Men’s Fashion Trends – Eye Catching Fabrics for Spring 2013

Believe it or not gents, clothing fabric is an important consideration in life, not just the upholstery fabric of your car or what comprises your furniture. While browsing through the men’s runway styles for Spring 2013, I saw the return of a lot of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen. Even though materials like acrylic and polyester have come a long way from when they were introduced in their original form, the natural fiber materials still seem to always be at the forefront of fashion. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen have the ability to “breathe”, unlike their man made polyester and acrylic counterparts.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Looking Forward to Spring

If there is one thing that Winter does, is making you look forward to Spring. Come the end of February, everyone is entertaining thoughts of warmer weather and lighter clothing. As I was looking at the collection for Spring/Summer 2013, I discovered some looks that might be a “go” or a “no”.


The first is by Dolce and Gabbana. The v-neck, collared shirt looks like some sort of tapestry with the muted colors and people scene. I’ll give it one thing that it does look comfortable. However, the shorts are just all wrong. They have a length that went out in the 70’s and should have stayed out. It kind of looks like they cut off a pair of grey dress pants to make them. I don’t see these particular shorts being very popular.

Hermes men spring summer 2013

The second Spring/Summer look on the runway is by Hermes. Both the outfits show that color and patterns are still huge trends for the upcoming year. The grey trousers pair up nicely with the buttery yellow shirt and geometric pattern cardigan in pear green. These shorts by Hermes are a much nicer length and fit. The total looks are also pulled together with great lace-up sneakers.


The last fashion line-up for Spring/Summer 2013 is by Giorgio Armani. The white trousers and neutral leather shoes combine nicely with the slim-fitting taupe knit jacket. It is definitely a sleek and sexy look that is able to take the place of a traditional sports jacket. The vest combo and white trousers that follows is also a nice alternative to the traditional summer suit.

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