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How To Add Pops of Color Using Outfit Accessories

When you’re a busy man of the world, you don’t want to don just any boring old look or follow tacky trends. Men with true style are the ones who know how to take risks, and that can be as simple as adding a pop of unexpected color to your look. This is also a very simple way to take your work outfit from just another face in the crowd to the stylish man everyone on the street wants to emulate. The key thing to remember is that you should stay true to your own identity and remind yourself frequently exactly what type of aesthetic you want to put out to the people around you.

birdseye cottoncash socks

Don’t Ignore the Socks x

The first thing most people think of when color comes up is ties or shirts, but instead, trying starting from underneath. Socks can make a statement. Browsing VK Nagrani socks for men, for example, is a great way to sift through many different styles and see what strikes your ultra-luxury fancy. Wearing appropriate hosiery that suits the entire look you’re going for is a time honored tradition that goes back centuries with well dressed, worldly men. Chances are that your socks will indeed be seen with a lift of your foot or a crossed leg, and you want to make sure that every detail of your wardrobe you reveal is impeccable. If you want to play it safe, stick with solid colors in styles that match your shoe. For example, if you’re wearing a lace-up dress shoe, you need to stick with thin dress socks made of a fine fabric. If you’re wearing athletic shoes, you can go with a bulkier sock. Just don’t wear an athletic sock with dress shoes, because it will completely ruin your image. Getting this small but significant detail right helps to project a dignified image for the man who’s got it all together.


An Old-Fashioned Handkerchief

There’s a fine line between outdated versus classic. However, a handkerchief can be the perfect complement to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Men’s Journal describes a silk handkerchief as subtle and simple, but also practical. While you’re not going to wear a handkerchief visibly the way you would a tie, it will come out more frequently than you might first think. There’s usually an opportunity for a handkerchief to emerge, and only the most elegant gentlemen still carry a silk handkerchief around. It’s these little touches that speak to your refined taste. Just as colors themselves are details that can reveal small moments of individuality, carrying certain items like handkerchiefs that aren’t seen much anymore also makes you memorable. When you want to exude sophistication visually as well as in lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with a handkerchief.

Subtle Hues that Contrast

Sometimes, when you have a “pop” of color, it doesn’t actually mean that it has to be bright or garish. For example, Esquire points out that black shoes with brown soles not only give a snazzier aesthetic, but also go better with grey and blue suits. There are certain color combinations that are unexpected, but also complementary. Purple and green often go together, and can be extremely attractive in subdued hues when worn next to each other. Even wearing black and navy together, if done the right way, can look stylish instead of wrong. What you have to remember about unexpected color combinations, though, is that it’s all in the delivery and intent.

Taking Glasses to another Level

Whether you’re talking about the ones you wear in the sun, a pair used to read, or prescription lenses, it’s the frames on glasses are what make them a fashion statement. They also provide ample opportunity to ramp up your style presence. Men’s Journal advises that after properly fitting a pair of frames to your face, the next thing to consider is color, since it’s a great way to signal a creative, unique look. When you’re trying to choose an off-beat color for frames, consider going for something that’s bold, but can also be downplayed if needed. For example, donning a pair of blue frames that are dark enough in certain types of light they look neutral is a good way to straddle the line between too over the top and the need to remain classic. This is especially true if you frequently transition from business to social hours without changing your outfit.

Using color is a simple style hack that can take you surprisingly far. Not only does it make you seem like fashion forward, but also is capable of conveying your personality. Personal aesthetic is a very important statement about who you are to the world. Before you ever say a word, the first thing people respond to is the visual. Pick a favorite color and match it up with outfits either using style or complementary colors, and you’ll be able to establish your own unique brand of identity.

