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Women’s Jewelry Advice – How To Rock Diamond Earrings

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Diamond cluster earrings are stunning, elegant and adored additions to any woman’s jewelry collection, as many famous women can attest. In fact, some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world are diamond cluster earrings.

Golconda Diamond Earrings?

Found on many lists of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world, the Golconda diamond earrings came from the mines of India and are also known as the Imperial Cushions due to the cushion-shaped diamonds that hang from the set of clusters attached to the posts. Each earring has over 23 carats of diamonds and were purchased at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Spring Sale in 2011 for $9.3 million. The purchaser at the Hong Kong sale remains anonymous.

Harry Winston Diamond Drop Earrings

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Harry Winston designed the diamond drop earrings, which are considered the best and most expensive earrings ever made. Each earring consists of two pear-shaped diamonds, and the pair is estimated at 60 karats. Because Winston mounted the diamonds in platinum, the metal is invisible when the earrings are worn. Created for stars to wear at the Oscar’s, the earrings have an estimated worth of $8.5 million.

Although there are many more famous diamond earrings, these two examples show why diamond earrings are often some of the most loved pieces of jewelry any woman owns.

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Women’s Fashion Review – Blaque Label Halter Top Dress, Kenneth Jay Lane Bead Drop Earrings

Special review post from our close and fabulous friend, Natasha:

This past summer, my bestest male friend, and the sartorial brain genius behind this blog you’re reading, dished me up quite the surprise.  One day, while checking my mailbox, I encountered a(n) (unexpected) package from Shopbop.  Inside was every girl’s dream: literally, The Perfect Little Black Dress, Blaque Label’s Halter Top Dress, accompanied by gold and turquoise bead drop earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane.

shopbop black dress 225x300 womens fashion review

I was floored, utterly flabbergasted.  I rushed into my apartment, threw my purse on the floor, and put on the dress.  I looked at myself in the mirror, my lips curling into the biggest smile.  And then I twirled.


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Women’s Fashion Exclusive – 10% Off At R. Lambo

Ladies, need to treat yourself to some crafty jewelry? Gents, need to please a lady with some adornments? At R. Lambo, their mission is to stock and sell women’s accessories and ready to wear from all around the world. Their growing collection features pieces that will enhance a woman’s style and outfits with items that are unique and beautiful to wear.


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Lesson #82: Earrings on men (again)

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Gloffin men’s gold plated earrings

INFEASIBLE: Gold earrings with ~*cutesy*~ danglers

Ah yes, the specter of male earrings: when will you leave us? As long as people refuse to listen to me and buy gaudy crap like the above, it’ll probably never leave the world of the Living. Ask yourself, you clueless man: Would any self-respecting woman wear something like this? Of course not, so why should you be allowed to?
earringsf mens fashion

Light Hammered Hoop Tiny Earring Sterling Silver

Feasible: Single tiny silver hoop earring in upper cartilege
My friend Kev rocks a similar one (yes, only one) in the upper part of his left ear and it works splendidly for him. Doesn’t mean it’ll work for you, Mr. Stuck-in-the-90s Guy. Trend carefully with earrings, youngling.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Jon Gosselin

jon gosselin christian audigier 01 mens fashion

Uhh…stud earrings for this overly tanned stud? Maybe if his collared shirt wasn’t covered in a 2nd-grader’s flower drawings…SNAP!
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41. Ear piercings

INFEASIBLE: Wheel-like earrings crested with large stones
chain 45 white cubic pierced earring for men mens fashion
(From Chainz.com)

I could go on and on about the foibles of men and piercings, especially ear piercings. It’s my opinion that the vast majority of men should stay the fuck away from them. And NO ONE can pull off a pair like the ones above. These are just some of the ugliest, tasteless things I’ve ever come across – don’t even try to imagine them in someone’s earlobe. Might cause seizures.

Feasible: Black oval earrings
 mens fashion
(Brought to you by FarEastJade.com)

Now, if the guy is sexy, stylish, posh, whatever enough, then MAYBE these would work on him. Maybe. No guarantees this feature, blokes.

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