74. Men’s fashion and hats

INFEASIBLE: Hats with all kinds of colorful crap going on

Christian Audigier Men’s City of Angels Hat – White
(From Front StyleRocket)


Now, down to business: Hats are never, ever the first thing you want people to notice about you. These days (yes, they used to be a fashion statement in the 1800’s), one uses hats for primarily functional purposes: to keep one’s head warm, to mask a bad hairline (don’t do this though), to focus others’ eyes on the FACE versus hair or ears.

Obviously then, Christian Audigier is doing something grievous by selling people junk like the above piece. Yes, psychedelic colored items is fun in concept (when high), but so is Learyean enlightment theory. Chris, please stop doing acid and thinking you’re cool enough to play with the designers who have real insights, k? Wonderful. Moving on…

Feasible: Faux-combat hats in gray, black, and dark blue

Linen Combat Cap-Grey
(Brought to you by Buy.com)

Be wary with combat hats, as with all hats. This piece is very simple and fits nicely on the top of one’s head without covering the face. MAYBE if you’re jet enough you could don a (just one) pin of your favorite indietronica or hipster band on the side, but otherwise leave as is. Also, no facial hair with this.

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