Rings For Special Occasions

Society, by default, assumes that rings are automatically purchased in lieu of weddings or engagements. Even if just to say how much you care, there are literally thousands of reasons why you should give the gift of diamond rings. To help inspire you, here are several common occasions where rings are an appropriate purchase.


Renewing vows

Once couples have hit milestone anniversaries, they’ll entertain renewing their vows which basically reaffirms the same love they promised each other ‘x’ amount of years ago. This would also be an opportune time to give each other new wedding bands to symbolize the reaffirmation of these vows (not to mention your rings are probably pretty worn after 25 years). Platinum would be perfect around the 25 year mark, while gold would probably suffice at your 10 or 15 year affirmation. Anniversaries coincide with renewing vows as you’ll more than likely have your nuptials read at your anniversary party.

Birthdays, of course!

Instead of throwing outlandish parties for someone’s 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday party, why not take them out to eat and offer them a beautifully created diamond ring? Gifts of this magnitude should gradually get better in terms of quality as one ages; a beautifully hand crafted platinum setting for an S1 clarity of diamond would be perfect at the half-century mark of one’s life. Chocolate or strawberry gold would be perfect for a young girl’s 18th birthday party as it symbolizes both a daring and conservative appearance often showcased in our current era.

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Child birthing (the ‘Push’ present)

After going through long, excruciating hours of labor pains then finally delivering a beautiful miracle, what better way to congratulate the newly proud mother than by giving her an exquisite piece of diamond jewelry! Provided she picked the name out prior to giving birth, you could actually purchase the ring with both the mother and child’s name inscribed on the inside of the ring. There is honestly no other more immaculate occasion to give someone a beautiful gift than after the woman brings new life into existence. You can learn more about sizing rings appropriate to her finger size by downloading various ring sizing guides found online today.

‘Just because’

Yet another popular category for purchasing rings casts a wider net even still. Honestly, you really don’t need an excuse to hop down to the jewelry store to purchase a beautiful diamond ring. Giving random gifts to the person who loves you proves how much the love is reciprocated. You could take your loved one to a picnic and surprise them with a diamond ring, leaving rings inside wineglasses then pour your dinner wine, or come up with another creative way to present a diamond ring to this truly remarkable person.

Whether for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or giving credit where credits due to a new mother, every special occasion is the perfect time to give the gift of precious jewelry. Bonus points to the person that creates their own special occasion and makes the moment the most memorable one yet.

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Diamond Shopping for Newbies

It’s not entirely uncommon for folks shopping for diamond keepsakes for their soon to be significant others to not fully understand how many options really exist. From Princess cut masterpieces, to baguettes and even medieval style jewelry, the opportunities are limited only by one’s imagination. To help newcomers to the diamond shopping niche, we offer these suggestions to help ease the burden of all the choices that would be thrown in front of you.


Dig deep into diamond history

Weddings, special occasions, Mother’s Day or just to say I love you are common reasons that many women and men enter the diamond marketplace. However, you should only purchase precious gemstones when the mood suits you best regardless of season; falling victim to overbearing advertising pitches does little for educating consumers like yourself on properly selecting the world’s finest diamonds. Also, never should one base their diamond purchases off anyone else’s memorable experience since each gemstone selection is unique to the person receiving the gift.

It will help you to study how diamonds are processed, although it’s more important to retain in-depth information about the various cuts available so you’re not shopping blind. Though many diamonds are mined in Africa, some are mined as close as Arkansas, for example. Chocolate diamonds, which are commonly found in the Levian collections, are actually regular diamonds without the excessive processing and are said to be perfect for those wanting a cloudy appeal to emanate from their gemstone. Additional factoids such as these can be found anywhere online, so don’t be afraid to take notes before visiting your jeweler.


Control the purchase

Jewelry salespeople are specifically trained to increase the final sales amount regardless how much your budget actually is. For example, if you’re only working with $2000, expect that dollar amount to go towards a down payment as opposed to being the actual amount you spend on diamond rings. As you probably notice around Christmas, financing is what entices buyers with smaller budgets yet with good credit to purchase larger carats of diamonds – and sales staff capitalize on this weakness. One might say decisions to spend frugally change when the salesperson says your credit application was approved; we tend to call this ‘financial entrapment’.

From the moment you walk into the jewelry store, you must control the purchase. Take charge of your budget, know exactly what you can spend before finalizing the sale and make those intentions known. The more adamant you are about stating your needs beforehand, the less likely salespeople will pressure you into making purchases you actually can’t afford. Look for sales flyers and exploit those deals within the first thirty seconds of conversation; also, take your own ideas and match them with the personality of the loved one receiving your gemstone surprise.


Be an expert, even if you’re new

Along with the above information, learn the various shapes, levels of clarity and specific grades that diamonds are sold in. Most higher-end diamonds will come with a certificate of authenticity which is certified by gemologists and is even hand-numbered. After studying the diamond market long enough, you’ll have enough wisdom to discern cubic zirconias from true diamonds without blinking.

