wedding suit rental, and now just need to figure out where to begin. A key tip is to avoid stores that do not update their inventory regularly. You’ll want a shop that features all the latest in suits and tuxedos, not those that offer suits with the word “leisure” attached.

If you’re unsure about when to begin your search, the best time is usually after the bride has chosen her dress and those of her bridesmaids. This helps set the theme and tone of the wedding, and will make your search a lot easier, as the colors have already been chosen. Don’t worry; you won’t be stuck in terms of personal style, however this is very helpful in terms of your wedding’s color scheme.

Think About Style, Wedding Theme, and Location

The next step regarding your wedding suit rental is to think about your personal style, as well as where the wedding is happening, and the ‘theme’ of the nuptials. For example, if the wedding is on a tropical island or another location that’s plenty hot and sunny, you don’t want a suit that’ll have you sweating 15 minutes in. This means choosing a suit that’s comfortable yet appeals to your sense of style, such as a white or off-white linen suit. However, if temperature isn’t an issue and you want to show off your fashion sense, opt for a zoot suit or another eye-catching option.

Again, wedding ‘theme’ is also very important. If the event is traditional or otherwise incredibly formal, this will factor into your wedding suit rental choice. However, if the wedding is more casual in nature or has a very specific theme, you’ll want to take that into consideration as well. It’s also a great idea to talk to your bride about what you both want in terms of your wedding day look–after all, you don’t want to look mismatched on your special day. Come up with a solution that works for both of you and go from there.


Don’t forget about accessories. Whether you opt for a bow tie, necktie, ascot or no tie at all, these and other accessories need to be thought about and accounted for when embarking on your Arcadia wedding suit rental hunt. Cummerbunds usually do not accompany suits, but rather suits feature vests instead. While the cummerbund look is always classic and very formal, you may opt for the three-piece suit or other casual-yet-elegant option. Shirts and shoes are other accessories that need to be accounted for when planning your attire. If renting for yourself as well as your groomsmen, it’s generally a good idea to make a list of what and how many accessories you require.

These are just a few tips regarding your wedding suit rental. No matter what, remember to relax, breathe and enjoy planning this very special event. Weddings are always a bit stressful, however meticulous planning is an easy way to avoid the brunt of said stress.. Have fun searching for your Arcadia wedding suit rental with trusted family and friends. Good luck.

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Wedding Fashion Advice – Things To Consider With Wedding Photographs

It means a lot for a couple to share the wedding with friends and family. One of the most important events of our lives has to be cherished and celebrated together with the people who care about us. Every time some San Francisco wedding photographer pushes the button, a memory is instantly created. A photograph of you next to your loved ones is worth a thousand words, feelings and moments.


Every time people attend a wedding, they try to look good and to show the respect to the marrying couple. You can see the best wishes in their looks and attitude. Capturing the moments when the guests are feeling really comfortable and happy about being at this specific event, is always nice. The wedding photo album has to be filled with happy faces, laughs and hugs. The ceremony of marrying is the kind of event that brings out the good in people. It brings out the affection, the care and the love people feel and show. Every groom that is actually a tough guy is now suited up and he looks like a total puppy, next to his soon to be wife. Every guest is trying to have an appropriate look on his face and to wish the best for those in love. Beautiful toasts, chic dresses and lovely hugs are always present at a wedding. Capturing it all is simply mandatory, because in years the photographs of the event will become more and more precious. The beauty of everything that is present and takes place when celebrating the marriage of two people, is growing and it is becoming more special.

There is always something magical and deeply cute about wedding photographs. The nostalgia that brings you to viewing your old pictures is that feeling that makes you want it all to happen over and over again. Wedding photographs have this special power to make you travel not only to places but also in time. Looking at a picture of you dressed in white and saying “yes” gets you to that exact moment. It is like you start living and feeling it all again.

One of the coolest things about wedding pictures is that everyone prepared so much for the event, that everything and every guest looks simply perfect. You can see and you can feel the beauty that is brought up not only by the appearance but also by the extraordinary feeling of love.

