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Rings For Special Occasions

Society, by default, assumes that rings are automatically purchased in lieu of weddings or engagements. Even if just to say how much you care, there are literally thousands of reasons why you should give the gift of diamond rings. To help inspire you, here are several common occasions where rings are an appropriate purchase.

eternity womens fashion

Renewing vows

Once couples have hit milestone anniversaries, they’ll entertain renewing their vows which basically reaffirms the same love they promised each other ‘x’ amount of years ago. This would also be an opportune time to give each other new wedding bands to symbolize the reaffirmation of these vows (not to mention your rings are probably pretty worn after 25 years). Platinum would be perfect around the 25 year mark, while gold would probably suffice at your 10 or 15 year affirmation. Anniversaries coincide with renewing vows as you’ll more than likely have your nuptials read at your anniversary party.

Birthdays, of course!

Instead of throwing outlandish parties for someone’s 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday party, why not take them out to eat and offer them a beautifully created diamond ring? Gifts of this magnitude should gradually get better in terms of quality as one ages; a beautifully hand crafted platinum setting for an S1 clarity of diamond would be perfect at the half-century mark of one’s life. Chocolate or strawberry gold would be perfect for a young girl’s 18th birthday party as it symbolizes both a daring and conservative appearance often showcased in our current era.

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Child birthing (the ‘Push’ present)

After going through long, excruciating hours of labor pains then finally delivering a beautiful miracle, what better way to congratulate the newly proud mother than by giving her an exquisite piece of diamond jewelry! Provided she picked the name out prior to giving birth, you could actually purchase the ring with both the mother and child’s name inscribed on the inside of the ring. There is honestly no other more immaculate occasion to give someone a beautiful gift than after the woman brings new life into existence. You can learn more about sizing rings appropriate to her finger size by downloading various ring sizing guides found online today.

‘Just because’

Yet another popular category for purchasing rings casts a wider net even still. Honestly, you really don’t need an excuse to hop down to the jewelry store to purchase a beautiful diamond ring. Giving random gifts to the person who loves you proves how much the love is reciprocated. You could take your loved one to a picnic and surprise them with a diamond ring, leaving rings inside wineglasses then pour your dinner wine, or come up with another creative way to present a diamond ring to this truly remarkable person.

Whether for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or giving credit where credits due to a new mother, every special occasion is the perfect time to give the gift of precious jewelry. Bonus points to the person that creates their own special occasion and makes the moment the most memorable one yet.

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Women’s Shopping Advice – Unexpected Gifts for your Sweetheart

Special occasions tend to increase the pressure to buy the perfect gift.  We’ve taken some otherwise generic ho-hum gifts and gave them a makeover.

Screen Shot 2014 01 29 at 5.26.43 PM womens fashion


These lacy flowers have a sexy secret.  When you unwrap this bouquet, you find each ‘rose’ is actually a lace thong.  Pick up these racy flowers at www.hankypanky.com


Who wouldn’t love a bottle of their favorite Merlot or Zinfandel?  But why give them a plain old bottle when you can encase those flavors in chocolate!  2 Chicks with Chocolate combines flavors such as Cabernet Caramel and Spicy Merlot mix spices and wine into sweet confections.  Packaged in a satin wine bottle bag, this is the ultimate gift for a wine connoisseur.   Find out more at www.2chickswithchocolate.com.

Screen Shot 2014 01 29 at 5.28.00 PM 1 womens fashion


An expensive bottle of perfume is a fantastic gift.  That being said, Tory Burch’s perfume comes in a pendant with a gold-tone graphic pattern.  The stunning necklace opens to reveal the solid perfume.  With a mix of floral peony and tuberose, combined with crisp citrus notes of grapefruit and neroli, Tory Burch’s fragrance is feminine, as well as tomboy, and totally unexpected.


While most ladies wouldn’t turn down a box of truffles, a chocolate diamond engagement ring might make for a more memorable present.  This 1.67 Carat Natural Fancy Chocolate Brown Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold from Liori Diamonds will be her favorite sweet treat of all.  Already married or not ready to pop the question?  Try a pair of chocolate diamond earrings!

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Ideal Fashionable Gifts for Men

Let’s face it; choosing gifts for the man in your life isn’t the easiest of tasks! There are only so many pairs of socks, power tools and cufflinks you can buy before he starts getting frustrated! The good news is, thanks to the never-ending reach of the Internet there are plenty of unique gifts you can invest in, and personalised presents can be found in the unlikeliest of places. If you’re stuck for inspiration then the ideas below will help.

Remember this is his ideal gift, not yours!
According to Psychology Today, we often find it hard to buy for others because we focus instead on our own ideals. You look for what you think he will like, rather than what he would think is an ideal gift. So the key to finding the perfect present is getting inside his head. Obviously this isn’t as easy as it sounds! To make it easier, there are a few general gifts that most men would be more than happy to receive. The list below will give you some good ideas of what to invest in.

Lexi USB Drive mens fashion

1. All things gadget
If there’s one thing men love, it is gadgets! There are all kinds of weird and wonderful gadgets out there. Some are useful and some are just plain weird. If you’re looking for a useful gadget for the computer lover in your life then a customised USB from USB Makers could be the answer. You can opt to have your own logo on there, so make it personal to him. It may sound like a boring gift, but for the tech savvy guy it’s bound to put a huge smile on his face!

