Review of Vardama Dress Shirts

In December of 2014, a new line of menswear arrived on the fashion scene that incorporated sleek, modern clothing items with the convenience of the newest in “easy-care” technology. Vardama New York launched their premier line of men’s suits, dress shirts, and ties with their own proprietary technology of Equa-Tek.


This technology was a new take on the process of making garments stain repellant by incorporating the liquid-repelling agent within the weave of the garments fibers, instead of the current technology that applied the repellant to the surface of the clothing, which made it eventually wash away. Vardama was able to use this technology to create items in the most popular fabrics of cotton, silk, and wool, which not only satisfied the quest for high fashion-wear, but also for items that were able to worn worry-free.


An example of one of the menswear items from Vardama are dress shirts. The Wall St. Slim Fit Azure Buttons Shirt is a very clean line, tailored dress shirt that has the contemporary look of a hidden front placket, a welt chest pocket, a minimalistic seamless collar, and dyed to match buttons.


The fabric is a luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton with the infusion of the stain resistant Equa-Tek, which makes it stain and spill resistant, but also wrinkle-resistant and breathable. For $125, you are getting a garment that can be worn more often, is more easily cared for, and will last longer in your closet.


If you are looking for a shirt that is a little more fashion forward, then you might like the Sutton Slim Fit Gingham Check Shirt. Even though it still has the same hidden placket, seamless collar and cuffs, and fabrication of the “Wall St” version, the micro- gingham check design with the contrast of crisp white fabric on the cuffs and the interior of the shirt trim gives it a fresh, new look. This dress shirt is a little more expensive at $135, but you will have the versatility of dressing it up or down.

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Mizzen + Main Lavender Dress Shirt & Spring Promo

When it comes to dress shirts for men, most people probably think of having to wear something stiffer and less comfortable than what you wear in a casual situation. Fortunately, Mizzen + Main have a different idea of what a dress shirt should be, especially one for the springtime.


The Morse Lavender Gingham Dress Shirt takes the traditional styling of a men’s dress shirt with the point collar, single button cuff and sleeves, along with the shoulder and vertical back seaming, combining it with a modern performance fabric. This performance fabric not only ensures a solid degree of durability and conformity to the cotton when stretched or stressed, but also comfortableness throughout those inevitable and annoying extended work days.


Furthermore, the fabric wicks away moisture, stays wrinkle-free, is cooler, and can be put in the washing machine and air dried. All in all, M + M more the successfully managed to take a classic dress shirt and fit it to the performance oriented life-style. And the color, a cool lavender, gets me excited for the May flowers sprouting in the not-too-distant future.

morse lavender gingham dress shirt $125 Mizzen Main

You not only gain in the comfort department with button-down shirts from Mizzen + Main, but you also save on your dry cleaning bill.  For $125, you will get a “made in America” item that has all that you want from a dress shirt, minus things that you don’t.  As a bonus, you will also get free shipping to anywhere in the US.


To celebrate Spring’s arrival (finally!!) Mizzen + Main is hosting a contest, An Amazing Spring Getaway, which is allowing people to enter their email address on a landing page for a chance to win a high dollar amount travel voucher and also a dream (read: ideal) carry-on bag that will include items from Kill Cliff, Blue Claw, Stanley Korshak, Hari Mari, and Black Jack, and also Mizzen + Main.  After this record-breaking winter, who wouldn’t want a paid for, warm “get away” and a travel bag full of the things you will need you will need on your vacation?  Sign me up!

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Eddie Edwards and S!r Mens Wear

Fashion designers are inspired by many things. Some are inspired by where they live, people they admire, or sometimes just an innate need to create. Eddie Edwards, the dress shirt designer for S!r Mens Wear is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met.

eddie edwards

From our short meeting, I learned so much from a man who looked deep into his soul and left a promising career in the medical field to follow his childhood dream of designing men’s fashion. Eddie is obviously a passionate man, whose passion lives through his creation of men’s shirts and accessories. He prides himself in his craftsmanship, fabric selections, and overall quality of his garments. Eddie Edwards has a little saying that cropped up in our conversation and probably every other substantive exchange he had that day: “Every man should stand out in style.”

sir_menswear_originals black on black pinstripes and embroidery

One product of his passion in menswear found at that stands out is the Black on Black Stripes Detailing with Black Embroidery dress shirt. Floral patterns have made their way from other areas of fashion to menswear lately. The trick for adding the floral trend into menswear is to incorporate it in a way that doesn’t make the item look too feminine. This black embroidered shirt from Eddie Edwards is made of 100% cotton, has an underlying micro-pattern of a tonal pinstripe, as well as a tapered fit and straight cuffs. The inclusion of the floral trend comes in the tonal embroidery that is up and down the shoulders and chest of the dress shirt.

purple grey tie and pocket square

As mentioned, Eddie doesn’t restrict himself to designing just clothing, but also the accessories to enrich his pieces. S!r also has the perfect ties and pocket squares to compliment a new dress shirt and complete the look. This “Multicolor Art-Deco” set in grey, orchid, and ivory will help you to dress up any neutral colored suit jacket. Made from 100% silk, this tie and pocket square gives the consumer a luxury fabric and combines polka dots and stripes in a way that is fresh in color and style.