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Men’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Choosing Between Yellow & White Gold Wedding Rings

Are you looking for a wedding ring but don’t know what to choose? Many people start out looking for wedding rings without any idea of what they want, the difference between different bands, or even what the different materials mean.

Two of the most popular, mass produced choices are yellow and white gold wedding rings – check out how big the gamut of gold wedding rings is alone. Both of these wedding rings are made from gold and will often have about the same value. If you want to choose between them, take these facts into consideration.

White Gold Wedding Bands Contain More Nickel


One of the most important things to consider about white gold wedding bands is that they contain a great deal more nickel than a yellow gold band. While both wedding rings will contain nickel, white gold wedding bands are actually plated with it in order to achieve their beautiful white finish.

White gold can also be plated with manganese, palladium and rhodium, the last of which gives it a very silver look. If you have allergies to any of these metals, then white gold wedding bands are not for you. If you’re not sure about the allergy, try having your blood tested for this first.

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Men’s Wedding Advice – Accessories for your special day


Hello there, grooms-to-be. You don’t get much of a look in with this whole wedding schemozzle, do you? It’s hardly fair. Not every bride relishes the idea of micromanaging the entire day. And not every bloke would prefer to be at the pub sinking tinnies instead of choosing table decorations. It’s just television and film has led us to believe that that’s the way it goes. Seagull Gifts asks you to reconsider the role of the man on and leading up to the Big Day.

cache_300_300_PIE034 ellen pittman, foot links in white  in sterling silver and chiecken feet leather

Menfolk, it’s time to stand up and be counted in your own wedding preparations! Groom Power! Nix the beef wellington! Say no to gardenias- after all, you’re more of a cherry blossom man! And for gods sake, take charge of your costume. Your bride certainly will have done so for herself.  She’s not going to idly sit in front of the television while someone else masterminds her outfit.

Yeah fair enough, I hear you say- but how? What do I need apart from a half decent suit?


Accessories, chaps. Cuff links, foot links, rings, pendants. You can make a small but important statement- ‘this day is important to me, too’- with some well chosen accessories. They don’t have to be of the staid, traditional variety, either. Modern men’s accessories feature all manner of wild and wonderful themes, motifs, and materials. Metal, cardboard,  and paper, to name a few. You might have always nursed a secret desire to be captain of a ship. Your wedding day is about indulging fantasies- why not choose a nautically themed pendant for your suit lapel? Your bride (or groom) is certainly not going to be turned off by the idea of a sailor.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Wedding accessories can be EXPENSIVE

Weddings are expensive, expensive events. A friend of mine is getting married in a few months time and, christ, I feel his financial pain. Flowers, booze, rentals, invites, event planning, etc. – all the above and more cost thousands upon thousands of dollars if one wants a premium wedding.

One crucial price category is the jewelry used in getting, and continuing to show people that you are, hitched. Needless to say, rings and bands involved in the marriage process can come at an OUTRAGOUS price – and not just for a bride’s adornments. Men’s engagement and wedding bands go for five hundred, a thousand dollars easy at a number of department stores. The funny thing about men’s jewelry in the marriage game is that much of it is flat-out boring-looking. I can’t tell you how many husbands I’ve seen with wedding rings virtually indistinguishable at a distance from items you could find at a pawn shop or on eBay. That’s not to say ring with a bunch of rocks affixed to it is desirable. A matrimonial ring, for anyone at whatever stage, should at least be something unique and noticeable – never showy but also never dull.

For men, what makes a sophisticated, well-invested ring then is one that comes with particular and personalized touches. Let’s be honest: for many men, their wedding ring might very well be the most expensive accessory they ever purchase for themselves. Since so much money will be sprung for another (albeit frequently worn) addition to your repetoire, shouldn’t it look like it’s worth a bundle? Like I alluded to before, department stores aren’t the place to go for this sort of attention. Your best chance for a personalized, unique ring without down a class division? The Internet, of course. Google something like “engagement ring builder men” and just see how relatively cheap jewelry can be for this very special occasion. You’ll be surprised.

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