With a wealth of information available online today, there’s little excuse for anyone shopping for diamonds to not have knowledge of how diamonds are cut, what settings are available and the expected cost for various levels of clarity. Giving the gift of diamonds doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars, and arming yourself with knowledge is sensible for your shopping experience.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – 5 Common Mistakes Buying Jewelry for Gifting

Men have a reputation for being stubborn and never admitting it when they don’t know something. If they are indeed this way, it tends to surface in two important areas – a reluctance to ask for directions and shopping for gifts for a special someone. It can be risky buying a gift without really knowing what you’re doing, though – especially if it’s something like jewelry where it can be hard for the uninitiated to know what exactly makes one piece of jewelry desirable over another. You need to go in with the right idea about what to pick. Whatever you do, you need to try not to make these mistakes.


Not reading up

Most men don’t appreciate that fashion is a deep subject. There’s at least as much to learn there as there is in shopping for sporting goods or tools. Just as one would never make a purchase in these areas without some learning, it would be a mistake to go in to shop for jewelry without reading a few books and articles. You need to learn about the different metals, stones and designs that make sense to the modern woman. Only then should you step into a shop.

Not paying attention

If the woman that the gift is for often wears jewelry with a little stones rather than large ones, that’s an important preference to keep in mind. If she likes to wear matching jewelry rather than a particular color all the time, that’s another point to know. Paying attention can only tell you so much, though. If you can manage it, spending a little time going through her current collection at home can be a good way to familiarize yourself with what the general trend is.

Buying something your very first time at a store

It’s important to first cruise jewelry selections on display on every interesting jewelry store page online to really take in what the jewelry on offer today looks like. You should make a few selections, consider buying them and then leave to come back the next day to take a second look. It takes time to really get jewelry. You can only be a good shopper when you understand what you’re buying.

Choosing the wrong store

There is another reason to not buy your very first time at a jewelry store – you can choose the wrong store. Shopping around is important not only to because it gives you a look at all the prices and products available, you also come by better salespeople and more trustworthy stores as you look around. Jewelry is expensive – you can’t just buy from any store. You need to get find a place that both offers reasonably priced merchandise and also appears reputable.

Thinking that jewelry is the wrong choice of gift because “it’s just too expensive”

In an old 70s Blondie comic strip, Dagwood shows up at a jewelry store and asks the salesperson what he can show him for $20. “Nothing but my complete contempt,” retorts the salesman. Many men fear something exactly along these lines – they don’t want to consider jewelry for fear of embarrassing themselves. Jewelry doesn’t have to cost £1,000, though – great jewelry can start for as little as £50. You just need to go out and look.

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Women’s Jewelry Advice – How To Rock Diamond Earrings

diamond cluster circle earrings

Diamond cluster earrings are stunning, elegant and adored additions to any woman’s jewelry collection, as many famous women can attest. In fact, some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world are diamond cluster earrings.

Golconda Diamond Earrings?

Found on many lists of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world, the Golconda diamond earrings came from the mines of India and are also known as the Imperial Cushions due to the cushion-shaped diamonds that hang from the set of clusters attached to the posts. Each earring has over 23 carats of diamonds and were purchased at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Spring Sale in 2011 for $9.3 million. The purchaser at the Hong Kong sale remains anonymous.

Harry Winston Diamond Drop Earrings

diamond cluster square earrings

Harry Winston designed the diamond drop earrings, which are considered the best and most expensive earrings ever made. Each earring consists of two pear-shaped diamonds, and the pair is estimated at 60 karats. Because Winston mounted the diamonds in platinum, the metal is invisible when the earrings are worn. Created for stars to wear at the Oscar’s, the earrings have an estimated worth of $8.5 million.

Although there are many more famous diamond earrings, these two examples show why diamond earrings are often some of the most loved pieces of jewelry any woman owns.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – 5 Colourful Alternatives To Diamonds


An account by Michael, a close friend of cefashion: My proposal was romantic, but nothing original. I got down on one knee at Sydney harbour at midnight on New Year’s Eve, along with probably a few hundred other people. What was original was the engagement ring. My (now) wife is a colourful person, with a penchant for pink. So, although it’s hard not be a fan of the classic diamond engagement ring, I thought she’d prefer something with a splash of colour to it and went for an amethyst. Once I got shopping, I realised that there a plenty of cool and colourful alternatives to the diamond, and with 8/10 people opting for a diamond engagement ring, you can make sure your lady stands out from the crowd with a different coloured stone.

 1) Ruby


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Women’s Fashion Advice – DIY, The Diamond Lining, and the Cambridge Satchel

What’s in your purse? Or rather, what would you like to do with your purse? You pretty much have two options if you want to DIY-ify your bag: subtract from it or add to it. Now, you want to subtract from it – e.g. maybe those diamond encrusted zippers are/ costed too much for the rest of the piece – be very careful so you don’t mess up the stitching, bruise the textile, etc. Also, and especially with adornments like diamonds, see if you can pawn off what you removed. With this in mind, if you want to sell diamond or two, check out The Diamond Lining. These guys look to help consumers sell diamonds, engagement rings, and estate jewelry that they no longer needed in a safe and quick manner. See for yourself at The Diamond Lining and on Google+; also, here’s a nice infographic about their pay structure:

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