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Men’s Fashion Advice – 5 Common Mistakes Buying Jewelry for Gifting

Men have a reputation for being stubborn and never admitting it when they don’t know something. If they are indeed this way, it tends to surface in two important areas – a reluctance to ask for directions and shopping for gifts for a special someone. It can be risky buying a gift without really knowing what you’re doing, though – especially if it’s something like jewelry where it can be hard for the uninitiated to know what exactly makes one piece of jewelry desirable over another. You need to go in with the right idea about what to pick. Whatever you do, you need to try not to make these mistakes.

buying jewelry 1249 300x186 womens fashion mens fashion

Not reading up

Most men don’t appreciate that fashion is a deep subject. There’s at least as much to learn there as there is in shopping for sporting goods or tools. Just as one would never make a purchase in these areas without some learning, it would be a mistake to go in to shop for jewelry without reading a few books and articles. You need to learn about the different metals, stones and designs that make sense to the modern woman. Only then should you step into a shop.

Not paying attention

If the woman that the gift is for often wears jewelry with a little stones rather than large ones, that’s an important preference to keep in mind. If she likes to wear matching jewelry rather than a particular color all the time, that’s another point to know. Paying attention can only tell you so much, though. If you can manage it, spending a little time going through her current collection at home can be a good way to familiarize yourself with what the general trend is.

Buying something your very first time at a store

It’s important to first cruise jewelry selections on display on every interesting jewelry store page online to really take in what the jewelry on offer today looks like. You should make a few selections, consider buying them and then leave to come back the next day to take a second look. It takes time to really get jewelry. You can only be a good shopper when you understand what you’re buying.

Choosing the wrong store

There is another reason to not buy your very first time at a jewelry store – you can choose the wrong store. Shopping around is important not only to because it gives you a look at all the prices and products available, you also come by better salespeople and more trustworthy stores as you look around. Jewelry is expensive – you can’t just buy from any store. You need to get find a place that both offers reasonably priced merchandise and also appears reputable.

Thinking that jewelry is the wrong choice of gift because “it’s just too expensive”

In an old 70s Blondie comic strip, Dagwood shows up at a jewelry store and asks the salesperson what he can show him for $20. “Nothing but my complete contempt,” retorts the salesman. Many men fear something exactly along these lines – they don’t want to consider jewelry for fear of embarrassing themselves. Jewelry doesn’t have to cost £1,000, though – great jewelry can start for as little as £50. You just need to go out and look.

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Last Minute X-Mas Gift Advice!

In a jam for biggest gift-giving day of the year? Check out our favorite quick-and-easy gifts for the rest of the 2013 holiday season!

Screen Shot 2013 12 10 at 4.07.10 PM womens fashion mens fashion leather


This gorgeous gold key necklace at Macy’s is sweet and playful at the same time. They’ll love it at the office and paired with our favorite party dresses.

prodmainimg8131 womens fashion mens fashion leather


Know a camper that needs some flare in their adventure garb? Not only are there a billion little things you can him or her – as clearly displayed at the Caravan Accessories store – of funcitonal value, there are also fashionable options! Check out out these sleek Sealskinz Activity gloves, perfect for any tundra excursion! (more…)

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Women’s Fashion Advice – What To Get A Lady For The Holidays

Giving season is clearly upon us, so we’re pretty sure you’re already considering what to offer your beloved ones. So here’s a helping hand – a small gift guide for the fashion-driven ladies in your life. You know the type – their closets are bigger than anyone else’s yet they never have anything to wear; they know what’s in and what’s out before anyone else does; and they always look impeccable no matter the time of the day.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Accessories For Men That Make Good Gifts

Men can be stubborn when it comes to fashion. Most do not like purchasing the finer things for themselves so it is up to their better half to refine their style and bring them up to date on the latest fashion trends. So what do the designers recommend for giving your man that special style he needs to stay ahead of the rest? This short guide looks at some interesting choices for gift giving.


Cuffwear Chris Zownir 200x300 mens fashion

I bet you thought this was something your Grandpa only had for special occasions. Designer cufflinks like those at Cuffwear are quickly becoming the trendiest fashion accessory for the guys. They come in an endless variety of styles to suit the most discerning of tastes. Your man can show off his favorite sport by wearing a soccer field or hockey rink shaped cufflinks on their sleeve. They make excellent gifts and are something that is a little different from the usual tie or socks.

Stylish Pen

You have your man all dressed up, ready to start his new corporate job and what does he have in his shirt pocket, a cheap plastic pen. Dress him up a little better by giving him a nice designer pen. Something like a nice ballpoint hand made from wood or a bold looking aluminum slimline pen makes an excellent choice for the boardroom.


Nothing finishes the look like a nice pair of sunglasses. Most men view them as utilitarian, but they are really a fashion accessory. There are lots of styles, shapes, and colors available to match your man’s look and outfit they are wearing. Having a couple pair on hand is the least a well-dressed man should have.

Designer Underwear

2xist designer mens underwear 150x300 mens fashion

Women love wearing designer undergarments in fashionable colors, why can’t men have the same look. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying to buy a pair of lacy underwear for your guy, there are lots of nice boxers available that are rather colorful, fun, and quite stylish. Look around in stores and online, the market has really grown in this department.

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