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Acre Maroon Button-down Shirt by Gravalot

The Gravalot brand was founded in the heart of London, giving its creators a way to express their beliefs in the human experience through fashion. The company prides itself in being artisans who create a legacy of “strength, quality, and beauty” within their men’s line of dress shirts.


One item in particular, the Acre Maroon button-down dress shirt, is a part of the Late Harvest Collection from Gravalot, a line that is said to “explore” the causes of a particularly riotous moment in recent British History. This shirt has a deep chocolate, plum tinged hue that embodies the word rich more than ‘rebellion’ – but I can see how it certainly isn’t a run-of-the-mill piece that takes some courage to wear. It is constructed of woven, breathable cotton and has the look of very clean lines with its tonal stitching. ‘Strength’ also comes to mind.

The dress shirt walks the fence between a formal button-down with the details of an angled collar and hidden button placket, but also has the qualities of a casual dress shirt that can be worn with a pair of jeans and a sweater. The buttons in particular, despite being usually behind the placket, are of a genuine quality that is always appreciated.


And at 65 pounds sterling, it is a fantastic price for a “made to order” dress shirt and of a style that you will not find tons of in department stores and boutiques. Also, if the saturated maroon color is not for you, at they have a pure white and a micro-print Acre Square in black and white too.

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Shirt Designer Details Make All the Difference

When searching for a great new designer or brand of men’s dress shirts there are certain areas to evaluate. Speaking generally, they design their fasion shirts specifically for men and they fit great. But we can be more specific than that!

First, is selecting a designer/ brand that works in quality materials. Dress shirts come in different types of fabrics and the choice is determined by where you are planning to wear them. Some designers work in silk, some in 100% cotton, and some in a mix of materials.


The silk dress shirts tend to be dressier and more difficult to care for. The shirts made in 100% cotton are breathable and can go with either dressy or casual, but also require some maintenance with ironing. Collared shirts that are constructed of mixed fabrics like polyester and cotton usually lean more towards a casual type of dress and requires a little less care than the other two.


The next point of evaluation, when looking for a new dress shirt designer, is their attention to details. A great designer pays attention to the smallest of details in his design. For example, this black and white collared shirt has contrast piping around the inside of the collar, down the front of the placket, and over the two cuffs. To make it even more interesting, it is designed with dual buttons down the front and pleated French cuffs with bi-color fabric. All these details are designer touches that won’t be overlooked!


Lastly, the fit of a designer dress shirt is a crucial point in the search for a great brand. It is important to know your neck size and arm length for a perfect fit. Also, select a collared shirt that closely fits your body, without being too tight. Big shirts will only make you look bigger. Finally, make sure that the shoulder seams actually line up with your shoulders to give your shape definition.

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Tips on Maintaining Your Dress Shirts

Although a young man’s mother tries her best to train her son to be self-sufficient, not everything tends to stick. When it comes to taking care of dress shirts, most men neither have the capacity nor tools to properly care for their garments, which means they often throw their things away and buy brand-new.

If you would prefer to learn some timely tips to extend the life of your shirts, pay attention as we expose highly classified woman tactics often used to keep your shirts looking brand spanking new for decades.

Follow tag instructions

Because men believe they’re equipped with ‘automatic knowledge’ of everything, the most obvious first tip would be to follow the designer’s garment care instructions clearly printed on the tag. Cotton, tweed and polyester will probably have different machine washing instructions which include proper water temperature and dryer settings.  Because some men’s dress shirts can get really expensive, it’s best to follow the tag’s instructions instead of throwing your expensive designer dress shirt in with socks and underwear on high heat or hot water.

No heat then hang up

Most dress shirts, after they’ve come out of the washer, can be dried on ‘No Heat’ setting then immediately hung up to maintain their current size. By allowing room temperature to dry your clothes, you will not only avoid attracting excessive lint but help keep your shirt from shrinking. Note that you could also use the permanent press setting if you cannot wait several hours for your shirt; just make sure you’re comfortable losing a few millimeters of size as exposing your shirt to even the slightest heat will cause this effect.


Iron like a maiden

Your dress shirts will clearly outline what the fabric setting should be before you preheat your iron. You’ll usually want to make sure enough water is inside your iron because you may want to steam your collar to maintain a sharp, edgy look.  If you’re unsure what proper settings are, revert back to your iron’s manufacturing settings or quickly Google “how to iron a shirt” for best results. Never guess any fabric’s heat setting because you’ll either iron ineffectively or totally torch your expensive dress garment. As a last ditch effort, keep your mother, sister or girlfriend on speed dial.

Food for thought

Whether you’re on a low budget or can afford Armani shirts every week, you’ll eventually have to learn appropriate dress shirt care because, at some point, you’ll have no choice but to either learn proper clothing care, or risk going bankrupt buying new dress shirts too frequently. Don’t you have better things to spend your paycheck on every week?

Although we may seldom admit it, as men, we all want to look at our best. In previous years, many men may not have been as attentive to their appearance, but times have changed. Whereas in the past, male clothing care products on supermarket shelves may have included Woolite, stain fighters and that was about it; now you’ll find an array of different products to help you care for your dress shirts correctly. So use them, and be a manly man.

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