Contact Lenses: Could They Be A Spectacles Replacement for Men?

In the history of the contact lens, the concept dates back to the year 1508 with one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ideas, but it wasn’t until 1949 that the first corneal lens was developed. The first contact lenses, or PMMA’s, were hard lenses that were costly and easily breakable. Also, the problem with them was that they did not allow oxygen to pass to the eye through the lens, which led to many eye health issues.

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Vintage Style Glasses are in!

If you look at any of the magazines, or see photos of any of the celebrities you will see that vintage style glasses are all the rage. The question always is: How do you choose what shape frame is right for you? There is a simple formula to select what frame is right for you, but you have to think about what shape your face is. You want to choose a frame that will give you the shape that your face is not. For instance, a “square face” is as long as it is wide, so you want to choose a softer frame that has the rounded lines that your face is missing. A smaller oval frame or rounded frame will be best for you.

Now, if your face is more rounded from your forehead to your chin area, then square frame eyeglasses will compliment your face best. You want to stay away from the rounded frames because your features will be swallowed up and you will have no contrast to your look.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Choosing between glasses and contact lenses

For people who suffer from problems with their sight, one of the decisions you have to make is whether you want to wear glasses, contact lenses, or both. Whilst for a while people seemed to think of glasses or contacts as a binary decision, there is of course room for compromise and many people choose to wear both, picking between the two depending on what a particular situation demands. Glasses are useful in everyday situations – they are comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and come in many colours and designs. Contact lenses from places like Get Lenses, on the other hand, are useful for situations where glasses would be cumbersome, either physically or aesthetically.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Glasses vs. Contacts

Contact lenses have sometimes suffered from bad press in the past, with tales of eye reddening irritation putting many off considering this alternative to traditional glasses. However, when contact lenses are applied properly, and a cooling lubricating drop used to keep eyes moist, the chance to cast off the specs can allow for a much wider range of choice when it comes to selecting a style for the summer.

Glasses can of course be used as a striking fashion feature, but in turn tend to determine a lot about the look you are able to achieve. This is especially true when it comes to hats and other headwear. Sports casual wear in particular can be hard to rock with confidently while wearing specs – and don’t forget there are of course some practical considerations too.

Many find the only way to be able to take part in sports such as football or rugby is through swapping specs for the contact lenses available from suppliers like Vision Direct for the duration of the game. However, off the field of play you might want to hold on to some of the athletic aesthetic on occasion. When you want to project a less bookish image, contact lenses can allow you to tap into the sportier look, and this can be particularly liberating in the warm summer months.

In particular, the U.S B-Boy look can be easier to pull off without the specs, especially if you don’t own a pair of small round glasses. In terms of grooming, you also have an extended palette of choices when it comes to shaping facial hair. This is even more the case when it comes to the style of haircut that you choose, as with out the frame of a pair of spectacles defining the possibilities, you can let your imagination – and your stylist – run riot.

In practical terms, not only can contact sports be an option when you ditch the specs, it’s pretty difficult to leave a pair of contact lenses in the bar! When nerd chic is not working when it comes to meeting the ladies, contact lenses may well be a way of liberating your face and unlocking a whole you. In fact, a report from New Scientist highlights just this – that ditching the glasses for contact lenses boosts sexual success. So next you go out, you may wish leave your second set of eyes at home.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – You can look good in glasses

Believe it or not, you can look good in glasses. Sure, you might look better with contacts, but eyeglasses can certainly match, or even enhance, a man’s face. There’s no better way to demonstrate this reality than by checking out some celebrities and their other eyes.

Johnny Depp looked damn collected and serious when he portrayed a character with prescription glasses in the movie The Ninth Gate. In fact, a lot of Johnny Depp’s characters over the decades donned glasses – and who has ever complained? No one of importance at least. The same goes to say for several of Ralph Fiennes’s characters, Jude Law’s, Sean Connery’s, etc…

Furthermore, as many other bloggers have pointed out, male celebrities wear glasses all the time out in public. At last year’s 2009 Emmys alone, the four gents above took the stage with eyewear (and not with trashy shades mind you). And it goes without saying: famous authors the likes Stephen King rock their bifocals for interviews and jacket pictures with pride.

So now that you see how glasses are not only acceptable but often chic, fear not the four eyes. There are plenty of brick-and-mortar places that carry stylish spectacles, and of course you can always check out glasses online. The point is that attractive, famous people rock glasses all the time and there is no shortage of eyewear catering to the needs of sophisticated men. Don’t be nervous to look smart!

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