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Designer Eyewear for Every Man In 2015

Sunglasses are not only a form of eye protection to shield you from the sun’s rays, but they also can make a great fashion statement. You choose sunglasses that reflect your personal style as an accessory to your clothing. In Sunglasses Shop’s men’s sunglasses section,  you will find a selection of designer men’s sunglasses that will fit any taste.
persol sunglasses
One of my favorite pairs of sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop is the Persol sunglasses. The light brown tortoise, rounded frame compliment the light blue lenses nicely and it is a throwback to the 1960’s, but has the modern technology of Persol’s Meflecto system that prevents any head pressure with the fit and also an anti-reflective coating within the blue lenses. For 193 Euros, you get a lot of style for your money.
Paul Smith Clarefield
The next pair is the Paul Smith Clarefield, which have a retro vibe with the rounded metal frames and the mocha colored lenses. These ones are handmade in Italy for 199 Euros and are for the guy who loves a little John Lennon or Ozzy Ozbourne style.
Prada Aviator
For the classic aviator lover, the Sunglasses Shop has the Prada Sport 50P which takes the traditional Aviator style and makes it a little sportier with the rimless frame and the tan colored, graded lenses. They are a look that never goes out of style and the light color is a great summery style for 162 Euros.
Dior Homme
Last, but not least is the Dior Homme Black Tie 181s. This particular pair of sunglasses is more of a bold look with the thicker black acetate frame with brushed metal sides and grey lenses. Also, with the addition of the rubberized inner arm pieces, you can personalize your fit. This style is for the guy who wants more if a collegiate look and at 215 Euros it is a little more expensive, but it is also Dior.

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Go Wood: Sunglasses for a New Wave

Men’s sunglasses have been a functional and fashionable item for decades.  Not only have the styles come and gone, but the materials have also changed with the times.  Given the drive for more eco-friendly products that will help to preserve our environment, it is only natural that sustainability is now also an idea in eyewear design, specifically in the form of Go Wood wooden sunglasses.

go wood beach

Go Wood’s wood sunglasses collection consists of stylish eyewear which are produced with exceptional quality wood that includes bamboo, oak, and cherry.  They are a unique and eco-conscious counterpart to the plastic and metal sunglasses designs, each assembled by hand and including polarized lenses for crisp vision in all kinds of situations.  The makers of Go wood sunglasses even ship each pair in their own engraved wooden box, to protect you purchase. You also have a very convenient 7 day return policy that states “no questions asked”, as long as they are in an undamaged condition.

matt-black1-god-wood-sunglassesOne very popular pair is the Ray Ban-looking bamboo wood sunglasses Los Angeles Matt Black Sunglasses.  Since the price for these unisex style sunglasses are $49 and the other sunglasses in their website shop range from $89 to $119, the “Los Angeles” is by far the biggest bargain for the same quality sunglasses.

If you are looking for something that a little more playful, Go Wood also creates a vibrant red and blue skateboard sunglasses for $119 each.  Who says that you have to give up fashion to being environmentally responsible?  With this selection of wooden sunglasses from Go Wood, you can have both.

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Eyewear For Spring/Summer 2014


Refresh for the imminent new season with my five key men’s trends and the way to frame them this spring.

American Retro

Old school Americana was rebooted for 2014. At Saint Laurent it was of the edgy L.A kind. Sequins, patent leather, leopard and zebra and lame brought out the showman. Gold mirrored matte aviators were the eyewear flash of genius. Etro went out West and intricate tooling became appliqué curls over suits and guitar cases. The dusty desert palette was splashed with bright colour pops. Topman Design made its mark on the cowboy shirt updating it with metallic accompaniment. Bottega Veneta’s was the most contemporary with bold black outlines and chalk marks. The key is a great shirt. Look for Western detail; piping, florals and looped or peaked lapel collars. But sunglasses are as ever what will bring the cool factor.

