Men’s Fashion Advice – Looking Forward to Spring

If there is one thing that Winter does, is making you look forward to Spring. Come the end of February, everyone is entertaining thoughts of warmer weather and lighter clothing. As I was looking at the collection for Spring/Summer 2013, I discovered some looks that might be a “go” or a “no”.


The first is by Dolce and Gabbana. The v-neck, collared shirt looks like some sort of tapestry with the muted colors and people scene. I’ll give it one thing that it does look comfortable. However, the shorts are just all wrong. They have a length that went out in the 70’s and should have stayed out. It kind of looks like they cut off a pair of grey dress pants to make them. I don’t see these particular shorts being very popular.

Hermes men spring summer 2013

The second Spring/Summer look on the runway is by Hermes. Both the outfits show that color and patterns are still huge trends for the upcoming year. The grey trousers pair up nicely with the buttery yellow shirt and geometric pattern cardigan in pear green. These shorts by Hermes are a much nicer length and fit. The total looks are also pulled together with great lace-up sneakers.


The last fashion line-up for Spring/Summer 2013 is by Giorgio Armani. The white trousers and neutral leather shoes combine nicely with the slim-fitting taupe knit jacket. It is definitely a sleek and sexy look that is able to take the place of a traditional sports jacket. The vest combo and white trousers that follows is also a nice alternative to the traditional summer suit.

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Men’s Fashion Trend: A Year of Diversity in Men’s Swimwear

As I was browsing the men’s designer swimwear for 2012, I noticed that this year in particular it seems to come in all shapes, patterns, and colors. The board short is closer to the knees in length, with an elastic waist and a cross-over tie waistband. The vintage style men’s swimwear is closer to the boxer length, sporting an elastic drawstring waist with side seam pockets. The boy short style of swimwear has the waistband in the same range as the other styles do, but the leg length is cropped closer to the upper thighs and with a more fitted look, I think that this style is a little more wearable that the bikini style of men’s swimwear. The bikini style of swim suit is cut much skimpier than all the rest and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. If you are not comfortable with the “Here I am!” look, then this last style is definitely not for you.

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Lesson #99: Cardigans are fun!

Often we treat our cardigans like we treat our children: sometimes we cherish them, other times we get fed up and throw ’em in a pile at the back of a closet. I’ve always been a fan (of cardigans, that is), so it’s fortunate that they’re back in style. Let’s see what separates the quality cardigan from the undesirable one.

Moschino Contrast Embroidered Crest Wool Logo Cardigan
INFEASIBLE: Uniform-looking Cardigans
I bet most of you are happy to have survived high school [and you youngsters still stuck in the system, carry forth sons]. So why would you ever want to wear something that reminded you of cafeteria drama, patronizing teachers, and boring algebra textbooks? Granted, you probably didn’t wear an uniform as loud as anything like this, but one look at this snotty private school throwback, and people will tell you to get back on the train to Charlotte Catholic.

D&G Pieced Cardigan

Feasible: Neutral colored, lightweight cardigans

Now this is something people will appreciate: nothing loud, nothing gaudy, nothing to spur images of stuffy Bostonian prep boys. Just a comfy, smooth piece. True, this piece is a little too expensive ($365 as of 1/3/10), but the price will go down as the quality remains excellent.

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55. More about sunglasses

INFEASIBLE: Huge shades with big branding

(From Sunglass Hut)

So the sun’s shining brightly again for most of you (it’s always sunny over in these parts), and I imagine that you want to don some slick shades to protect your eyes/look like a somebody. Sure! But that doesn’t mean anyone should pay out the ass and end up walking around with the eyewear from a fighter pilot’s helmet. Just look at this colossal pair from D&G; they’re too big even for a giant’s face. Not only that, the branding on them could only be more obnoxious if Stefi and Domi lasered their friggin’ initials into the glass itself.

Feasible: Black pairs with a tight frame

(Brought to you by

I surprised myself by liking a pair of Oakleys for once. Although a little sporty looking, the cut of the frame and subtle yet appropriate inclusion of the logo seals the f’in’ deal.

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32. More button up observations

INFEASIBLE: Expensive yet boring dress shirts

(From Saks)
If you want generic dress shirts (i.e. boring ones), why not just go with something low-budget like Van Heusen? Sure, this Armani is somewhat better made, but throwing $225 for something as drab as a white shirt with gray stripes?

Feasible: Expensive shirts that show at least a modicum of creativity

(Brought to you by Saks)

At least with this D&G (similarly priced), you have some cool buttons and a somewhat more creative stripe scheme.
The lesson to be learned here is that if you’re going to go expensive, make sure you’re buying something that looks haute couture for crying out loud. Generic-looking + a fancy Italian brand name != stylish.

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32. Sweaters

INFEASIBLE: Effeminate sweaters

(From Neiman Marcus)

If you have a pretty enough girl, anything will look good on her – lingerie, flapper dresses, tube skirts, AND men’s clothing. Unfortunately, this is not the case for men: men can wear men’s clothing/manly clothing and nothing else. Sure, there is some androgynous stuff out there that guys like Bev can wear – but for you less-than-bootiful people, you’re stuck with stuff Joe Bloe models wear. And that means stuff like the above is not an option; I mean, what the hell is D&G thinking? I keep expecting to see a pair of tig-ole bitties underneath this sweater and every f’ing time I’m left disappointed.

Feasible: Simple v-neck sweater

(Brought to you by Gap)

Simple, cheap, manly. Go man go.

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