Eyewear options to make you stand out

Eyewear options to make you stand out from the crowd

Your face is the first thing people notice, so what better way to make a first impression than with eyewear? Eyewear can be a necessity, it can make a fashion statement, it can reflect your personality and style – or it can do all of these things.


Colored frames

Colorful frames that reflect the rave culture of the early 90s are in fashion for 2015. Colors such as burgundy, aqua and darker blues are favored by designers, as well as shiny black frames made from modern acetates for comfort, durability and style. The classic frame shape and variations of it suit most face shapes, but it is always important to try on different frames in front of a large mirror to make sure you get glasses with which you are happy. Colors for the more demure fashionista might include army or military greens, which are fairly neutral colors to complement your wardrobe, or a pale, inky gray frame decorated with darker swirls for a modern look.

Be eyewear-free

You may prefer to be eyewear-free for practical reasons, or just from personal choice sometimes. For those who require corrective eye wear as a necessity but prefer to be eyewear-free, LASIK laser vision correction can give you the option of whether to wear glasses or not. For those located in and around the Midwest, find out about Lasik in Omaha and discover what options are available to correct or improve your vision

Contact lenses can be a convenient alternative to glasses, or may be chosen for cosmetic reasons. Contact lenses can give you any eye color you like, make the iris look bigger or rounder, shimmer or catch the light, or be worn for an alternative or freaky look ā€“ perhaps you would like Dracula eyes at Halloween, or want to impress your friends by giving the impression of an embossed design or motif on the actual iris.

Dare to be different

If bold is your thing, try deeper color tones for your eyewear ā€“ frames that shout out, that make a statement ā€“ such as electric purple, frames with striking patterns, glittery rhinestones or outrageous shapes, or a fun, funky look such as Barbie style heart-shaped glasses. Team your choice of frame with lenses that are transparent, mirrored, ochre, earth-colored, tea-toned, even yellow or more dramatic colors.


Oversized sunglasses that cover the eyes and the surrounding eye area are flattering and hide a multitude of imperfections around the eye area. You could take this further with shield glasses that cover the face coa bit like a deep-sea diving mask! Retro sunglasses are in vogue, and of course the traditional aviator style is timeless: each season it is revived and often given a new vibe.

White frames in the cat-eye form are a popular and very fashionable frame shape for both sunglasses and regular glasses. Designer frames can be a means of shouting out to people that you ooze style and sophistication; few would disagree that glasses can make you look sophisticated and intelligent, or that eyewear can be fun and funky.

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Lesson #104: Sunglasses for the coming Spring

Believe it or not, I felt the Sun beaming down on me more than a few times this last week of February. And where there is sun, soon there is bound to be shades. But what should you know about sunglasses before you wear a pair to announce the coming of Springtime?

Oakley Fuel Cell

INFEASIBLE: Sunglasses featuring bright colors

Wow, that purple is something else. In that something else, any other color really, makes more sense to feature on a pair of sunglasses – unless you’re filming one of those futureshock movies and the villain need wear something ridiculous like this pair as he/she sends waves of mutants to fight the protagonist. Even the frames of this Oakley are a bit sidesplitting in that they are bulky, unwieldy, and look like shards of ice. Finally, the mere fact that it’s been branded “FUEL CELL” is just a tasteless ploy to misdirect some attention from Green activism. Ugh.

But speaking of green…

Mosley Tribes Aviator Sunglasses

Feasible: Sunglasses with color, just not NEON BRIGHT colors

These shades pull off a seldom used color in sunglasses: green. It works because we’re not talking about neon green here, but rather something more akin to obsidian green, which far from screams “attention-whore” (see those Oakleys). There’s nothing wrong with a little color in your avi’s, just keep the tone cool and low-key.

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