5 Shopper’s Tips For Buying Dazzling Engagement Rings

If wedding bells are to be ringing in the near future, you will need to be ringing yourself, too, as you shop for engagement rings for her. But what ring should you buy? How do you research it? And what should you know about them? We’ll give you a head start with these candid tips.


Speak To An Experienced Jeweler

We are all good at something. So unless you are an experienced jeweler, you really should talk to an expert about diamond engagement rings before you make that big purchase. Jewelers can help you better understand what you should be looking for, what your budget allows and why you should consider different sizes or cuts over another. It’s always helpful to get the advice of a working professional, so you can make the best decision for your budget.

Know Her Size

If you are trying to keep the ring a surprise, which is typically the case, then there are some sneaky ways that you can determine her ring size. First, off, some of you will already know her ring size, so you can skip this step. But if you are not aware of what it is, take a look in her jewelry box. Borrow a few rings and take them to a local jewelry store so you can have them sized. Then replace them later so she is not aware of your sneakiness.

Determine Your Budget

One of the most critical elements of finding the perfect diamond engagement rings relates directly to your budget. What can you afford to buy and how high of quality are you able to get without breaking the bank? There are always financing options that are available, too, something that you can consider if a monthly payment fits your budgeting better than a lump sum purchase. With financing, you can also look for a better quality ring as well.

Learn About The 5 C’s

The 5 C’s is a common terminology used to are diamonds. Understanding how this works can help you choose the best ring for your lover. According to WikiHow, the 5 C’s stands for the following: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat and Confidence. Once you are more familiarized with how these aspects work (which can be accomplished by talking to a jeweler), you will be armed with the knowledge that you require to find the best diamond ring for your budget.

Research Your Options

Lastly, take your time. Be patient. Do not lunge for the first ring that you find and open your wallet, as this is usually a mistake. Rather, carefully research all of your options. Realize that an engagement ring is one of the larger purchases that you will ever make. Compare your options, shop around and be scrupulous. Do this, and you will be able to present her with a ring that makes her blush and smile from ear to ear.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Man-gagement Rings: I Do or I Don’t?

Man-gagement Rings: I Do or I Don’t?

The idea of a man wearing an engagement ring to express his commitment to his fiancé is not a new one, but over the years it has not been a very popular trend. However, this year, some celebrities have brought it back in a big way.


One trend-setting guy who was spotted with a “man-gagement” ring recently on his left ring finger is Johnny Depp. His rather substantially large round diamond solitaire is flanked by graduating diamonds down the shank of the ring and is a nice compliment to Johnny’s fiancé Amber Heard’s sparkling solitaire that is in a slightly more feminine setting.

johnny-depp-and amber heard with eng rings

Another couple who has jumped on board with the “man-gagament” ring trend is Singer Jennifer Hudson and her Wrestler fiancé David Otunga. His commitment ring is a band style ring with raised geometric squares and inset diamonds in between each square and along the profile. It is a modern design by one of the top ring designers, Neil Lane. It has both sparkle and unique interest all in one package.

Considering that engagements can be quite lengthy sometimes and both parties may enjoy professing their love and commitment for each other, the idea of a “man-gagement” ring seems like less of an oddity. Also, in breaking with tradition, the usual engagement ring recipient may really enjoy being able to show their love for their “spouse-to-be” with the gift of a ring in return. Most people may not have the finances to buy a 5 carat diamond set in Platinum that celebrities like Johnny Depp and David Otunga may be wearing, but there are simpler band styles made out of white gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel that may fit the bill.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – How to wear your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Much is said and written about the correct way to wear engagement and wedding rings. The fact is, of course, that different cultures and traditions have their own ’correct’ way and these change as years go by.

Some wedding ring traditions


In many western countries the wedding ring is worn on the third finger or ring finger, of the left hand. This tradition developed from the time of the ancient Greeks who believed that there was a vein running directly from that finger to the heart; it was called the ‘vena amoris’ or ‘vein of love’. It was therefore considered appropriate for the wedding ring, a symbol of love and devotion, to be worn there. The tradition has continued despite the lack of any scientific evidence for the existence of the ‘vena amoris’.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – What To Want For An Engagement Ring

There is nothing a woman loves to do more than show off her engagement ring. It is the single most important piece of jewelry she owns, and it represents the excitement she feels in preparing for her wedding. The engagement ring is a source of pride and devotion she feels towards her groom. She is given a sense of belonging and the feeling of being loved.


The groom who knows his bride very well will have no problem picking out a ring that will perfectly suit her personality and be as lovely as she is. The wedding rings do not need to be expensive. When the groom is searching for affordable engagement rings, he can find many rings that fall into that category. An engagement ring does not necessarily need to be a solitaire diamond. The popularity of Moissanite as a diamond alternative is quite popular among women. The cut and clarity of the man-made stone is impressive. The internal brilliance of this gemstone can outshine the diamond in color and flash. It has a dispersion rate twice that of the diamond, which allows the Moissanite the ability to deliver twice the color.

The Moissanite is a result of an accidental discovery of bits and pieces of a meteor that scattered diamond-like material around in Arizona. This material was examined. It was then cut as a gemstone in the 1800s. Today, it is manufactured in North Carolina where it was successfully grown in a lab in 1998 and used in a variety of beautifully brilliant jewelry.

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Men’s & Women’s Jewelry Advice – Engagements!

Couples looking to make a lifelong commitment to one another will need to find the right engagement rings to symbolize their future union and love for one another. When groom goes to look for the perfect piece to present to the love of his life, he should do his research before he sets off for the store or makes an online purchase.


Shane Co. offers breathtakingly beautiful rings for any bride’s taste and style, so the groom will have his pick of engagement rings that are sure to please. The groom should have a solid idea of what type of ring his future fiancee will appreciate. Whether she has an eye for the modern simplicity of band and a small and subtle diamond, something much more grand or something with a more antique feel to it, Shane Co. has something to please everyone. Customers will enjoy the peace of having a lifetime warranty on their engagement rings at Shane Co., as well as direct diamond importer prices and upgrading a diamond for a reasonable price.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Jewelry in the summertime

Summertime, the living’s easy. But don’t take it too easy because, although everyone has sunglasses on, they’re still checking out you and your fashion. And while it might be your impulse to shed off as much as possible when the sun’s out in full-force, I wager you’d benefit from keeping some of your more sparkly stuff on.

Jewelry on men in general is a tricky act and especially during the summer months. One of the safer bets when it comes to adornments are rings. Of course I don’t want to suggest three bands on each finger, but a piece of silver on your ring finger will glint nicely at the beach.

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