Shirt Designer Details Make All the Difference

When searching for a great new designer or brand of men’s dress shirts there are certain areas to evaluate. Speaking generally, they design their fasion shirts specifically for men and they fit great. But we can be more specific than that!

First, is selecting a designer/ brand that works in quality materials. Dress shirts come in different types of fabrics and the choice is determined by where you are planning to wear them. Some designers work in silk, some in 100% cotton, and some in a mix of materials.


The silk dress shirts tend to be dressier and more difficult to care for. The shirts made in 100% cotton are breathable and can go with either dressy or casual, but also require some maintenance with ironing. Collared shirts that are constructed of mixed fabrics like polyester and cotton usually lean more towards a casual type of dress and requires a little less care than the other two.


The next point of evaluation, when looking for a new dress shirt designer, is their attention to details. A great designer pays attention to the smallest of details in his design. For example, this black and white collared shirt has contrast piping around the inside of the collar, down the front of the placket, and over the two cuffs. To make it even more interesting, it is designed with dual buttons down the front and pleated French cuffs with bi-color fabric. All these details are designer touches that won’t be overlooked!


Lastly, the fit of a designer dress shirt is a crucial point in the search for a great brand. It is important to know your neck size and arm length for a perfect fit. Also, select a collared shirt that closely fits your body, without being too tight. Big shirts will only make you look bigger. Finally, make sure that the shoulder seams actually line up with your shoulders to give your shape definition.

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – Where and How to Sell Designer Clothes Online

While some people take to online auction sites such as eBay to find designer clothes, there are other who have discovered consignment shops online that deal in high end designer clothing and accessories. These sites feature collections from fashionistas all over the world. You can find designers such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney and Valentino in these shops. These exchanges used to be the domain of fashion industry insiders, but anyone can now buy and sell their gently used designer accessories and clothing online.

One of the first things you must do when you decide to sell your designer wear online is to check the condition of your items. With designer wear, consignment shops want items that are gently used. This means that they have to look practically brand new like they just came out of the shop. You need to check for stains, tears and other irregularities that can devalue your items. If there are imperfections, contact the shop to ask if they accept these items.


Another thing you want to consider is how much experience you have with selling and online listing. For instance, with a shop like Walk in My Closet, you have a choice to sell designer clothes with direct sales and concierge service. If you have ample experience with selling online, you can simply ask the shop to list your items. You get shipping labels for your items once the shop has accepted them for listing. However, you have to take care of uploading photographs of your items yourself.

In addition to the uploading, you also have to take care of the shipping and handling of your items. This means you pay a lower commission than you would for a concierge service. With a concierge service, you physically send your items to the shop. Professionals then take care of photographing and listing your items, even retouching photos if necessary. Furthermore, the shop takes care of shipping and handling your items when they sell, which is why there is a larger commission for this service.

If you do not want to sell designer clothes online, you can look around and see if there are shops that will let you exchange your items with others. When you decide to go this route, you should look carefully at the rules and policies of these shops. For instance, you want to find out whether you must exchange equivalent items such as a shirt for a shirt or a handbag for a handbag or if you are allowed to exchange any items with a willing trader.

There are many ways to sell designer clothes online and a huge market for this exchange. Consignment shops put you in contact with fashionistas all over the world. Check the condition for your designer wear to make sure a shop will list it and decide what type of selling program makes you most comfortable. Not only are you recycling much-coveted designer items, but you can also make a little cash for yourself in the process.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of a T-Post tee

Anything can go on a t-shirt these days. Jokes, pockets, caricatures of Judith Butler, frills. So why not editorials?

That’s T-Post’s angle, a group of Swede who champion their shirts as “the world’s first wearable magazine[s].” Ambitious idea – as you can see, their first “issue” addressed questionable collegiate classes promoting the study of marijuana farming, pornography, and other conventional “vices”. The articles’ fun, but not terribly well-written. I feel like the novelty of skimming someone’s mediocre argued tee-print wears off fairly quickly.
Social commentary isn’t the only weirdness happening on this tee. A fully reversible piece, the inside features this, uh, unsettling image. I’m not sure what scissors and dirty bags have to do with classes about drugs and sex, but hey, I graduated a while ago, what do I know about university? This much is true: The shirts themselves are durable and the stitching’s proper. If this kind of “unique” expression fits your game, check out this Swedish operation at 

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