Burberry Heritage 4154Q

A squared off wayfarer is a great and versatile choice. Make wayfarers and aviators matte and mirrored, or both for the essential contemporary twist. The Burberry Heritage 4154Q is perfect for the look. There are hand stitched leather temples to match your jacket too. For mirrors look to the keyhole bridged Dirty Dog Monza. The Ray-Ban Chris in its new velvet incarnation comes with fiery flash mirrors too. It’s the perfect rock star twist.


Ray-Ban 2140 Urban Camouflage

Florals are big for men this spring/summer. Gucci, Prada and Burberry all did them beautifully. But it’s not for everyone. Camo is the perfect way to get the same effect. Indeed some of those florals came off like camo. Valentino, Belstaff, Christopher Raeburn and Lee Roach all offered fresh takes on camouflage. Just in time for the season Ray-Ban goes urban with the Original 2140 Wayfarer. Those classic winged arms come covered in camo fabric. The face is matte. That natural fabric is a real classy finish to the handmade frame. It has what it takes to accompany smart looks as well as casual urban cool.


The elegance of pale grey is often taken for granted. The designers gave it the attention it deserves on the spring/summer runways. Paul Smith, Emporio Armani, Z Zegna and Jil Sander all produced great new grey looks. It’s felt really fresh in eyewear too for some time. The Oliver Peoples Sheldrake in its streaked grey remains a firm favourite with me. It’s all going on here. But as great menswear should be, it’s classic and newness is subtle. The payoff at the temples after the streaking is huge. Turn the head and flash ultra contemporary crystal clear arms. Through the temples to boot is an Oliver Peoples branded core wire. Blue lenses brighten up the grey and make for a great signature to set you apart.

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake


Ray-Ban Justin

Even Paul Smith’s runway was pink this season. At Tom Ford there was more pink tailoring, tone on tone with stand out texture. At Giorgio Armani it was in a pale soft tailored jacket and teamed with grey. Playful, fresh and confident pink is a great colour to bring into your palette and this is the season to do it. Bobby Gillespie was ahead of the game donning head to toe fuchsia at Glastonbury last year. It has got a touch of the rock star about it when you go all the way with a deeper pink. Not too many men venture into it; it comes off confident, showy and original. Ray-Ban’s latest take on its Justin is perfect. The pink is kept matte with the superbrand’s new gummy finish and along with the bold square update on the original wayfarer it’s a masculine take on pink. Rich flash mirror lenses are another must when updating your shades for 2014.


Polo 4064

Stripes return for another season. At Marc Jacobs they were in chevrons over mono knits. At Dolce and Gabbana there were varied grades in earthy tones. At E Tautz there were blocks and verticals. Burberry Prorsum teamed them with spots in another collection that owed much to national treasure painter David Hockney. Coordination in your look colour and print wise provides an instant catwalk look. Bring your sunglasses in with the new Polo 4064. The slim temples off this masculine wayfarer come with two so very well placed stripes. The tortoise face and green lenses will be the perfect classic grounding to your 2014 brights.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Be Playful This Winter!

Unless you’re still in your pre-teens you’ve probably outgrown cartoon animal t-shirts and playful jewelry. There’s good news though for those who are still a kid at heart: You can keep the whimsy alive without slipping back into your childhood!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 4.27.39 PM

For instance, Lanvin’s 10th Anniversary Cartoon Inlay Sunglasses look sleek when on but they hold a little surprise inside, a fun cartoon pattern! You won’t find them just anywhere – unfortunately you won’t find them on the likes of Yoox – but they’re definitely worth the search! Never let your eyes weather the low winter sun without protection again! (more…)

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Men’s Eyewear – Innovations in contact lenses

Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with first introducing the idea for the contact lens.  Yet even he would find it hard to believe how far his concept has come today.  In 2011, the worldwide contact lens market was valued at $6.8billion, with indications that this is set to rise by the end of 2012.

With the range of lenses now available, popular internet sites such as LensWay are offering lens wearers a whole host of solutions for their vision needs, from sight correction to treating cornea problems.  However, in recent years contact lenses have been used for a surprising range of reasons.


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